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Feb 27 - Jews are Blamed for Gaza & WW3

February 27, 2024

Normally I get about 50 likes and reposts on Twitter. This meme got over 8700 likes and 2700 reposts. This tells me the Jewish gig is up. 

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The only way to avoid WW3 and ensure Israel's survival is for the Zionists to accept a two-state solution. 

Like World War Two, WW3 is being "fought for the Jews."  Nazi Jews (Zionists and their supporters)  Vs. Communist Jews  (Russia, China, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah.)  Both sides are controlled by Freemasons who are go-fers for Organized Jewry.
As Albert Pike wrote in 1871, Masonic agents on both sides will produce a catastrophic war that will allow the satanist NWO to emerge like a phoenix from the ashes. The reason the media has become more receptive to conservative opinions is because only Trump can dupe Americans into fighting another war for Israel. 

Mankind is doomed unless satanist Jewish central bankers return control of the nations' credit cards to the people. Everything can be explained as the banker's desire to extend their monopoly over credit into a monopoly over literally everything ( power, money, thought, behavior i.e. Communism.)  Didn't the COVID scam and "vaccines" prove that they want to kill, control and dispossess humanity? "You will own nothing!" "Eat bugs!" 15-minute cities etc. 

Even though Communist Jews are among Israel's fiercest critics, all Jews will be blamed. Antisemitism is going through the roof.  

Anyone who does business with Israel or supports its genocide is under ferocious attack. Are pogroms next?

Stores that sell Israeli products are being ransacked. Even sellers of Coca Cola are targeted because Coke does business in Israel.

From Seinfeld to Ben-Gvir, Antisemites Attack Jews | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus

Makow- If you're not an antisemite, you are uninformed. Organized Jewry is waging a despicable war on God and man, on civilization itself.   Jews must disavow both branches of Freemasonry.      Jews cannot continue to blame "antisemitism" when they are clearly a rogue nation at war with humanity. Organized Jewry (WEF) is the Deep State. It has usurped control of our governments, rigged our elections, poisoned our bodies & skies, destroyed our marriages and families, corrupted our children, erased our national heritages, and attempted to eliminate the white race. What does it take to make you angry?
Elon Musk comes out of the closet as a Zionist Jew

"Some Jews have funded Hamas. It's unwise to fund organizations that want your annihilation."

Israelis are refusing to enlist in IDF genocide-

 TEL AVIV - 18-year-old Sofia Orr, left, will become the first Israeli girl to be imprisoned for refusing to enlist in the mandatory Israeli military service due to her political beliefs.

"On February 25, the date of my conscription, I will refuse to enlist and will go to military prison because of that. I reject participating in the violent policies of oppression and apartheid that Israel has imposed on the Palestinian people, especially now during the war," Orr stated.

After announcing her position, Orr received death and rape threats and was accused of treason on social media. Her friends even described her as a self-hating Jew.

The British newspaper, The Times, quoted Sophia as saying, "Terrible things have happened in Israel, but terrible things are also happening in Gaza, and I feel sorry for everyone."

Previously, Tal Mitnick, an 18-year-old from Tel Aviv, was sentenced to 30 days in prison for refusing to enlist in the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). He condemned the aggression on Gaza, describing it as a "revenge campaign... not only against the Hamas movement but against the Palestinian people."

US Airman who set himself on fire in front of Israeli embassy dies

"Free Palestine. I will not be complicit in genocide," he cried as he burned.

Video of self-immolation


Savvy Granny- "The owners of the central banking cartel however own Russia as a captured state and have done since 1917 when they seized the government and the independent Bank of Russia.  Stephen Mitford Goodson goes right into the looting of the Bank of Russia in his Secrets of the South African Reserve Bank.  A lot of that loot financed Hitler because the Red Army could not break through Poland.  The Owners had to bust through Poland from the West. 

The Big Macher Eurasian Jews who pay the salaries of political actors like Putin  fronting  the real, covert executive have the stated goal of one, integrated Eurasian continent, one Russia / Soviet Union from Lisbon to Vladivostok.  Gorbachev is on public record with this, as is Dugin, as is Putin.  So yes.  I think Poland is definitely in the way, just as it was in the way of the Huns, the Mongols, the Tartars, etc."

Makow- This certainly contradicts Putin's public statements and behavior. I doubt very much that Russia wants the bother of subjugating Europe.  

Canada--Details of new "online harms" legislation to regulate the internet have emerged, revealing that the bill could lead to more people jailed for life or fined $20,000 for posts that the government defines as "hate speech" based on gender, race, or other categories.

Trudeau's 'online harms' legislation includes life imprisonment for 'hate speech'
As part of the new bill, the Trudeau Liberals are looking to increase punishments for existing hate propaganda offenses in a substantial manner.

As Distrust Of 'Government,' Institutions And 'Authority Figures' Skyrocket All Across America, We're Witnessing Late-Stage Symptoms Of Our Present System's Impending Death 

- The illusion that government has our best interests at heart has shattered into a million pieces

Geoengineering Ramps Up With Large-Scale Government Projects Across the Globe.

Large-scale geo-engineering -- deliberate interventions to alter the earth's climate -- will be taking place in the near future. What was once the province of science fiction will soon become part of the official strategies to fight climate change.

Many geoengineering techniques were considered "taboo" until recently by scientists, who feared devastating unintended consequences. These include "dumping chemicals in the ocean" and "injecting reflective particles in the sky." However, growing alarm at the "climate crisis" is causing scientists, with private and government support, to conduct pilot experiments worldwide.
Satanism is inversion of all values, including competence 

Universities Claim Saying "The Most Qualified Person Should Get The Job" Is 'Discriminatory'

Saying "everyone can succeed if they work hard enough" is also a 'micro aggression'

(Is this justified?)

Nato and EU states 'considering sending troops to Ukraine'

The prime minister of Slovakia has claimed that Nato and EU member states are preparing to deploy troops to Ukraine.

Robert Fico, a pro-Russia populist, offered no details of how Western soldiers could be sent to assist Ukraine, and commentators said he was probably just trying to stir up trouble.


A prominent Canadian doctor who is bravely speaking out about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "vaccine" damage he is observing in many of his patients is facing trial this March over accusations of professional misconduct.

Dr. Charles Hoffe is the subject of persecution at the hands of the corrupt Canadian government, which disapproves of his efforts to tell the ugly truth about how COVID jabs are destroying lives. Dr. Hoffe's trial is scheduled for March 4-8, as well as for March 11-15, and the general public can watch the trial via Zoom starting at 9 a.m. PST on March 4, 2024.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 27 - Jews are Blamed for Gaza & WW3 "

M said (February 27, 2024):

Why should Israel the state be saved, when Kissinger has already stated that it will no longer exist after 2022? I doubt if they will go to the two-state situation. Better annihilation, especially as they have an escape route already planned and set up.

The annihilation of earthly Israel stages the deflation and disillusionment of "all the deistic souls" who will fail to see Christ arrive and rule and reign out of earthly Israel, as Scofield mandated and as his many seriously deluded dupes still seriously believe. It would be a small thing to sacrifice the current Israel for the launching and revelation of the Luciferian Doctrine of the Freemasons to the entire world. Have these people not already secured their Heavenly Jerusalem, or Israel 2.0 in the Ukraine, the site of their former Khazarian dynasty? Has that not been the plan behind wiping out all the goyim that live there now, by enforced conscription in an unwinnable war, paving the way for another major exodus and influx of the Jews into that very favorable land, far away from the Arabian nations and the constant threat they embody?

More than a million Ukrainians have died in the war; many more live in exile now and may never return. The way has been paved for the Jews now to go to what they actually are calling their "heavenly Jerusalem."

Also, the stated plan has been to make Kiev the New Jerusalem and Moscow the New Rome. Do we not read that Rome, i.e., the Vatican, is to be entirely blitzed, too, in the Book of Revelation? Why not wipe out the Old Jerusalem and Old Rome of the Old World Order, in establishing the New? Nuclear war on the West is not out of the equation, and Israel has always threatened to use the Samson option.

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