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Cautionary Tale: When You Marry a Feminist

February 25, 2024

(A real woman makes family her first priority)

"The love is gone. We litigate over diaper changes.
We stay together for the baby and the dog."

by Casey Wilson

My son is a lawyer. He was dating a beautiful young woman. The sex was incredible. But when she asked him if they "had a future together," he was honest and said no. 

He didn't tell her the reason. He thought she was stupid.

He went on to marry a feminist, another lawyer. 

A marriage is like a rope bridge. It can only withstand so much weight. When they had a baby, the bridge gave way. 

Neither foresaw how much work a baby is. They ended up quarrelling over child care. Both have full time jobs. 

"The love is gone. Now we litigate over diaper changes. We stay together for the baby and the dog."

My son resented that even though she got maternity leave, she insisted he do 50% of the child care so she could do brunch with her pals.

I wonder if he regrets not marrying the "stupid" woman. She would have had no problem looking after their children setting him free to
work and support them. He would have had the best sex.

People have no idea how much work and love a baby requires. Suddenly, a fun-loving couple become 24/7 nurses for an invalid.

He masturbates now more than ever.

Sex was probably the reasons he married. Ironic, isn't it?

Women who put their careers before husband and children are not marriageable.


My marriage improved immensely when I realized that in certain respects, many women are stupid and should not be taken too seriously. They are not like men.
Generally they are very earthbound, practical, emotional and obsessed with material security and health. They need to be managed. Never show weakness. Don't raise topics that set them off. 

They are good companions and helpmates -- designed by nature to be facilitators, wives and mothers. 

Although their minds have been addled by feminist propaganda, they actually seek this once-honored social role which provides them with lifelong love and security..  

When my grandchild is older, my son and his feminist wife will probably divorce. 

Do not marry a feminist if you want children. 


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Comments for "Cautionary Tale: When You Marry a Feminist "

Phil said (February 26, 2024):

And this was her reply to me sending the whole article by Casey Wilson -

"Just deleted all that crap.. if you can't cope with modern women get yourself a housekeeper".

My reply was that modern women have been deliberately created to be that way to undermine the authority of the male head of the family!"

No reply.

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