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Feb 23 - WW3 Has Started

February 23, 2024

If Only every country could have a leader like Nayib Bukele!

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El Salvador's Bukele Slams Soros At CPAC

El Salvador's president Nayib Bukele blasted George Soros, globalism, and the American financial system.

In a fiery address at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Bukele - who won re-election by a staggering 84% of the vote, said of Globalism: "It's already dead," adding that in America "dark forces are taking over your country."

Bukele outlined that globalists like Soros don't just back district attorneys but manipulate public opinion through institutional control of media and political campaigns, and that Americans must "fight" against it with all their "heart and soul." -

"The people of El Salvador have woken up, and so can you," he said. "The global elites, they hate our success, and they fear yours. The people's free will to choose their leaders is something they despise because they cannot control it."

Bukele then warned that the American financial system is more fragile than people think.

"And who buys the Treasury bounds?" Bukele asked. "Mostly the Fed."

"And how does the Fed buy them?" he asked. By "printing" them.

"So basically, you finance the government by printing money out of thin air," he continued, asserting that Americans are paying high taxes to "uphold the illusion that you are funding the government.The government is funding [itself] by money printing ... paper backed with paper, a bubble that will inevitably burst."

If that happens, "confidence in your currency would be lost, the dollar would fall and Western civilization with it."

Jews! It's not too late to embrace brotherly love and eschew hate

Told you. WW3 will be fought over Israel's right to commit genocide

China's 'Shock' Statement: Palestinians Have Right To Use 'Armed Force' Against Israel

China supports Palestinian state. Freeing themselves from colonialism is not terrorism.

China has backed the right of the Palestinian people to use armed force to combat Israel's occupation of their land, calling it an "an inalienable right well founded in international law".

The comments on Thursday were made by the Chinese ambassador to the UN, Zhang Jun, during the fourth day of public hearings held by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, Netherlands.


General Sergei Rudskoy, chief operations director of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, said that NATO military personnel are taking part in the fighting in Ukraine disguised as mercenaries.

Another UK Ship On Fire Near Yemen As Sea Becomes Littered With Disabled Tankers

Ships that are wholly or partially owned by Israeli individuals or entities and Israel-flagged vessels, or are owned by US or British individuals or entities, or sailing under their flags, are banned from the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea, Thursday's notices said.

Biden Moving To Send Long-Range Ballistic Missiles To Ukraine

"President Biden has just upped the ante on Ukraine aid while continuing to press House Republicans to approve the gargantuan war spending bill and its $61 billion for Kiev. Even while it's clear Ukraine forces are being beaten back from the front lines, NBC reports this week that Biden is now closer to approving longer-range missile systems, which are capable of striking deeper into Crimea and Russian territory." 

NATO confirms that Secretary General Stoltenberg recognises Ukraine's right to strike targets in Russia

NYC Mayor Adams complains about migrant invasion and then gives them all $10K? 

He's paying them to invade. 

Satanyahu indulges in Hamas rape fantasies to motivate Israeli suckers- Weren't there any baby incubators on the kibbutzim?  


Traitor and liar, Alberta Health Mojo, Dina Henshaw

ICYMI - Class Action lawsuit brought against the Provincial Government of Alberta on 31 July 2023 (No news is good news?)

This is a proposed class action on behalf of all individuals who owned and/or operated businesses in the Province of Alberta, and whose business operations were fully or partially restricted as a result of the measures contained in the CMOH Orders, and who suffered losses as a result.


Zionist kill fest

'Beaten, stripped, used as human shield': Gaza victim recalls Israel terror
As Israel resumed its attacks on parts of Gaza City, Ramadan Shamlakh's family home was attacked. Then, according to his account, a war crime took place.
Shamlakh was at home with his mother, his injured brother, and his four sisters, when they were all surprised by tanks advancing and surrounding them in the area.

"It was around 6:30am when the Israeli soldiers blew up a wall in our house and then opened fire randomly at us."
"The soldiers brutally attacked me and my brother, who has been suffering from a foot injury since the 2014 war, and beat us extensively," Shamlakh said.
"We were telling them that we are civilians and it is not our fault, but to no avail,"

Trump is guilty and still won't admit the vaxxx damage.

Trump sold out America by promoting Covid shots: analyst
No matter who is president, they will allow bioweapons to kill Americans without hesitation, observes Catherine Austin Fitts 
Listen · 7M

Catherine Austin Fitts (video above) says former president Donald Trump is either a knowing participant in the Covid bioweapon operation, or he is grossly incompetent not to understand what's happening, which Fitts claims is highly unlikely.

In either case, Trump should not be president, opines Fitts, just as toxic injection mandater Joe Biden shouldn't, either.


Get rid of your Central Banks or die...


RFK Jr.'s 'Wuhan Cover-Up': Why Vaccine Research Is Really Just Bioweapons Research

A new review of "The Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race" by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. highlights how COVID-19 emerged from the convergence of military, intelligence, corporate and global interests deeply invested in risky bioweapons research branded as "pandemic preparedness."

2"Everyone has now seen that pandemics are another way for the military, intelligence, and public health services to expand their budgets and their power. In 2020, public health, defense, and intelligence agencies weaponized a [Covid-19] pandemic, resulting in unprecedented profits to Big Pharma and the dramatic expansion of the security/surveillance state, including a systemic abandonment of constitutional rights -- effectively a coup d'état against liberal democracy globally."


That moment you realize that the feminist movement was a scam.


Andrew Bridgen: Covid 19 mRNA Shots Have Had More Adverse Reactions Than All Other Adverse Reactions Recorded By The United Kingdom In 40 Years
"It's clear that the rollout of these mRNA experimental vaccines should be suspended."

Because they want to lose?

Leo Hohmann- Why is the U.S. government pursuing war with Russia-China but not preparing for war with Russia-China?

This entity in Washington is poking a bear that has the world's largest and most sophisticated nuclear arsenal on the one hand (Russia) and the world's largest standing army (China) on the other.

Our enemies, Russia and China, are stockpiling wheat and petroleum in preparation for war. But the U.S. is selling off its wheat and petroleum.

PJW- English ancestors were all Black, according to Google AI. 

Obviously Cabalist bankers are replacing the founding peoples of the West 


Diplomats walk out of UN when Israeli ambassadors Speaks




BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, joined JPMorgan Chase in pulling out from the climate change investment group Climate Action 100+ that pushes companies around the world to rein in emissions.
Climate Action 100+ (CA100+) is a global coalition of investors who have pledged "to ensure the world's largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action on climate change."


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 23 - WW3 Has Started "

RH said (February 23, 2024):

This ruling elite over us, no matter how one looks at it, are incredible bad managers. Will billions of people die through war, pharmakeia, famine, and poverty from usury and taxes and the managers expect to get away with it forever? Will they expect to continue to build their net worth but the average person is stone-cold broke, forever; a renter of everything from them?. This is incredibly bad management and it will not sustain itself. I can only be surprised by the level of such stupidity by all of us if we accept this fate without a change of management.

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