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Zionists Have Whole World Singing: "Death to America"

January 12, 2024


In the third Masonic Jewish world war, the United States cannot count on the support of patriots
who have been alienated by: 

1-the phoney pandemic designed to steal our money and our freedom 
2. the cover-up of millions of vaccines deaths and injuries 
3. the stolen 2020 election 
4. the tragic waste of $75 Billion and 500,000 lives in Ukraine. 
5. the Oct 7 false flag followed by the murder of 18,000 Palestinians and 50,000 injured by US-supplied bombs.  
6. BLM, CRT, Gender Dysphoria, migration  

by Brother Nathaniel

Yemen Houthis have a Poster Slogan: "God is Great! Death to America! Death to Israel! A Curse Upon the Jews! Victory to Islam!"

Now with the 73-strike bombing of Yemen by US and UK on its capital Sanaa and Red Sea port city Hodeida to protect IsraHell's genocide the sh#t hits the fan.

And that sh#t shifts the US right smack into the Yemen-Israel-Hamas war.

Hurray! Jewray!

The Yids who run Jewmerica are getting us into another war that will turn the Red Sea into a sea of blood.

Not only a sea of blood but HIGHER prices at the gas pump!

"Death to America" - (Star of Baphomet) 2 America. This was the official logo of the 2020 Democratic Convention which nominated Biden. The Demonrats and Iran agree on this point.

Jewray! Hitting up all the stupid Jewmerican goys!

All for our vonderful, Yidishee, anti-Christ 'ally' plopped in the middle of the Islamic Middle East!

Houthi leaders--not deterred from blocking ships bound for Israel--are now saying:

Well I'll be a rabbi's uncle.

The tribe that lies us into US wars worldwide is dragging us into another one.

All for the sake of IsraHell our blessed "ally" of "democracy" in the Middle East.

Has anyone ever discovered how IsraHell is our "ally" with a record $38 billion agreement of US aid over ten years contrived under Obama in 2016?


And with a total of $317 billion of US aid to IsraHell since its thieving schemes in a once-peaceful region of Palestine...

...with "allies" like Jew-land in the Middle East, I mean, who needs enemies?

Suggest the bureaucrats in the Jew-infested US State Department pick up the book, "How To Win Friends & Influence People," and pass it on to Benny Netanyajew.

Because he now has 400 million enraged Muslims breathing down his neck, with 6 million Yids scared to death in IsraHell.

Last time we heard "6 million" it didn't look too good for the Yids.

THIS WHOLE THING IN THE RED SEA started with IsraHell launching a genocidal massacre of Gazan children, women, and civilians in October of last year.

The Houthis simply asked the US to STOP the Jews from murdering Gazan innocents en masse, but if not, would block all ships bound for Israeli ports.

Could've ended in a day.

What did US say?

'We have a tiny group of ki$$s who fill our campaign coffers with lots of $Do-$Re-$Mi. So the answer is No!'

If I were a sailor on a US ship in the Red Sea I would throw up a white flag real quick.

"That's treason!" Trump would say.

I would say back, "I ain't fighting or dying for Jews."

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