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Feb 11 - Rafah - The World Hold its Breath

February 11, 2024


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They are focusing on Biden's age to take attention away from his criminality and treason.

When people are unwilling to die for freedom, freedom is already dead.

Russ Winter-"Gazans are stacked into a small corner (Rafah) of the concentration camp which makes them more vulnerable than ever to artillery, tanks and dumb bombs. Rafah is urban but most of the newcomer refugees live in tents."

"The big issue is duration and how to manhandle over a million starving people. Even if sections of the border opened how does a large population traverse a war zone to a poorly defined dangerous border crossing. 600,000 children complicate matters more. The IDF will surely try to process everyone first, and may extract any fighting age males. Since this is a last stand previously non-involved males could opt to join the resistance as weapons are available.
Israel Prepares For Rafah Assault That Could Lead To "Tens Of Thousands" Of Casualties As Saudis Warn Of Imminent "Humanitarian Catastrophe"

With any hopes for a Israel-Hamas ceasefire now dead, overnight Israeli air strikes killed 17 people in Rafah on the Gaza border medics said on Saturday, as over a million Palestinians crammed into the city await a full-scale offensive with the rest of the enclave in ruins and nowhere left to run.


Mahmood OD, based on reports in the Israeli media

1. Israelis go ballistic when Moody's downgrades their credit and issues a NEGATIVE outlook.

2. Netanyahu wants to drive 1 3/4 million Palestinians into Egypt but Israeli Army is balking. 


(l. Wigwe, Notice the Illuminati hand sign)

Nigeria was the first country in Africa to launch a CBDC and one of only five countries worldwide. And now it's bank CEO has been killed in a Mojave Desert helicopter crash.

Nigerian banking CEO is among six people killed when helicopter traveling from California to Nevada crashes into Mohave Desert
Dr Hervert Wigwe, 57, the co-founder of Nigeria's largest bank Access Bank, died in a horror helicopter crash Friday night.
The CEO perished along with his wife, son and three others - also including the former chair of the Nigerian Exchange Group, Abimbola Ogunbanjoa  

Investigators were seen scouring the crash site early Saturday morning, before confirming that 'no survivors have been located'  


Amarjeet Sohi --Edmonton Mayor is a Muslim and a WEF proxy

Immigration is a tool of the globalist takeover. Immigrants like Sohi are traitors.

Edmonton planning to roll out WEF-style '15-minute city' policy this fall
The 15-minute city model was conceived by professor Carlos Moreno and scientists from Chaire ETI at the Sorbonne Business School. It is now being promoted by globalist groups such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations

Under the new plan, Edmonton will divide its 400 neighborhoods into 15-minute "districts." According to the city, the plan is a "necessary tool" given the growing number of residents.   


Brother Nathanial Unveils a New Talent--Rock star!

He's Leonard Cohen influenced by the Doors

He's Good!

"They Want it Darker"  Listen!

Our forests are dying because of metals seeded in the air 

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 10, 2024, # 444 ( Dane Wigington )

"Snowstorm eyes northeastern US just before Valentine's Day". That new headline from AccuWeather stands in stark contrast to the following FOX News headline from the same day, "Spring Heat Surges Into Midwest, Northeast". How severe does the climate chaos need to be before populations look up and face reality? Extreme climate chaos is wreaking havoc with ecosystems and populations all over the world. How soon till we all pay the price? 
All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.
Dane Wigington

For more information go to the full Geoengineering Watch article:

Putin hour-long history Lesson-  Why there were no questions about Gaza, Israel or Iran

Dr Makis and Dr Trozzi Discuss Disease X & Other Globalist Threats
Surviving, thriving, bringing arch-criminals to justice, and co-creating an honest, free and fair society.

Global Eugenicists Pick 'The Vax' As The 'Hill They'll Die On': New Round Of Butchering Humanity Launched To Appease The Genocidal Psychopaths In The WHO, WEF, CDC And 'Big Pharma'
- Colleges And Universities Issuing New Mandates For All Students To Be Vaxxed

This is how the World Health Organization's pandemic treaty is being used by the globalists to establish a planetary dictatorship that will be used to control every facet of our lives.

Mortician/Embalmer is pulling white clots up to 3 feet long in young bodies.

Comments--"My sister had the vax, 8 weeks later she had a stroke. Dead at 55. Brother had the vax, 3 weeks later his immune system spent the next 9 months attacking his body and dead at 72. Neither any co- morbidities. Neither were smokers or drinkers

--"I have been a nurse for over 40 years and left 3 years ago as I wouldn't take the jab. I am horrified to hear these stories (which I have been hearing since the jab roll out). I am disgusted with my profession and those doctors that refuse to speak out.

--"This Makes Adolf Look Like Mary Poppins, I Think We Are All Screwed...


The People of Lahaina Are Still Screaming for Help and No One is Helping Them. Americans Have Forgotton About The Attack On Maui- And the Missing Children. Please care. Know - Maui Fires page. Chili just got hit by a DEW. Dozens in CA. Washington, Ore. and many more...

On August 7 2023 the residents of Maui noticed the air was ' coated' with ]]something ... strange. Was it chem-trailed with an accelerant? On August 8th the attack began. It appears that fires were set in different places on Maui to divert the firefighters to put those out. And it was reported they had.

Then suddenly somehow the fires reignited. Very suddenly


History of Banking 


TRANSCRIPT: Roger Stone joins Mike Adams with WARNING about Dems' plan to try to sabotage Trump's upcoming victory to save America


Kelowna BC--Canada's First "Smart City" Is Acting Weird!! First It Mysteriously Burned Like Lahaina Hawaii, Now People Dying And Hospitalized From "Cantaloupe"??!!


Globalists aiming to "peacefully" depopulate six billion people with mass euthanasia

In 2010, much of the West had already been indoctrinated into climate cultism as the "final solution" to the problem of human industrial activity, which is supposedly "melting" the planet - or in today's vernacular, boiling the oceans. His solution? Kill off billions of people, albeit slowly and peacefully, i.e., through euthanasia.

From a Dutch reader-

"In the Netherlands there is a formation of a cabinet going on and although Wilders won a
lot of votes, forming a coalition is quite difficult. We have partycartels who close parties
out. We have a new party which is called New Social Contract it is formed last year by
former Christian democrats. Leader is Pieter Omtzigt, Mr Omtzigt pulled the plug last week
during the formation. By the way New Social Contract is literally a term from Klaws Swab
Now there are four options
1 A government without Wilders and with Timmermans
2 New elections
3 A minority coalition between PVV, BBB and VVD
4 A majority coalition between PVV, BBB, VVD, SGP and FVD but FVD is an unreliable
party. As I wrote before I am afraid it will be mr Timmermans, that will be the end of the
Netherlands as you knew it.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 11 - Rafah - The World Hold its Breath "

RH said (February 11, 2024):

What the Israelis are showing us, is only who they really are, in their treatment of the Palestinians. I have taught myself to look at what one does, not what one says. The Israelis and US/Western allies are not stupid people. To take such aggressive action without caring what the World thinks is pride and we may be best reminded of the Old Testament proverb: "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18 King James Version

And..."In Christian tradition, pride is also associated with Satan. It was the sin of pride that led Lucifer, the most beautiful and perfect of God’s angels, to rebel against God and fall from heaven."

For the hard of thinking (as the late Alan Watt would say), Pride is conceit, exaggerated self-esteem.

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