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The NFL is Rigged

January 28, 2024

cowboys-kneeling-football-ap-mem-170926_4x3_992.jpg(Superbowl half-time shows and knee-taking
are dedicated to the Cabalist Jewish God, Satan)

Why Does the NFL Genuflect to Satan? 

Because most of the owners
are bloodsucking Cabalist Jews
Commie Jews are destroying
professional sport, and everything else.

"Do you know what the NFL has in common with pro wrestling and roller derby? The NFL is not registered as a sports league, but as a sports entertainment business. Yes, that means the games can be fixed ahead of time as needed to keep them close or to have the heavily-bet team miss out on covering the spread"

Latest-  Washington Redskins change names to "Commanders" --why not the Washington Commies? Like their owners?

Why Does the NFL Genuflect to Satan?  ( Updated from Jan 2,2022 & May 10,1022) 
by Edward Menez

Why the NFL owners are exclusive socialists?  Yahoo Finance asked in an article last Saturday.

"The NFL owners are a fascinating bunch really. Family businesses essentially, they're mostly all-white, male, of course rich and GOP-friendly -- but beyond the homogeneity, each has its own uniquely American story."

Uniquely American? These fuckers are all subversive Cabalist Jews. 

Socialists? They're Communists!

And Communists are gangsters!

stephen-ross-dolphins.jpgNFL owners include Mark Davis (Las Vegas Raiders) Daniel Snyder (Washington Redskins), Arthur Blank (Atlanta Falcons), Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys), Robert Kraft (New England Patriots), Paul Allen (Seattle Seahawks), Zygi Wilf (Minnesota Vikings), Stan Kroenke (LA Rams), Malcolm Glazer (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Randy Lerner (Cleveland Browns), and Stephen Ross (Miami Dolphins). And there are a lot more Jewish owners in the NFL besides just these mentioned.

Out of 147 teams in the five major North American pro sports leagues, 46 are owned by people who identify as Jews or who have a Jewish parent. That's more than 30% - including nearly half of all NBA owners.


Do you know what the NFL has in common with pro wrestling and roller derby? The NFL is not registered as a sports league, but as a sports entertainment business. Yes, that means the games can be fixed ahead of time as needed to keep them close or to have the heavily-bet team miss out on covering the spread.

It's all about keeping them close so fans stay glued to their TVs and watch more commercials. This article shows statistics on just how much closer Super Bowls have become since the twenty-first century began. Because we can't have people turning off the Super Bowl anymore and having advertisers miss anyone seeing their multi-million dollar 30-second commercials, right?

We know how a game can be changed easily by a referee's call: and it's SO easy in football to justify a call because on any given play there is so much contact, and so many different infractions could be called; it's just up to the referee whether to call them or not.

nba-adam-silver.jpg(left, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver)

Tim Donaghy, a ex-referee in the NBA--where there is also all kinds of pushing, holding, etc. on any given play waiting to be called (or not)--admitted several years ago that he rigged games, not to change the outcome of who should rightfully win, but to get the scoreline to where the spread would not be covered for the heavily bet team.


How about the BLM kneeling and social justice proselytizing in the NFL?

Making these "social justice" statements and promoting political positions has no place in sports.

But if the owners are all "socialists" in one big club (Satanic Judaism) they can all agree to do that and get away with it.

Here's the last paragraph of the article that sums up why the NFL owners are socialists: There's an irony here these zealots of free enterprise might not appreciate.

"Capitalism generally weeds out the weak but things like the NFL operate with a form of socialism, meaning that you can't get thrown out of the league and if you have a really bad year. We give you a high draft pick so you get back into the picture," notes Rick Burton, a professor of Sport Management at Syracuse University.

"We don't have 32 major computer companies, but we can have 32 owners. There's not going to be consolidation in the marketplace -- there aren't going to be market forces that force you out of business."

Sounds like you can never get kicked out of the club, unlike how European soccer clubs are relegated to a lower division for losing records at the bottom of the table.


 I watched a series of videos last week that are going viral on how the NFL is rigged.  These videos are broken down by "Jake the Asshole" in slow motion to show NFL players intentionally missing tackles, fumbling the football, the use of magnetic gloves for receivers to make one-handed catches, and magnetic footballs hitting the magnetic uprights and invariably bouncing out.  iHere are the videos from Weeks 1-4 of this year's NFL season made by "Jake the Asshole":

Top 10 Most Rigged NFL Plays of Week 1

 Top 10 Most Rigged NFL Plays (Week 2)
Top 10 Most Rigged NFL Plays (Week 3)

Top 10 Most Rigged NFL Plays (Week 4) 

Also, former NFL player Dwight Smith admits in an interview that the games are decided off the field: Former NFL Player Dwight Smith Admits The NFL is RIGGED!

I personally enjoy College Football, but perhaps those games will soon be--or already are--rigged as well, after College athletes started to receive millions of dollars in endorsement contracts as of last year.  

But the NFL can be considered "the opiate of the masses" and as one of the Protocols stated as well, that would be their intent.  Here is what Protocol #13 states:

"In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about we further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions, people's palaces. . . Soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art, in sport of all kinds: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them. Growing more and more disaccustomed to reflect and form any opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we, because we alone shall be offering them new directions for thought of course through such persons as will not be suspected of solidarity with us."


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These two calls were absolute garbage, NFL. Fix this.

Read in USA TODAY:

Flores also accuses Dolphins owner Stephen Ross of offering to pay him $100K per loss -- in an effort to tank the season and get a better draft pick.

Flores says when he refused to play ball, he was labeled as being difficult to work with, and ultimately fired.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The NFL is Rigged"

RH said (January 28, 2024):

Yep, I believe all pro sports are scripted and rigged. It is all professional wrestling to me.
This cuts deep in me as I was a good high school athlete and have coached youngsters in my lifetime.

I became suspicious in the late 1990s watching the local pro-teams. Over time, I became convinced pro sports was bad entertainment and many pro-sports fans are just gamblers and drunks. Years ago, I was sitting in a pro stadium and in the third quarter I said to myself that there were 63,000 drunks around me and I felt I was the only sober person there! This can't be safe to be here, I said to myself! At another game, about a dozen drunk men got into a fist fight two rows below me and pounded on each other until security removed them. They definitely disturbed other people in their drunken fun.
I have come to dislike the Super Bowl half time shows immensely for the obvious satanic messaging. I don't watch it except for maybe a scan through for remembering my disgust.

I am not sure about college sports. The jury is still out. I do resent University coaches being paid big money when I am then asked to donate to my Alma Mater to make ends meet. Hah!

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