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Scamdemics are Genocidal Cabalist Attacks on Humanity

February 18, 2024

nuland.jpg(Victoria Nuland is the Cabalist Jew responsible for the war in Ukraine.)

Christ taught that God loves all his children equally. This contradicts Jewish belief in their own Chosen-ness and racial supremacy. 

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (10):  "... it is indispensable to create trouble in all countries the people's relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, BY THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing space the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive." 

The only solution to mankind's problems is to restore national control over credit creation.
Updated from 17/11/2017 & Feb 5, 2021

Vicomte Leon de Poncins (1897-1976) a traditional Catholic French intellectual, was the author of 30 books that exposed the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) conspiracy which today holds mankind in its thrall.

Most Jews (and Christians) are not aware that Judaism is defined by the Talmud & Cabala, not the Old Testament. They are unaware that Judaism is a satanic cult which uses them to politically and spiritually enslave mankind.  

 Below, in  "Judaism and the Vatican" (1967) citing Jewish sources, de Poncins shows that Judaism seeks to supplant God.

(left, Nuland)

The real "hater", Judaism wages a covert war on humanity and God while accusing its hapless targets of "hate" if they dare notice. Organized Jewry is behind feminism and "gay rights," globalism and third world migration. It's behind 9-11 and the fake pandemic, pretexts to unveil a Communist police state. Empowered by a worldwide monopoly on government credit, this satanic conspiracy is reaching fruition.

Mankind is literally inducted into a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism. 

Karl Marx wrote:  "The Jew emancipated himself ... by making himself master of the money-market... through him, money has become a world power,  and the practical Jewish spirit has been adopted by the Christian peoples. The Jews set themselves free in proportion as the Christians become Jews. Thus, they contributed considerably to making money, the means, the measure and the end of all human activity." (Cited by de Poncins p. 76)

Add sex and power, and Marx would have nailed it. Mankind has been inducted into a satanic cult.

masonry-judaism.jpgWhy Judaism Hates Christ- Leon de Poncins

from 17/11/2017
by Leon de Poncins
translated by George F Held
Edited by

On the morning of February 9, 1923, citizens of London who read the newspapers certainly did not notice a few lines in the Hebrew weekly Jewish World, fearsome and prophetic lines for those who knew how to grasp their meaning.

 The Jewish World said: "The dispersion of the Jews has not made them a cosmopolitan people. In fact, [Jewry] is the only truly cosmopolitan people, and, as such, it must act--and in reality, it does act--as a dissolver of any distinction of race and of nationality. The great ideal of Judaism is not that one day Jews will gather in a corner of the earth for separatist purposes, but that the entire world will be imbued with Jewish teaching, and then in a universal brotherhood of nations--in reality, a vaster Judaism--all the separate races and religions will disappear. They [...] go even further. With their literary and scientific activities, with their supremacy in all sectors of public activity, they are preparing to gradually melt thoughts and systems which are non-Jewish or which do not correspond to the Jewish models."
 Cf. Jewish World, February 9, 1923. At the British Museum, I was able to verify this citation (N.d.A.).

This messianic dream can take many different forms, but the final goal remains unchanged: the triumph of Judaism, Jewish law, and the Jewish people. Under the universalist appearance, it is, indeed, a matter of Jewish imperialism which intends to govern and enslave the world.

Elie Faure, a Jew, writes: "The Jewish people, right from the time of Jesus Christ ... believed itself the people chosen as an instrument of a higher power. With respect to other nations, it still today believes itself the chosen people because [it is] representative of a supernatural force. [...] For it  [the afterlife] does not exist. However often it has been spoken about, Israel has never believed in it. The pact of alliance [Covenant with God] is only a bilateral contract quite precise and positive. If the Jew obeys, he does so only in order to have dominion over the world. [...] Israel is a terrible realist: it wants recompense down here on the earth for those who do good and punishment for those who live in evil [...]. Even in the darkest moments of their history--and of universal history--these eternal losers preserve in their faithful hearts the promise of an eternal victory."

 Cf. E. FAURE, L'ame juive ("The Jewish soul"); cited in La question juive vue par vingt-six éminentes Personnalités juives ("The Jewish question as seen by twenty-six prominent Jewish Personalities"), Ed. EIF, Paris 1934.


But to achieve this goal, it is necessary to abolish Christianity, which represents an insurmountable obstacle on the path to Jewish imperialism.

Until the coming of Jesus Christ, the position of Israel was simple and clear: according to the Prophets, by the grace of Yahweh, Israel was called upon to govern the world; if the people of the servants of Israel had complied with the divine requirements, the time would have come when Israel would had reigned over all the earth.

But here unexpectedly in Galilee was born a Prophet: A Prophet--Man and God--even He from the real race of David, and thence son of the Covenant. "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them" (Matt. 5:17). And as proof of his mission, he performed a series of unprecedented miracles; the fascinated crowds follow him.  ...

maurice-samuels-you-gentiles-we-destroyers.jpgBut--in this is the enormous gravity of his mission--he interprets the promise in a completely new and different sense, so as to destroy the proud Hebrew edifice by spiritualizing and universalizing it. The realization of the promises was transferred from the material to the spiritual plane; surpassing the national level, it was no longer solely addressed to the Jews, until that moment the only beneficiaries, but was extended to the entire world.

 ... It was no more a matter of the supremacy of a race or a nation, or the triumph of a privileged nation: the chosen people were reduced to the rank of an ordinary people, one people among others.

The religious pride and nationalism of the Jews did not permit this levelling; it was contrary to the messianic promises and put off ... the submission of all the kingdoms of the earth to Israel. The heads of the priests and the Pharisees could not tolerate such a blasphemy and such an attack on their privileges, and thus to get rid of that dangerous agitator, delivered him to the Romans and had him condemned to death.

But Jesus Christ rose from the dead and His preaching spread in the ancient world with the speed of flame. Jews denounced His disciples to the Roman authorities as rebels against the empire; Rome persecuted them incessantly, offering them as food to wild beasts, burning, skinning and crucifying them. Nevertheless, the Christian wave proceeded without respite, winning over the senior imperial power; then suddenly the world wavered and inclined in favor of the Church of Christ...

The Israelites have never accepted and will never accept this defeat. The rupture was total and definitive; the collision now became inevitable on both sides.

 "If the Jew is right, Christianity is nothing but an illusion. If instead, the Christian is right, the Jew is, under the best of hypotheses, an anachronism or at most the image of that which no longer has reason to exist. For the Jew, Christianity represents the renunciation of a monopoly, and the rejection of a "nationalist interpretation"--not to say racist--of the "election";  [Christianity] is the opening up to the human brotherhood, and, at the same time, a big "amen" said to God, and to everything God decides... And here we touch on the other reason (or excuse), which justifies the Jew's 'no' to Christ, who did not correspond to the idea that the Jew had made for himself of the Messiah and of salvation." ...
Cf. F. FEJTO, Dieu et son juif ("God and his Jew"), pp. 34, 190, 192.

all-jewishz.jpg(Not all Jews are part of this, and many non-Jewish Freemasons are.)

"The way in which the Christian faith has gained its independence had to quickly and inevitably drag it into a war against Israel 'according to the flesh,' since the Church proclaims itself the only Israel and the only Israel according to the spirit. But is the full gravity of this claim well grasped? It is worse than the defamation of the Jewish people and means trying to take from them the very spark of life and the sacred fire, and even their very soul. Moreover, it means to remove Israel from its place in the sun and take from it its privileged status in the empire, because such are the close ties and the interweaving of the spiritual and temporal."
Cf. J. ISAAC, Genèse de l'Antisémitisme, p. 150.

We then return to the same point: to overthrow the Christian religion, born from her womb, is a vital necessity for Israel, which views it as her most formidable opponent . . . In his book Le malheur d'Israel (The Misfortune of Israel), the [pro Christian] Jewish writer A. Roudinesco provides a wonderful response to all these curses filled with anger: "This small community's survival down to our days, despite persecution and unprecedented suffering, has been called the 'Jewish miracle.'

This survival is not a miracle, but rather is a disgrace. The real Jewish miracle is the spiritual conquest of humanity through Christianity. The mission of the chosen people ended a long time ago. Those who, among the Jews, hope one day to be able to finish off Christianity with a renewed messianism ignore the essential laws of the evolution of humanity."

Cf. A. ROUDINESCO, Le malheur d'Israel ("The Misfortune of Israel"), Ed. de Cluny, Paris 1956.

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"I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above ..."
"The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed."  Karl Marx

First Comment from B--

Amalek, the eternal enemy of the Jews. Who is Amalek? Gentiles. Anyone who isn't Jewish, basically. But especially white people of Euro descent. It's a revenge thing. Jewry wants to liquidate Gentiles, as it did under the Communist, Bolshevik Jews who ruled the old Soviet Union from 1917 to 1950, when they tortured &/or murdered at least 60 Million Gentiles, including thousands of Christian Clergy. Churches were burned down, Nuns raped & murdered, priests tortured & murdered. "Anti-Semitism" was punishable by death. Synagogues were left untouched. Gentiles had to hide their Bibles & crosses, lest they be immediately shot or sent to a Gulag. The crimes of Judaism in the Soviet Union can hardly be imagined by the average person. Jewry has always wanted to run the world. For thousands of years. They say so themselves. Judaism is a supremacist, racist cult.

After slaughtering Amalek, the survivors will serve the Jews as slaves. LOL! That's not ME saying this! It comes right out of the Rabbi's mouths! Today, "elites" & "Globalists" like Bill Gates are advocating for a population reduction of around 5 Billion people. Useless eaters. World Government located in Jerusalem. Again; not ME saying this! You can't make this stuff up!

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Comments for "Scamdemics are Genocidal Cabalist Attacks on Humanity"

Mike K said (December 25, 2018):

John 8:44 explains it succinctly

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar."

James C said (November 19, 2017):

Talmudic Jews certainly don't get their idea of superiority from the Old Testament. Numerous Old Testament examples can be cited in order to prove that they are anything but superior.

For example, the golden calf incident of Exodus 32:4; the Israelites had quickly turned to idolatry and Moses had to plead with Jehovah not to destroy them. They were so stubborn and rebellious that Jehovah could not accompany them out of fear He might destroy them (Exodus 33:3). In Deuteronomy 9:6, He frankly tells the Israelites: "You must recognize that the LORD your God is not giving you this good land because you are good, for you are not--you are a stubborn people."

Many Jews are the victims of an extremely poisonous ideology known as Talmudism. In his book Judaism Discovered From Its Own Texts, Michael Hoffman describes Talmudic Judaism as an: Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit." Talmudic Judaism is a reversal, or a complete rejection, of the Old Testament on the part of the Pharisees. And it should be noted that the Pharisees began rejecting the Old Testament long before Christ. By the first century of our era, the Pharisees had already created their own ideology known as "the tradition of the elders" (Matthew 15:2). This same poisonous ideology was later put into a written form known as the Talmud.

For an excellent overview of Talmudic "Judaism," I would recommend the book The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today by Elizabeth Dilling. You can get an audio copy at:

In conclusion, the problem is ideological, not racial.

Yvonne said (November 19, 2017):

Excellent Article Henry (as always)! I appreciate the distinction between "Israel of God" and "the flesh", since Christians who support Zionist Dispensationalism miss the teachings in their own Bibles that true Israel has always been the people of faith like Abraham. There's a nasty anti-Semitic sentiment on the rise, with David Duke and Eric Dubay's crazy sympathy for Hitler...(!) All of it's staged, I'm sure, blurring the line between the (satanic) bankers and cultural Jews to make it increasingly hard to implicate the true criminals, probably like they did pre-WWII? My hunch is that this time they're planning on more people seeing through it, and creating the chaos they need to bring in their real NWO with a fake "Mashiach" and "Millennial Reign". Fun times. [:o|

Yvonne said (November 18, 2017):

Excellent Article Henry (as always)! I appreciate the distinction between "Israel of God" and "the flesh", since Christians who support Zionist Dispensationalism miss the teachings in their own Bibles that true Israel has always been the people of faith like Abraham. There's a nasty anti-Semitic sentiment on the rise, with David Duke and Eric Dubay's crazy sympathy for Hitler...(!) All of it's staged, I'm sure, blurring the line between the (satanic) bankers and cultural Jews to make it increasingly hard to implicate the true criminals, probably like they did pre-WWII? My hunch is that this time they're planning on more people seeing through it, and creating the chaos they need to bring in their real NWO with a fake "Mashiach" and "Millennial Reign". Fun times. [:o|

Tyron said (August 10, 2013):

De Poncin is correct in many things he says but he does not touch on the base issue that stems from Judaisms hatred for Christianity. Judaism is Esau and true Christianity is Jacob. This must be understood in both their physical and spiritual aspects. The true people of Israel/Judah physically are the white/European peoples and nations of the world.

Their majority belief system is Christian derived.They ruled for almost 1900 years since Christ's death What rules the planet today is Judaism with all its facets which equates physically and spiritually to the ethnic Sephardics who are maternal offspring of Esau-Edom-Idumea and their Ashkenaz coverts.

The reason why Judaism hates Christianity is because true Christianity is the white mans religion and the white/European man is from Jacob while Judaism is from Esau. So while it is a battle of the spirit vs the material it is also a battle of the spirit of the flesh vs the spirit of God encapsulated in these distinct peoples.

The ensuing battle is one for world supremacy. Esau was given the token blessing to rule by the sword and by violence at the end of each age whereas Jacob was given the right to rule during the body of those earth ages always ending in them taking back what Esau was given to usher in the next earth age.This cycle repeats itself over and over. This is called the controversy of Zion and can only be understood correctly if one understands the story of Jacob and Esau in the OT.

Steven said (August 9, 2013):

I disagree with the following statement.

"Jews set themselves free in proportion as the Christians become Jews. Thus, they contributed considerably to making money, the means, the measure and the end of all human activity."


The reason why is that first and foremost being a Jew is not a matter of religious faith so much as it is a matter of race and nationality.

The term Jew is a nickname for Judean or a person of the house and tribe of Judah. So what do Jews believe? The answer is just about anything that appeals to them or serves their interests and that includes their own deification or to be precise demonification.

Jews can become christians because christianity is a matter of religious faith and ideology and not race. On the other hand a non Jewish christian can never actually become a jew because being a Jew is first and foremost a matter of biology and race. Ideological and cultural considerations are secondary. For a christian to become a Jew is as great an absurdity as a white Englishman dying his hair black ,getting an afro, getting body painted a dark brown color and having the gall to proclaim himself to be a negro like Nelson Mandela.
By nature blacks and whites are not the same and neither are european gentile christians and semites the same. Different races and cultures need their own space in which to thrive and not oppress and antagonize others. That and not multi racialism/ multiculturalism is true diversity. Why do Jews hate Christianity, its founder and its followers? The answer is that Jews reject the God of the patriarchs, prophets and the Christians because God and his followers tell the truth about the jews and that is a deadly insult to Jewish racial and religious pride. It is probably no more complicated than that.

Dan said (August 9, 2013):

de Poncins' observations seem ahead of their time, though in fact any well educated Catholic of his era would have seen the same. The 2nd Council was one of the most unusual events in Roman Church history. There was no crisis to address. The World Depression and World War drove millions of people into the churches. Catholic seminaries were full all over the world. The dollars of the faithful were pouring in. At this crest of popularity and plenty the Freemasons in the Curia and blackmailed clergy in the College of Cardinals hijacked the Holy See in 1958. When their man Roncali called a Council to 'open the windows of the Church' it seemed like whimsy to the uninformed.

Brian said (August 9, 2013):

Adding to JG's comment [below] is of course the murder of millions of Russian Christians, many in the most horrific ways imaginable by the rabid dog minions of Bolshevism.

This Satanic scourge has proven to be the most virulent parasite as is possible, and it is simply inevitable that the all- pervading influence of its abject materialism, embodied by its rejection of true spirituality will consume the host.

And yes, that quote by Rosenthal is the key. This spell of mass hypnosis gripping the World and resulting in this insane worship of the money god Moloch must be broken. Or popped, like the soap bubble it really is.

God how tantalizingly simple this primary solution is!

JG said (August 8, 2013):

Harold Rosenthal once said "the Jews rejected The Kingdom of Heaven because they couldn't buy it". What you can't buy you then can't control.

Having world domain is not enough for the "Marxist Jew", he wants the world to abandon God and worship them as the Gods. This is why the churches that were burned during the Bolshevik Revolution were replaced with tall statutes of Communist leaders to be worshiped as idols.
This present power they have over the world has been achieved through international banking, if you can buy it you then own it. Unfortunately it doesn't stop there either. The countries that rely on these IMF loans will soon have to adopt feminism, gay rights, and public restrictions on the practice of their faith in order to secure those loans.

This Anti-Christian course that the world is headed on will not last forever. And, after all, Christianity has remained the strongest during times of persecution.

KK said (August 8, 2013):

I have not read Mr. de Poncins' book, but judging from your excerpts he seems to exhibit great insight. I believe it was Paul that said Christ represents blasphemy to the Jew and nonsense to the Greek, and that appears to hold true to this day.

It makes a great deal of sense to me that once the chosen people (or I should say, the leaders thereof) had rejected Christ they would inevitably turn in the opposite direction - indeed, what else could they do at that point?

They certainly did not and do not seem disposed in the slightest to repent of their mistake. Thanks for another excellent article.

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