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Feb 8 - Gaza War Expanding into World War

February 8, 2024

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The Middle East resembles a kindling fire that threatens to blow up, as per Albert Pike's 1871 prescription for three world wars. Israel has rejected ceasefire proposals and expanded its aggression into Lebanon. A Hezbollah official was killed by a drone attack in Bagdad. Compared to WW2, we are in 1938. 

Hamas delivered a three-part proposal that would end in a permanent ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli military from Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected the proposal as "delusional", vowing to fight until "an absolute victory." 


See Hamas Proposals here.


Col Douglas Macgregor  - WW3 is the NeoCon Game plan


Israel's military campaign in Gaza has resulted in at least 100,000 Palestinians killed, injured or missing and presumed dead - more than 4 percent of the population of 2.3 million, or nearly every one in 20 people - as the genocide enters its fifth month.

Sixty percent of the 27,585 Palestinian fatalities recorded by the health ministry in Gaza since 7 October were women and children. Thousands more are buried under the rubble.

At least 17,000 boys and girls in Gaza are unaccompanied or separated from their family, according to the UN children's fund UNICEF.

Khan Younis in southern Gaza was bearing the brunt of the bombardment while Palestinian resistance groups fought Israeli ground forces across much of Gaza in recent days, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported.


A hoped-for 'deal of the century' involving a permanent Saudi Arabia-Israel detente diplomatic recognition based on Trump's Abraham Accords looks to be effectively dead, at a moment that a hoped-for Hamas-Israel truce also looks dead.

Saudi Arabia's foreign ministry has issued a new statement confirming the kingdom will not participate in deal with Israel until an "independent Palestinians state is recognized".

Riyadh has made it clear in the Wednesday statement that Saudi-Israel peace off the table until an "independent Palestinian state is recognized on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital."

John Kaminski has died at age 80

Kaminski was an eloquent opponent of Cabalist Jewish (Communist) Dictatorship (the NWO)

Brad Salzberg---Church Organizations In Canada Get Political About Euthanasia
Let us have no illusions: the Liberals and New Democrats are anti-Christian political parties.

Due to the federal Liberals, along with federal and provincial NDP parties, Muslim and Sikh communities are over-represented in government. With Pierre Trudeau's multiculturalism as an instrument of power-accumulation, these and other "racialized" peoples have acquired major political power.


Tim Fitzpatrick- Everything you wanted to know about the JQ but were afraid to ask




"Money Making Machine" - Did Colony Ridge Developers Pay Off Texas Governor Greg Abbott?

Two federal agencies, the Justice Department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, have filed lawsuits against billionaire brothers John and Trey Harris' company, accusing it of predatory lending and misleading advertising.

Governor Greg Abbott has taken more than $1.5 million from the brothers, who began the 40-square-mile development on unincorporated land in Liberty County 15 years ago.

Putin walked a diplomatic tightrope in interview with Tupper

The False Opposition element is that the Jewish dimension didn't come up even though the US, Ukraine and possible Russia are run by Jews. This interview seems designed to ensure Putin?s white hat status in a simmering WW3

TUCKER: Speaking of conflicts, what is your take on the Gaza situation?

PUTIN: It is really unfortunate. The Palestinians are being devastated. Israel is acting in an unconstrained manner. It shows the terrible double standards in the world. Where are the sanctions on Israel?

TUCKER: Is Russia involved in any way especially through your alliance with Iran?

PUTIN: No. Of course not. We do not oppose the existence of Israel but at the same time we support the right of the Palestinians to self-determination. We want to be even-handed.

The four RINO traitors who saved Mayorkas' ass


New York City to hand out $53 million in pre-paid credit cards to migrant families: report
New York City will soon begin a $53 million pilot program to give migrant families staying at city hotels pre-paid credit cards for food and baby supplies.


Documentary: The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2, by Dennis Wise, Full - 1st Half

Documentary: The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2, by Dennis Wise, Full - 2nd Half

In 2010, Jimmy Carter referred to israel as an Apartheid State

Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel

Donald Best

Exposing Corruption in Law Enforcement and the Judicial System, w/Donald Best
Former Toronto Police detective Donald Best discusses corruption in law enforcement and in the judicial system in Canada, Freemasonry, living in Asia, and more.

In this no-holds-barred interview with Donald Best, a former Toronto Police detective, we go deep into the weeds of corruption in the judiciary as well as in law enforcement itself, and how the system was weaponised against him for exposing corrupt players which included a hellish stint in prison he had to endure.

We also examine the Detective Helen Grus case which is a highly politicised one in Canada.

Finally, we explore how Freemasonry might be playing a role in all of this, along with how it is like to live in Asia compared to the West.

Freemasonry and how its members may have infiltrated some our institutions
During our talk, we contemplated how certain police enforcement officers, lawyers, and judges might be Freemasons or members of other secret societies; and, how this can be an explanation for some of the egregious skulduggery we have been witnessing in judicial proceedings for politcally-charged cases.

Though mostly speculation, the contention remains a true matter of concern.

In Freemasonry, there is something called the Royal Arch which reads as follows and can, perhaps, help to explain the behaviour of actors in certain judicial proceedings which have taken place in Canada over the past several years.


Not enough they kill or maim you and your loved ones. They need to make a financial killing as well

Conservative MPs say gov't agency 'lied' about sweetheart deals for Canada's COVID travel app

MP Kelly Block said at a House of Commons government operations committee meeting that there 'was misconduct' and 'very bizarre' lapses concerning an $11.1 million contract awarded to a supplier.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 8 - Gaza War Expanding into World War "

Imran said (February 9, 2024):

In regards to Hamas offering a ceasefire. They are just in it to retain their power and survival. They are a brutal organization that belongs in the Ottoman Empire back in days. If Oct 7 is a false flag this ceasefire is a strange action. I would think they would be ordered not to negotiate. Whatever the case Bibi (at least by some appearances) is perfectly right. Furthermore, these causalities listed by this Gaza health ministry are not true. For one think they could be outright lying and they do not differentiate between the civilian death and a Hamas thug. To trust them is to listen to propaganda.

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