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Feb 3 - Is WW3 Really Here?

February 3, 2024

Is "World War 3" really on the horizon?

The million dollar question is how will Iran and the Axis of Resistance react to latest US attacks?
And will citizens of the West rally behind governments that just tried to poison them?

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Is it possible they are dangling a nuclear Sword of Damocles over the world in order to scare people into embracing "world peace" through a global new world order? Or could they be picking the sides for the next Cold War?

Grant Shapps, the UK's defence minister has claimed we have "moved from a post-war to a pre-war world", whatever that means.

Going on to say we can expect the world to be "engulfed" by wars with Russia, China, Iran and North Korea all within the next five years. Again, no idea how he can know that.

Hamas Israel ceasefire Deal still up in the air

According to the Saudi newspaper Elaph, Hamas is no longer insisting on a complete cease-fire in Gaza as a term for it to accept the deal.

However, Hamas also insists on personally selecting the terrorists to be released from Israeli prisons as part of the deal. The terrorist organization also insists on allowing Gazans to return to their homes throughout the Strip.

Israeli diplomat's son arrested for 'intentionally' running over cop
Florida police arrest 19-year-old Avraham Gil, son of Israeli Consul to the state, after he resisted and attacked an officer and drove without a license

According to the police, Gil apologized to the officer for "driving between vehicles" and explained that he "hates to wait" behind cars on the road. The police released a photo of the Israeli youth crying in custody. Gil's trial is set to resume on February 26. 

COVID Inquiry Finds Lockdowns Were Terrible, While Reporters Call Bullshit on Government's Lead Academic Advisor
BBC gets its pants pulled down, ass paddled for spreading COVID misinformation.


Illuminati Nazi, Pierre Trudeau opposed stripping accused Nazi war criminal of citizenship, government document says
The newly released document was unredacted at Jewish advocacy group's request

As justice minister in 1967, former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau argued against revoking the citizenship of a Canadian citizen the Soviet Union had convicted of heading a firing squad responsible for the deaths of 5,128 Jews during the Second World War, says a 617-page report prepared for the Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals decades ago.


Charles Laughton - Wonderful bio shows how boomer's parents generation was more civilized

"He didn't suffer fools kindly but they weren't always fools."  - Christopher Isherwood.



Mark of the Beast

The testimony of the project engineer who created the lithium battery, 7mm, injectable mark of the beast.


Biden Again Says Son Beau Died in Iraq. Experts: False Memories a Symptom of Dementia


Jewish Supremacist Organization Receives $105 Million of United States Taxpayer Dollars to Import Large Amounts of Non-White Immigrants

"HIAS received $105 million of US tax payer money 2023 alone. This is how they are funding the invasion that is turning European-American children into a minority in their own country."

A reminder of their long term goal to de-industrialize, depopulate 

WEF Demands 'Urgent' 86% Reduction in Human Population by 2030
While US bombs rain down on Gaza

United Nations Agenda 2030: Global Biodiversity Assessment."

The report, first presented at the UN's climate change conference COP1, declares:

An 'agricultural world' in which most human beings are peasants, should be able to support 5 to 7 billion people ...

In contrast, a reasonable estimate for an industrialised world society at the present North American material standard of living would be one billion.


Jennifer Zeng . Is CCP Deliberately Undermining China's Economy? If True, What Comes Next?

After gratuitous lockdowns, anything is possible.

Watchdog finds 75% of paid contractors did not work on Canada's $54 million COVID travel app
A firm with two people working at home received millions but did not contribute anything to the project, two Conservative Party MPs pointed out.

COVID was a boondoggle


Biden imposes sanctions on violent West Bank settlers in reprimand to Israel
The administration aims to improve relations between Israelis and Palestinians even as it staunchly backs Israel's retaliation against Hamas in Gaza.

Brad Salzberg--Only deviants have human rights in woke Canada. Healthy heterosexuals have none.

Canadian Premier Delivers Direct Hit To Transgender For Youth Procedures
"Former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi voiced objections, and the current Mayor, Jyoti Gondek, called the measures an infringement on human rights."


YouTube has given birth to a generation of grandstanders. Everyone has a channel now. Many are no more ethical than the MSM, making up stories that haven't occurred. Russia entering the Gaza war is an example. We are overwhelmed with clickbait.


Argentina police crack down on protests as lawmakers debate Milei's sweeping reform bill
Argentine police fired rubber bullets Thursday to disperse protesters gathered outside Congress as lawmakers debated the new president's sweeping economic, social and political reform package.


Ukraine dossier in Fitzpatrick Informer


Oliver Stone's "Ukraine on Fire" - Eye Opening Documentary

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 3 - Is WW3 Really Here? "

CB said (February 3, 2024):

Makow--"YouTube has given birth to a generation of grandstanders. Everyone has a channel now. Many are no more ethical than the MSM, making up stories that haven't occurred. Russia entering the Gaza war is an example. We are overwhelmed with clickbait."


Bitchute is especially bad in this regard. All these platforms are becoming so cluttered with mindless crap that their homepages are near worthless at this point. I suspect that most of these garbage uploads are AI “products.”

Thanks for confirming that I’m not the only one seeing this.

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