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Feb 7 - Tucker Carlson Interview: Putin Only Adult in the Room

February 7, 2024

(It's a satanic cult, and you're not in it. See Jacob Rothschild in the background. They just want to kill you. Why are you such haters?) claims to have a transcript.

"TUCKER: What is your opinion of President Biden?

PUTIN: We're convinced he is not running the country. Let's say we have good sources that confirm that but it's plain for anyone to see for themselves. The US has now entered into a dark period. It has unaccountable leadership.

TUCKER: Do you think Joe Biden won fair and square?

PUTIN: I would rather not get into domestic American politics but will say my embassy reported your southern border was better run than that 2020 election. (chuckles)

TUCKER: One poll in America shows you more popular than Biden - any reaction?

PUTIN: (laughs) I don't know if that should be taken seriously but Russian ideals have support. We believe in traditional values; marriage is between a man and a woman: men are men and women are women."



Humanity's pathetic track record of removing the ugly grip of this Satanic death cult Hidden Hand has not fared well at all. But maybe, just maybe we are turning the corner at last.

Is Rafah next IDF target? '12 smuggling tunnels from Sinai still operational'

UN chief expresses concern over possible fighting in city crowded with displaced civilians while Egypt warns that if Palestinians are pushed into Sinai, the years-long peace agreement with Israel could be suspended

Offer to men of free tampons fails to stem Canadian army recruitment crisis 

Canadian Military Still Losing More Soldiers Than It Recruits, Latest Data Shows

Gold & Silver Fight Tyranny: Austin Fitts Warns "We're Going To Lose All Our Freedoms"

"As we see this erosion of confidence,  we see the US government and central banks assert more and more control in a way which is nothing but tryanny...

The challenge in the dollar system is that the dollar system has been managed in a very corrupt way.  That corruption has made the dollar system much more expensive and much less efficient than it could be.  The corruption is destroying the productivity of the dollar system.  That is telling people all over the world that this is a system you cannot rely on and you can't trust.  It is also devastating to the brand of the dollar system for the military not to look strong. . . . What you are watching is a diminishing of trust all around the world...

People are wondering how we are going to survive if the dollar system is going to continue to erode?"


How to remove smart meters: tools + tactics
Smart water, gas, liability, New Mexico's Last Stand.

Smart meters drain our energy and feed on our power lines. The Amazon Prime "Cloud" of radiation that is the Internet of Things gobbles up their data, while we feast on blue light at night, ordering plastic-wrapped meatsnacks made from insects on Amazon.


PJW  Apple New Tunn el Vision Pro lets you watch 33 NBA Games at the same time 

As if people weren't disconnectd from each other already

Quietly without any fanfare, several of the nation's largest health insurance providers are changing their policies for 2024 to exclude treatment coverage for injuries and illnesses stemming from "war, declared or undeclared, riot, or insurrection," as if they know something really, really bad is coming this year.

Recognizing that the country is on the brink of what appears to be a major financial collapse, health insurance carriers are readying the helm to not provide payouts for claims linked to a host of potential calamities that many believe could stem from a social or economic meltdown.

House rejects $17.6 billion stand-alone Israel-aid bill
The House on Tuesday rejected a bill to provide $17.6 billion in aid for Israel, sinking Congress's latest effort to help its embattled Middle Eastern ally and throwing the fate of future foreign aid into question.

Jews think they're hated because they're Chosen

Why does everybody hate us......??
Because we're so amazing and holy.....!!!!
It's time to come out in the open and tell everyone:
Totally deluded.


JUST IN: Australian Senate votes down excess death probe, again


The RCMP have charged a 30-year-old Montreal man after he allegedly threatened to kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a social media post. 

Paul Clarissou was charged with uttering threats against the prime minister after allegedly making statements on his X account (formerly Twitter).

"The RCMP takes seriously any threats that can affect one's sense of security. Violent statements will not be tolerated," the RCMP said in a statement. "Perpetrators may face criminal charges involving significant sentences."

SHOCKING: Dr. Cartland Describes Horrific Vaccine Injuries. Urges Doctors to Speak Up
" It has to stop. I beg you to please speak out, have the bravery."

Readers- "This doctor delivers yet another criminal deep state piece of evidence of genocide, war crimes crimes against humanity and evidence of TREASON and laws like Nuremberg code violations.

---"Thank you. I see. This is a powerful interview because he speaks directly and persuasively to other doctors and lists example after example of harms he has seen.

Duterte's attempts at secession in Philippines could be met with force from Marcos government: report

Former Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte's attempt to secede his home region Mindanao from the rest of the nation has been met with threats of "authority and forces" from the current government. Duterte called for the region to secede last week, and local politicians said he could be charged with sedition.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr and Duterte have had recent disagreements over "efforts to amend the constitution," The Guardian reports. The two had been in an alliance for two years, the AFP reports. The disagreement is over changes that Marcos supports making to the nation's constitution in which Duterte opposes.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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