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February 8, 2024

Reply to How the Commies Castrated Western Men   from Simon Smith

All women and most men, are followers. The increased prevalence of women in "high positions" doesn't represent a "breakthrough" for feminism, but a vindication of the role now being filled by a female as one done by a previous male "puppet". Public positions like in the House of Commons or education are examples.

If a woman earns a million pounds a year, she will want a man who earns a million and one pounds a year. The nesting instinct requires it. The Old Testament writers were aware of that when they wrote:

"Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." Genesis 3:16

For better or worse, the modern welfare state has become a surrogate husband for many lower status women. Women are necessarily materialistic. And they get far worse as they get older. Young men are never taught this. It has to be learnt first-hand.

Maybe a man should do in life what he feels empowered to do by his nature and see what woman comes to him rather than being taken on board as a potential economic vehicle than "moulded" in the woman's image to get a greater income no matter what his natural instincts would incline him towards. How many men have done awful jobs to support their family? The dynamic of trying to improve work and pay requiring the family decide on less in the short time because a strike for example while leading to long-term increased wages, leads to short-term hardship (and nagging.)

In the family unit as a political unit, the female vector encourage the male towards passivity when dealing with authority. Although women with typical inverted sensibilities often prefer the "bad boy or "rebel", until he is "reeled in " and "trained". That he then becomes the antithesis of what she first wanted is an eternal head scratcher.

Nevertheless, because men are guided by our lower nature more than what would like to advertise, these instincts make us putty in the hands of nature's natural "moulders". Having observed the world at large, I wonder if the relationship of a man and woman is a war whose dialectic is played out when it realises children. (No wonder with my cynicism I have avoided all of this.)

I don't think we should blame the Frankfurt School etc., when the individual should exert their own will power. How men and women have coped with their essential natures cannot be changed, only modified by external forces, by as I say, making the state a male surrogate. The real problem is not that which current political systems try and impose upon us, but our own natures that older philosophies have indicated, ties us to the mundane existence that we may nevertheless transcend.

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