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Feb 13- Illuminati Have Weaponized Nature

February 13, 2024

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California and Nevada have been rocked by nearly one thousand earthquakes in 7 days

13 significant earthquakes, including one measuring magnitude 4.8, shook the state very early on Monday morning in a span of just 25 minutes... Parts of California were hit by more than a dozen earthquakes overnight, with 13 shaking the state during a span of just 25 minutes.

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says huge lies are being told daily to cover up the speed in which the climate is imploding on a global scale.

Nobody Gets Out Alive from Climate Engineering Disaster - Dane Wigington
"...huge lies are being told daily to cover up the speed in which the climate is imploding on a global scale."

"Sure, there have been all sorts of ways harm has been done to the environment, but Wigington contends the biggest single cause of damage being done to the planet right now is man-made climate engineering being sprayed from the skies. Wigington explains, "The bottom line is we are fighting for our lives right here and right now. The current paradigm is over. It's in the death throes.

The oceans are dying. The insects are dying. Plankton is dying. Our atmosphere is changing radically. Nothing can adapt to changes at this speed. Again, we are talking about toxic elements that should never be in our atmosphere. . . . We know there are patented processes for chemical ice nucleation."

US Senate BETRAYS America - BILLIONS for Ukraine and Israel but not a single dollar to secure the U.S. border

The US supplies weapons that are fueling Israel's escalation toward World War III
In recent months, Israel has faced criticism for its actions in Gaza, with some drawing comparisons to the atrocities committed during the Holocaust. As tensions continue to escalate between Israel and other nations, there are growing concerns about the potential for World War III. The United States, particularly under the Biden administration, has been accused of supporting Israel's actions, further fueling the conflict.

Israeli security chiefs head to Cairo for talks on hostage deal
In a letter, families of hostages tell Mossad and Shin Bet chiefs not to return without 134 captives, dead or alive; delegation leaves after PM concedes to Biden request but officials say Bar and Barnea are mostly in Cairo to listen as Hamas demands non-starters



Egypt's foreign minister dampened speculation that the country's peace treaty with Israel would be at risk if Israel invaded Rafah, a city on Gaza's border with Egypt. In recent days, Israeli officials have said they plan to send ground troops into Rafah as the next stage in their war against Hamas. More than a million Palestinians, the majority of Gaza's population, have been sheltering in the city.

"A peace agreement between Egypt and Israel already exists, which has been in effect for the past forty years, and we will continue it," Shoukry said at a press conference in Slovenia, where he is on an official visit.

Israel Massacres Civilians in Gaza 'Safe Zone' While Advertising Their Own Victimhood During Super Bowl

"Why are they bombing us??"

"They told us this was a safe zone!"

"They told us to come here, so why are they bombing us!?" 

This woman just like many Gazans went to seek safety in Rafah but Israel is carpet bombing it as we speak.

Top commander of the IRGC, Gen. Hossein Salami, claimed that his forces for the first time successfully launched a long-range ballistic missiles from a warship. 

"The IRGC for the first time has fired ballistic missiles in the Gulf of Oman," state television cited. "The firing of a long-range ballistic missile from the warship was successfully carried out." 

"This new achievement increases the range of our naval influence and power to any desired location because our ocean-traversing warships can be at any point in the oceans," Salami announced. "There will be no safe place for any power that wants to create insecurity for us."
(The secret of success)

Freemasonic founders of popular corporations, according to the Grand Lodge of Russia
Below is a slideshow published by the Freemasonic Grand Lodge of Russia. It reveals the masonic founders of popular international corporations, such as Apple, KFC, Dunlop, and JC Penney.

Swiss hotel bans Jews from skis hills
A mountain hotel in Davos has denied the rental of skiing equipment to Jewish guests, citing persistent unruly behavior

The Pischa mountain restaurant hotel in Davos, Switzerland, has announced it will no longer rent out skiing and other snow-sports equipment to Jewish guests, due to an alleged long history of unruly behavior, property damage and theft. The establishment faced accusations of anti-Semitism, causing a major scandal and a police investigation.


Brett Favre accused of shady practises in fund raising for a sport facility

Commenter- "He stole $5 million dollars from the public and poor and there are people in jail for so much less."


Boston Couple Sign Up To House Illegal Immigrants, Get Four Delivered Within An Hour

"When Colin and Jessica Stokes called the state to sign up to be a host family, it took less than an hour for the displaced migrants to be dropped off at their door," the report notes, adding "The family of four, who didn't want to go on camera, had made been sleeping at Logan Airport"
Husbands, fathers, sisters, brothers all died because Satanyahu is a psychopath

Commanders, soldiers, police officers: The names of the heroes who died defending Israel
Following Hamas's criminal invasion of southern Israel, brave men and women have stepped up to defend their homeland, with scores sacrificing their lives in the process; these are their names

Israel bombs the Rafah border


IDF Brutalizes Palestinians who are US Citizens


50,000 People March for Palestine in Texas

Crickets on MSM


Isn't It Racist To Restrict Hiring Of White Canadians On Campus?
Is there a reason why media refuse to mention that contemporary white Canadians are not responsible for historical policies of prejudice against "racialized" communities?

"The Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo says its Equity Committee must be at least 50% non-male and 50% non-white in order to have gender and racial parity."

The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich
The internal coup to sabotage the Second Nuremberg

It appears as if German lawyer, Reiner Fuëllmich, who recognized the COVID crimes against humanity as early as 2020, has been set up.

Joachim Hagopian


Al Jazeera's contributing journalist Ahmed Abdullah Mohsen as an eyewitness in Rafah reported:

The screaming and wailing nearly drowned out the warplanes that covered the sky, dropping barrages in a fiery belt that crushed the bodies of the displaced in their tents. About 20 minutes of explosions lit the night like something from an artificial Hollywood film.

As world pariahs Israel and US alienate themselves before the entire planet, digging their irreversible grave, lined up on the wrong side of history, they've been perpetrating genocide in Gaza for four straight months. Arab nations showing remarkable restraint not to react to their provocations to widen the regional conflict, have been increasingly vocal in their unified disapproval. 

It's becoming ever-so dangerously clearer, when IDF inevitably does fully invade Rafah, the Arab world is bound to finally strike back and at that pivotal moment World War III will likely be officially activated.


Mark Glenn-The Delusion of Judah-ism is the world's Misery

What makes the character of Annie Wilkes, left, so interesting is that-much like the Jews of today-she has based her entire life and identity on a story, in this case the same series of books written by the very author she rescued from the otherwise fatal car crash. Like the Jews of today with their Old Testament, Annie knows every word by heart. Every twist and turn appearing in the 8 books that her beloved novelist wrote she has used as a template in organizing and arranging her life. The fact that it is all fiction doesn't even cross her mind. It is a story with which she falls so much in love that reality has no place in her life.

 Milei gave unconditional backing to Israel, calling Hamas, the Palestinian Arab Islamists, a "terrorist group" who had committed "a crime against humanity." Mieli noted, "The free world can't remain indifferent in this case, as we see clear examples of terrorism and anti-Semitism and what I would describe as 21st-century Nazism. When we hear about the methods that were used this time, it reminds us of the atrocities of the Holocaust." 

Milei's visit was also noteworthy in that he prayed at the Western Wall, danced with Israeli worshippers, and affirmed his intention to move Argentina's embassy to Jerusalem. 


Democrat states are nationalizing euthanasia in America
Left-wing states like Oregon and Vermont are removing residency requirements for euthanasia, allowing people to travel from anywhere to end their lives within their borders.


'Teach them a lesson' - Illegal migrant nanny arrested for trying to poison French family with household cleaner in grape juice and wine

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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