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Feb 14 - No Love on Valentine's Day

February 14, 2024


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Biden regime engages in a "good cop, bad cop" strategy

Yemen's Houthis Claim to Have Stopped Ship Traffic to Israeli Ports

Naval forces of the Ansar Allah movement, also known as the Houthis, have prevented the passage through the Gulf of Aden of all ships that have been heading to Israeli ports recently, the movement's leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi said on Tuesday.

"Operations of Yemen's naval forces have resulted in a great victory - a complete halt to the passage of Israeli-affiliated ships to Israeli ports. During these weeks, not a single ship related to the Israeli enemy has been able to pass through the Gulf of Aden. It is a great victory and a real achievement, as well as proof of the effectiveness of Yemen's maritime operations," the leader said in a video message aired by the Al-Masirah broadcaster.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Impeached for Facilitating Border Invasion
This is the first impeachment of a cabinet secretary since 1876. The Senate trial will begin at the end of the month, though there is only slight chance of a conviction

Mahmood OD- Retired  Israeli military intelligence insiders, including ex Mossad chief, says Israel is doomed if it follows its current path


Israel Quits Ceasefire Talks

Jan.10, 2024 - Geri's oldest son, 31 year old Lee Maxfield died suddenly. "It was a brief (one week) sudden illness. Within one month nurse Geri lost both her husband and her son.

mRNA Injury Series - Nurses losing family members - having a COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated nurse in the household can be fatal for their loved ones - 11 families and their losses

Nurse---"Get your husband out of the hospital if you want him to live."

Christian UPS Driver Takes on the Corporation Over Extreme LGBT and Anti-Christian Work Environment

Over the past two years the UPS Foundation has donated $1.2 million to advance the LGBT movement globally, including huge donations to the staunchly anti-Christian LGBT Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and StartOut. UPS proudly brags that HRC names UPS as one of the "best places to work for LGBTQ+ equality."

Why is it that all the Very Serious Thinkers in the Incredulous Independent Alternative Truth-Seeking Media have been weaving highly creative and completely fictitious narratives about the Not-War for almost two full years now, with zero repercussions? Not even an "oops, we were wrong, sorry about that"? Aren't people tired of this? Rurik Skywalker investigates...

The Russian propaganda strategy

All of this is by design, by the way. Both ends of the caricatures representing Russia and America serve the interests of the elite because if the peasants could look around and realize just how similar their respective elites' were, they might start asking questions about just how fake and controlled this whole paradigm that we are in now is.

Isn't it curious how the three largest Western Putin-supporters are spooks who all cut their teeth on anti-Soviet operations in Afghanistan?

Regarding Australia.  Say no.

The Australian government is planning a nationwide digital ID launch, which is tentatively set for this year.

While it could be delayed for logistical reasons, it's clear that the government is fully intent on pushing a new digital ID agenda in the country.

Having first entered Parliament last year, the Digital ID Bill in Australia finished its final stage at the end of January, garnering input from business and finance groups. The country's authorities are currently communicating with the individual states.

An announcement from the Department of Finance revealed that the novel system would empower users to select their preferred digital ID provider for the accessibility of both government and private services. Private entities can apply for accreditation to provide digital ID services under the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF), which is the government's recognition framework.

As stated by an official spokesperson, the legislative step will set in motion the enlargement of the Australian Government Digital ID System to encompass state, territory and private sector organizations opting to participate.

The national digital ID will essentially serve as a comprehensive version of MyGovID that Australians currently utilize for the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink and Medicare access. The strategy to retain other digital IDs issued by other state governments.

US Senate BETRAYS America - BILLIONS for Ukraine and Israel but not a single dollar to secure the U.S. border

The US supplies weapons that are fueling Israel's escalation toward World War III
In recent months, Israel has faced criticism for its actions in Gaza, with some drawing comparisons to the atrocities committed during the Holocaust. As tensions continue to escalate between Israel and other nations, there are growing concerns about the potential for World War III. The United States, particularly under the Biden administration, has been accused of supporting Israel's actions, further fueling the conflict.

Israeli security chiefs head to Cairo for talks on hostage deal
In a letter, families of hostages tell Mossad and Shin Bet chiefs not to return without 134 captives, dead or alive; delegation leaves after PM concedes to Biden request but officials say Bar and Barnea are mostly in Cairo to listen as Hamas demands non-starters


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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