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Feb 16 - Why are We So Helpless?

February 16, 2024

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 Cabalist Judaism has humanity impaled on its talons.
Is there a peaceful solution to the assault we face from Satanists? 

When people are unwilling to die for freedom, freedom is already dead. 
We have Stockholm Syndrome. If we play along, maybe they won't hurt us further.

What Holds Mankind Back from Confronting the Forces Determined to Destroy It?

"Here, once we look deeply enough, we find the anti-life agenda which belongs to that category of human sicknesses we know as psychotic, psychopathic and sadistic. Such a state of human demise holds that there is no God. That it is man who is in charge of the universe - or should be - and that whatever forces exist 'out there', only those that help achieve the gross ambitions of earthlings are worth engaging with.

"This is a cult persuasion. It is the predominant position held by the rump of world 'leaders' today. Their predominant state of being, no less. The younger ones have been trained by Klaws Swab and his henchmen to be impenetrable and immune to human feelings. This is considered an imperative in the cause of the full techno-digital take over of daily life.

So our job is to understand this. Not to consign it to a box labelled 'sickness of the 2%' and put on the windowsill to be forgotten. It is up to us to acknowledge our part in accepting and allowing this cult siege of life on earth.

We, the people, are at least 90% of the problem. At each historical point, when conditions offered the chance to break the dark spell, we opted out. We failed to take action and take control of our destinies as fellow human beings who value truth, wisdom and justice above all else.


The only constant- Gaslighting

Netanyahu Defiant After Biden Phone Call, Rejects Push For Palestinian State

Following a Thursday phone call with US President Joe Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is again pushing back against the intensifying international pressure ahead of Israel's planned ground assault on Rafah, which contains over a million refugees with nowhere to go.

"Israel will continue to oppose the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state," Netanyahu wrote on X, in defiance of a proposed ceasefire plan that external powers including the US are still trying to salvage. He has also called it essentially a "reward to terrorists".
Over 70% Of Service Members Say They Felt 'Coerced' Into Taking COVID-19 Vaccine: Survey


'I Was Fired After Blowing the Whistle'

Tamara Pietzke exposed the dangers of 'gender-affirming care' for minors. Then, she lost her job. She reveals the cost of speaking out--and why she has no regrets.


Two years later, 'Freedom Movement' plans return to Parliament Hill to commemorate two year anniversary
Ottawa police have 'robust plan' to deal with planned weekend gathering

US-UK attacks in Yemen 'illegal' - Russian security chief

Western nations are fostering chaos to protect their hegemony, Nikolay Patrushev has said

"Washington and London have unleashed a war with Yemen under the pretext of securing freedom of navigation in the Red Sea. They are trying to drag other nations of the region into it," Patrushev said. "However, their strikes on the positions of the Houthis are absolutely illegitimate and have nothing to do with the right of self-defense... contrary to what Washington claims."
France: ANY Criticism Of The mRNA DEATHVAX™ Platform Punishable Up To 3 Years Imprisonment And 45,000 Euros

The WEF-captured government of France has pushed through a draconian new law entitled Article 4. This Orwellian and unconstitutional color of law power grab is a purposely poor attempt at obscuring the irrefutable slow kill bioweapon death and destruction data.


Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts: "The Plan of the Great Reset Is That You Will Die With Nothing"

Australian senator, Malcolm Roberts dropped serious truth bombs about the WEF and its dystopian Great Reset agenda in the Australian parliament.

Billionaire, globalist corporations will own everything homes, factories, farms, cars, furniture, and everyday citizens will rent what they need if their social credit score allows."

In an interview with Greg Hunter from USAWatchdog, Catherine Austin Fitts has said that "No matter who is president, they will allow bioweapons to kill Americans without hesitation." She also argues that the former president Donald Trump is either a knowing participant in the Covid bioweapon operation, or he is grossly incompetent not to understand what's happening, which Fitts claims is highly unlikely.

PJW- Migrant Demands Overwhelming social services in UK


Canada: Class action lawsuit launched to bring justice to small businesses in Alberta that were forced to obey covid lockdowns


Satanyahu planned Oct 7 attack

Former Israeli Defense Minster Lieberman- 'I warned of October 7 in 2016 and was dismissed'

In a chapter titled Tunnel Wars that begins with 2014's Operation Protective Edge, Netanyahu described exactly the sort of attack carried out by Hamas on October 7.

'Our intelligence had previously discovered that Hamas had dug dozens of terror tunnels meant to cross under the border fence,' he wrote. 'Their specially-trained forces could emerge from below ground and infiltrate unseen into the very heart of Israeli communities to kill and kidnap civilians and soldiers alike. Hamas intended to surprise Israel by initiating the simultaneous penetration of hundreds of terrorists into the country. They planned to enter kindergartens and schools, murder Israelis, and whisk dozens of hostages to Gaza back through the tunnels...'

Bitcoin is the reason gold isn't at $4000

Gold Funds See Big Outflows Alongside Rush of Money Into Bitcoin ETFs


Newsom Sued Over Transgender Policy, Teachers Claim They Are Forced to Lie to Parents
San Diego-area teachers added California's governor and attorney general to their lawsuit questioning school policies.

"The teachers objected on moral and religious grounds to the policies and said they were uncomfortable at the prospect of keeping secrets from parents about their children's gender identities at school."

It's all part of communism - abolition of the family.

Report: Israel elite soldiers refuse to return to Gaza

Israeli army data updated yesterday indicate that 15 soldiers were injured over a 24-hour period. In total, 2,897 soldiers have been wounded since 7 October including 437 who were seriously injured, 761 moderately injured and 1,699 slightly injured. However, according to the army, 1,352 soldiers were wounded in ground battles in the Gaza Strip.

As many as 352 soldiers are still receiving treatment in hospitals, according to the same source.

Some 569 soldiers had been killed since 7 October, including 232 since the beginning of the army's ground offensive in the Gaza Strip on 27 October.

kayla (1).jpg
Ontario Woman Paralyzed After Moderna booster Shot; Doctors Attribute Cause to Vaccine, Offer MAID
 She received the Moderna booster shot on January 11, 2022.

Four days later, Kayla described a situation where her legs just gave out, and she collapsed, but all seemed fine a short time later. Then, nine days later, she experienced a similar event, and at that time, she called her doctor, asking to see a neurologist because she suspected something wasn't right.

On the morning of February 22, 2022, Kayla's life took an irreversible turn. As she awoke, opened her eyes, a sudden realization struck her - she couldn't move her body. Despite the shock, she says she remained calm and started yelling for help. Fortunately, her boyfriend who spent the night, was in the driveway preparing to leave for work, and heard her cries for help. Her boyfriend called 911 and Kayla was transported to Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario.


mRNA Injury Series - UCSF Chair of Medicine Dr.Bob Wachter (6x COVID-19 Vaccinated) collapsed in the shower & broke his neck in July 2023

It really does seem like many doctors are willing to quietly accept shortened lives, disability and even death, rather than admit they were wrong.


Germany's interior minister: 'No one who donates to a right-wing extremist party should remain undetected'
A new law promoted by Germany's far-left interior minister warned that the government would begin targeting the bank accounts of those who donate to "right-wing extremists"

A new law promoted by Germany's far-left interior minister warned that the government would begin targeting the bank accounts of those who donate to "right-wing extremists"

German Bank 'Informs' Customer to Stop Donating to 'Right-Wingers'
Welcome to the New Germany, same as the old, as surveillance and righteousness trample on constitutional liberties

Cultural enrichment 

Germany: North African migrant urinates on a train conductor after brutally beating her
The suspect left a trail of mayhem in southern Germany, attacking numerous women and stealing a car while armed with a broken bottle


OpenAI unveils Sora, a tool that uses AI to generate videos from written prompts
AI videos aren't new but the high quality of these astounds observers, raises fears

From a reader:

This kabbalah wizard explains the kabbalah of the WW2 holocaust.

The Zohar says that before Moschiach, the world must become very dark and full of evil.... 
But there was a problem: The "Jews" were bringing too much holiness and light into the world.....
So "Hashem" had to take 6 million of them away. "Hashem" is the elite kabbalists.
Judaism is Edom. And the Zohar is the curse of Zechariah 5.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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