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Feb 6 - Houthis Threaten Crucial Internet Cables

February 6, 2024

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Houthi militants in Yemen could try to sabotage internet cables in the Red Sea carrying nearly one fifth of the world's web traffic, according to a spate of new warnings.

Yemen's government warned that the Red Sea is 'one of the three most important meeting points for cables' on the globe and the Houthis pose a 'serious threat to one of the most important digital infrastructures in the world.'

It came after a Houthi social media channel published a map showing the routes of various cables through the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and the Arabian Sea.


Andrew Anglin--Just How Jewish Is the US Government?

It is: Garland, Blinken, Yellen, Mayorkas, and sometimes Austin. If you decide to include Austin as a major player, which is perhaps stretching the relevance of this moronic diversity hire, you have an 80% Jewish government.

Former pharma consultant tells Tucker Carlson how drug companies buy off government, media
Big Pharma's grip on the media is compounded by its enormous influence over regulatory health agencies, like the FDA, and groups that set the standard for medical practice, Calley Means told Tucker Carlson.

Calley Means, co-founder of TrueMed, an organization promoting prevention-focused healthcare, told Carlson it is an "open secret" that the "news ad spending from pharma is a public relations lobbying tactic" to "buy off the news." 

The Marriage between Zionism and Imperialism 

The genocide the Israeli army is perpetrating today in Gaza is not a slip-up but the logical offshoot of an imperialist and colonial project established at the end of the 19th century: Zionism. To properly understand what is happening today, it is necessary to understand the origins and stakes of this ideology and movement.

MEDICIDE: How American hospitals and doctors methodically murdered COVID patients

Not only did these cowardly physicians NOT "do no harm", they inflicted untold pain and suffering on the most vulnerable patients in their care.

This national stain on the medical profession will never be washed away.  How can such "Intentional Mass Murder, Planned Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity" ever be forgiven, ever be forgotten? In other words, these "Doctors Without Conscience" would rather commit genocide than heal their patients in the safest and quickest manner.  WOW!

Had a critical mass of physicians across the USA followed the chilling facts and transparent truths they could have swiftly formed a bloc that would have easily faced down America's Dr. Josef Mengele--Dr. Fauci.



RFK Jr. is no Kennedy

Speculation RFK Jr. would run on Libertarian ticket in order to get on ballot in 50 states. But Libertarians object to his Gaza genocide policies.

Dave Smith DEMOLISHES Robert F Kennedy Jr (clip)

RFK Jr. Serves his Uncle and Father's Killers


Howie Carr: From the frontline of Massachusetts' descent into the Third World

Everywhere the motels are being turned over to the state and its "NGO" proxies. They are rebranded, if you will, into flophouses for the "migrants" who are now enjoying permanent all-expenses-paid vacations at the taxpayers' expense. The other day, a former radio coworker of mine sent me this photo from the Holiday Inn in Marlboro with its vaguely ominous sign: "Hotel Closed to Public."


Putin: An alternative perspective
A conversation with Lurie Roșca

There is not a single person who exercises unlimited power in Russia. Instead, interest groups shape the politics in this country. Among them are the circles of Jewish oligarchs as well as billionaires with key functions inside the power vertical (basically all the top dignitaries in Russia are fabulously rich!). Perhaps the most influential power bloc could be described as Kabbalistic-Zionist in nature.

In this context, Putin must be regarded as a front man, a spokesman for the circles that hold power rather than an all-powerful dictator. The image of Putin as a person who controls nearly everything in Russia is nothing more than a manipulation strategy. And from here, the black propaganda of the globalists is complimented by their supposed opponents, who make "white propaganda" for the Kremlin.


Funny how none of these analyses of Hollywood's demise can see the bloody footprints of (((Communism))) which is determined to destroy cultural freedom by turning everything into Agitprop.

How "Woke" Broke Hollywood | Featuring FILM THREAT

"Hollywood has been largely in a downward spiral over the last several years thanks to politicization and bad hiring and business practices. Good story-telling has largely taken a back seat to cultural declines focusing on superficial traits like ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Merit no longer plays a role in professional organizations like the WGA. Quality no longer maters for major awards. Hiring practices are focused on DEI check boxes at major studios.  

All of this has led largely to declines in Box Office revenue and increases in audience apathy, ire, and ridicule.

Companies Like DISNEY are leading the charge of poor quality and social justice, sacrificing revenues and profit for "The Message".  How much long can this be financially tenable?

Leo Hohmann ---When the Stealth Invasion of America Goes Mainstream: And Nobody Cares

You know we are in the final stages of an invasion when even the corporate media is reporting on the thousands of Chinese nationals streaming across the U.S. southern border.


Alex Newman--Critics Blast Illinois Plan for "Mental Health" Testing of ALL Children

Every child in Illinois government schools will be subjected to intrusive "mental health" screenings and data-gathering schemes starting this fall under a controversial new state law, opening the door for further mass-medicalization and surveillance of children as well as huge profits for politicians' Big Pharma campaign donors.

"This will lead to the mass medicalization of children -- even more than is already being done to them -- and create a storehouse on distorted psychiatric data and diagnoses that can ruin their lives," he warned the Illinois Family Institute.


Thousands of Americans being prosecuted for forging COVID-19 vaccination status

"Many of those being targeted by their efforts are local doctors and midwives who forged vaccine cards, and it is important to note that most of them did not do this as a way of making money. Instead, they did it because they had legitimate medical concerns about the safety of the jabs for their patients, many of whom needed vaccine cards to keep their jobs or otherwise take part in society.


The federal government may withhold funding to Alberta if Premier Danielle Smith moves forward on transgender policies announced last week. 

The policies include prohibiting gender reassignment surgeries for minors 17 years old and under, no puberty blockers nor hormone therapies for ages 15 and under and requiring parental permission and consent from psychological professionals for 16- and 17-year-olds. The proposed legislation also includes the requirement for minors 15 and under to have parental consent if they wish to change their name and pronouns, and while 16- and 17-year-olds don't require parental consent, the parents will be notified. 


BREAKING: Weaponization Committee reveals Amazon censored books critical of COVID vaccines at request of Biden WH
The demands were made by a senior Biden official named Andy Slavitt. 

South Australian court rules employers who mandated COVID jabs can be held liable for injuries

Youth support worker Daniel Shepherd experienced adverse events following his first two COVID inoculations and was unwilling to take the risk of a further dose, but he was told by his supervisor that he must receive a third jab within four months of his second as a condition of his employment.


Australia's National Broadcaster Cancels Drag Queen Story Time After Public Furore

Drag performers were scheduled to read books to children which sparked outrage from locals, Christian groups, and lawmakers who questioned whether the session was appropriate for very young children.

New York Court strips father of authority for stopping child's 'unilateral gender transition' by ex-wife

My son was never diagnosed with gender dysphoria." When reached for comment, Amy told the outlet that she didn't want to go into specifics but alleged the situation was not as clear-cut as Hannon states. "There are two sides to every story," she said. "And after having read the [Daily Mail] story ... the amount of lies in that story are quite appalling. It's the child that's important here."

Not needed at home 

Argentina's Javier Milei Arrives in Israel for Whirlwind Tour in Support of War on Hamas

Argentine President Javier Milei arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Tuesday afternoon (local time) as part of a three-day visit to the country.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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