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Feb 25 - Time for a Tax Revolt?

February 25, 2024

(Boston Tea Party. Freemasons dress as Indians and dump high tax tea into the harbour. How the Masons have fallen!)

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"Stop giving money to an illegitimate government that's trying to kill you..."

The American Revolution began as a tax revolt. "No taxation without representation" was the battle cry.
As the links below reveal, Americans tax payers are funding their own replacement and national destruction. The 2020 US election was stolen. The DOJ and MSM are dogs that won't bark. The social contract has been shredded.  The public has no other recourse than to refuse to pay taxes to an illegal subversive Communist junta. 


Cash in Envelopes': How the US and UN Are Funding the Border Crisis

The Biden administration gave the UN migration agency nearly $1.3 billion in 2023, which it uses to help migrants on their journey to enter the US illegally.

The United States is bankrolling its own "invasion" by funding the United Nations and its partners, which, in turn, give hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and aid to migrants who eventually cross the U.S. southern border illegally. While the U.N. has aided migrants for decades, the scope of its operation has dramatically expanded as the number of illegal immigrants--from at least 160 countries--into the United States has surged.

That expansion has been fueled by more than $1 billion in funding from the U.S. government to the U.N. and other agencies assisting migrants, according to a government spending database. "We're actually funding our own border crisis," Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, a "pro-immigrant, low-immigration" think tank, told The Epoch Times. "And it's provided by, ultimately, the United States taxpayer."


irs-hq.jpegThe IRS is the Satanist Rothschilds

Former Panama Border Chief: UN Is Behind the Chaos at US-Mexico Border
Panama's former SENAFRONT director says the U.N. and its nonprofit partners made mass migration worse when they moved into his country.

"This isn't a conspiracy theory," he said; the "invasion" at the U.S. southern border is "strategic engineered migration."

There is no law that requires 98% or Americans to pay the federal income tax. From the Federal Reserve to the IRS, everything has been a lie. You must pay a sales tax, property tax, and even an estate tax- but not federal income taxes.  

Remember when I said there's a way to get out of paying taxes?  There is....and this is the site that can help. They will go to bat for you if the IRS ever tries anything too.

Stop giving money to an illegitimate government that's trying to kill you...

Comments--"If they can print enough money to send to every other country... what the hell do we pay taxes for?

I'm wondering if I can identify as a dog to get out of taxes



Intelligence insiders warned . 

Mr. Bridgen says that evidence will be presented that criminal activity of the most egregious kind has been committed by the very top of Government in the UK. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may face a criminal investigation and potential criminal charges.

Israel controls the UK

Squatting is a widespread problem that's flooding American neighborhoods with heightened criminal activity

Many squatters are turning to online listings to find vacant properties they can capitalize on, and they are getting away with it as countless states have laws in place that make it nearly impossible for owners to get rid of squatters once they have taken over a vacant home. As a result, many end up being able to live rent-free in some of the country's nicest homes for several months or even years.


Vaccines - Globalists beating a dead horse

Rolling Stone, which is supposed to be a music magazine but is now nothing more than another regime narrative parroting dying media brand, received massive backlash Friday for posting an article titled "Which Face Coverings Should We Be Wearing Right Now?"

I'm not supporting someone who supports genocide. 

This is how false opposition works. In order to adopt "common sense" policies, Canadians have to support genocide. 

He says Trudeau has "lost his moral compass." What about you Pierre? Let him know how you feel.

Constituency Office ; Telephone: (613) 692-3331 ; Email: ; Fax: (613) 692-3303 ...


Israel anti-govt protests: Demonstrators call for an early election

Anti-government protesters in Israel have taken to the streets once again demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Satanyahu.

Israeli cop-pigs disperse  anti government demonstrations in Tel Aviv

Dane Wigington-

Regions of China experience "flash freeze" down to -52.3C / -62.1F degrees while "zombie fires continue to burn underground in Canada even in winters". 

"How many are looking toward the skies and taking notice of what has long since been occurring above our heads? Many are finally awakening to the fact that weather everywhere is completely chaotic and unprecedented. Would governments around the world inform their populations if climate engineering operations had already been fully deployed? The short answer is no. The planet's life support systems are hurtling toward abrupt collapse, how long till impact? 
All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard."


Mahmood OD- Israelis continue to suffer heavy casualties Houthis have submarine drones. Israelis demand Satanyahu's resignation. 

Comment from a viewer- "The people of Israel have the full right to stand against any regime which doesn't allow them to live in peace.

Harry Vox says Lous Farrakhan nails the Jewish Question


AI is reality according to satanist Jews

Google AI Says Calling Communism "Evil" Is "Harmful And Misleading" 


2 High School Girl Basketball Players in Massachusetts Injured by Transgender Player From Other Team


Russ Winter- Godfather of Vaccines Freely Admits to Unethical Skulduggery During Legal Deposition

So here we see the totally unethical use of experimental measles vaccines on orphans, the mentally handicapped, babies of mothers in jail and even the wide sweeping- humans in form but not in social potential. But when we ask for a vaccinated versus un-vaccinated study of outcomes, we're somehow asking for the murder millions of children.
RCMP wants to employ Grade 11's who 'identify as women'

"Submit your application and don't forget to self-declare as a woman to be considered! Under the Employment equity self-declaration section of your application, answer "yes" to Gender-Female."

WORRISOME': Federal payroll tops $67B, up 68% since Trudeau took office


Canadian Doctors Admit Covid 'Booster' Shot Paralyzed Woman, Offer to Euthanize Her to 'Make Up for It'

Canadian doctors have admitted that a Covid "booster" shot from Moderna is responsible for a young Ontario woman now being paralyzed for the rest of her life. Offer to Euthanize Her to 'Make Up for It'

37-year-old mother Kayla Pollock is now paralyzed from the neck down after receiving the mRNA injection and says her life has become a "living hell."

According to a report from The Liberty Daily, however, doctors have offered to "make up for it" by euthanizing the young mom.

The doctors suggested that Pollock should apply for Canada's controversial Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program and said they would help her application get accepted.

American citizens should demand a total refund

Opposition to mRNA injections now considered a CRIME in France, violators face 45,000 euro fine and 3 years in prison for questioning "the science"

"Already, renowned doctors are being targeted, whom this article will silence," said a French X account called Annie Arnaud. "France is taking a totalitarian run. Macron and his henchmen are followers of the WEF (World Economic Forum) and globalist policies."

"It is a catastrophe for the country where a majority of citizens no longer obey vaccine propaganda. Social unrest ahead."
VIDEOS - Collapsed suddenly during Vaccination - 20 video compilation starting with first Nurse vaccination in USA, Tiffany Dover in Dec.17, 2020


Thousands of nurses in New Zealand say they now fear for their lives as the public begin rising up against the genocide committed against them during the pandemic.

"All things therefore, as many as you might desire that men should do to you, so also you do to them, for this is the law and the prophets".  Jesus. Matthew 7:12



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 25 - Time for a Tax Revolt?"

GW said (February 25, 2024):

it worries me to see you post tidbits like on your website, today, ( below)
I spent about a decade in the forefront of the DeTax movement in British Columbia 1998 - 2007.

as succinctly as possible >>> that notion goes in to dangerous territory, quickly. Main thing to know, is : it does not work. Confer with the cases of Russel A Porisky ; Michael Miller ; Debbie Anderson, who started out believing that stuff. It took years to play out = Each of whom was sentenced to 5 years in prison for counselling tax evasion.

getting entangled in the wickedness of tax on income is not only a no-win proposition ... the newbie is handicapped by not understanding how dirty the Powers that Be, play.

yes, there's a reasonable case to be made that the personal income tax is illegal / un -constitutional. Doesn't matter. As Gordon Kahl found out .... They have the guns. And that's all there is to it.

I shake my head in dismay when I see this old canard, rear its ugly head, again. He's dead and gone ... what old Georgie Gordon had to say about it, is still the best authority on it.

Staff said (February 25, 2024):

The government functions without taxation. If 100% of the people stopped
paying taxes, the government would continue as if nothing happened.

If the government needs a paper clip or a battle ship they do not have
to tax anyone to buy it, they just print the money to buy it and pay the
printer with what came off the printing press.

Parliament passed the Tea Act in 1773 to reduce import taxes on British tea. Why? To give the British East India Company monopoly
privileges to sell tea directly to the colonies.

(Prior to the Tea Act,
the Navigation Acts required nearly all colonial imports and exports to first be artificially routed through Great Britain, which added extra
costs.) At the time, nearly two-thirds of the tea imported into the colonies was smuggled to avoid paying taxes. Colonial merchants thrived
while the East India Company struggled.

The Tea Act lowered the price of legally imported tea to prop up Britain’s sales—at the expense of colonial merchants.


The US$ would crash without taxation


Art said (February 25, 2024):

"Stop giving money to an illegitimate government that’s trying to kill you…”

I agree; but the problem is greater than mere taxation via the federal income tax, for which there is no public law authorizing it.

The source of the problem is the unlawful conversion of sovereign Americans into British Territorial subjects (U.S. Citizens) and debt slaves (Municipal Citizens of the United States), via a fraudulent birth registration process and unconscionable contracting.

The entire federal government has been unlawfully incorporated and the corporations (which are bankrupt) are foreign owned and operated. State governments have been unlawfully converted into franchises of the corporate federal government.

Our "government" is not our lawful government. It is a fraudulent legal fiction. Our lawful government must be reconstructed by the People who have reclaimed their American birthright as "sovereigns in their own right". This process is well on its way.

I have lawfully converted my political status to that of a Sovereign American State National and have volunteered to act as a State Citizen who is an Elector (not a voter) under all three constitutions: The Constitution for the united States of America (1787), the Constitution of the United States of America (1789), and the Constitution of the United States (1790).

The federal Republic went dormant at the outset of the Civil War and was never reconstructed; our government services contractors got the bit between their teeth and have been acting as the government ever since.

I disassociated myself from their system and have not paid federal income tax since 2021 without a peep from the IRS. I am no longer subject to their codes and statutes; I stand under American common law, and they are my employees not my masters. The extrication from their clutches must be done correctly; if not, they can and will come after you.

The information on your website is correct as far as it goes, but it is incomplete if the problem is to be truly solved. I invite you to learn about the American Federation of States (1776) and to join with us in our quest to reestablish the original American Republic. Please go here:

I invite your comments.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at