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Jan 9 - Chabad Riot When Underground Chamber Discovered

January 9, 2024

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BREAKING: Riot Unfolds as NYPD Responds to Discovery of Underground Tunnel in Brooklyn Temple - Here's Where The Tunnels Lead To (Video)

They appear to be children size mattresses.
Is it possible they are involved in child trafficking?

A New York City synagogue erupted into chaos Monday night after members refused to have a secret tunnel sealed off, according to

Video footage of the incident circulated on Twitter, displaying a chaotic scene between Jewish synagogue members and New York Police Department (NYPD) officers. Shouting ensued as officers and members clashed, with some Jewish members appearing to flip tables and crossing over crime tape NYPD officers were behind.

Riot Erupts at Chabad-Lubavitch Headquarters After NYPD Move to Seal Secret Tunnel Discovered Under Building

Chabad Lubavitch is a nasty Jewish supremicist cult that serves the Illuminati. Despite only having 200,000 followers, it has intimate ties to nearly every powerful government leader on earth.


Commie Jews hate Zionist Jews

Staffers in Joe Biden's campaign for president seem to be abandoning ship because the leftists are upset that Biden is supporting Israel in its efforts to root out and destroy Hamas.

The claim that staffers are quitting the Biden campaign "in droves" came from purported staffers themselves, 17 of whom reportedly penned an open letter to Biden scolding him for refusing to pursue a "cease fire" between Israel and Hamas.

In a letter posted to the website Medium, signed by "17 Biden for President Staffers" -- who are otherwise unnamed -- the writers blast Biden for his support of the Jewish state, writing, "Biden for President staff have seen volunteers quit in droves, and people who have voted blue for decades feel uncertain about doing so for the first time ever, because of this conflict."

This could do more damage to Trump than anything Demonrats can invent 

Donald Trump named in latest Epstein documents: Sarah Ransome said he had sex with 'many girls' in email where she also claimed pedophile had tapes of the ex-president, Richard Branson, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton

"Hungarian President Katalin Novak's 2023 New Year's Eve address to the nation was as weird as it could get."

To wit, Novak said: "In many families, there is almost constant sickness, as if our immune systems have been weakened."

"Children are being SOLD right in front of our eyes here in the United States" WHISTLEBLOWER reveals

The united states is the largest trafficker of children in the world. Children that are illegally kidnapped and brought across the US Mexico border are then sold off to wealthy Americans... used as sex slaves and worse... if you can imagine anything worse... it's happening and the corporate media is too scared to touch the story. 

A Whistleblower who worked at one of these facilities has come forward to expose all of this... Carlos Arellano Former US  immigration contractor and he joins us now. 


Israel Begins To Scale Back Gaza War, But Still Expects Fighting To Continue All Year

Israel is again welcoming US Secretary of State Antony Blinken for an official visit, but this time with a key announcement indicating its forces have "shifted" to a new, scaled-back phase of the war, in line with the Biden administration's wishes. Blinken is in the region with a message to 'limit' the spread of war.

"The war shifted a stage," IDF spokesman Admiral Hagari told The New York Times, describing a planned reduction in both ground troops and airstrikes. "But the transition will be with no ceremony," he said. "It's not about dramatic announcements."

Joan Rivers seen in public six months after faked death

Israeli Member of Knesset supports War crime charges against Israel

There are 120 members in the Israeli Knesset, but one man towers above them all. His name is Ofer Cassif, and he is, perhaps, the most despised man in Israel. His crime--if you can call it that--is that he put his moral convictions into practice by signing a petition in support of "the upcoming hearing at the International Court of Justice in The Hague"... "accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza." (Times of Israel) Here's what he said:

"My constitutional duty is to Israeli society and all its residents, not to a government whose members and its coalition are calling for ethnic cleansing and even actual genocide."

The latest in depopulation. AARP is retired people association

The AARP Just Told Its 38 Million Members To Get An 8th (Yes, Eighth!!) Shot Of mRNA

Yet scientists have essentially no safety data beyond a third shot, much less a fourth or more, and thus no way of knowing if the risks of repeated mRNA dosing rise with each shot. AARP's unbelievably bad advice doesn't end there.

The column then goes on to tell members that "the most recent shot, which was released in September 2023, isn't actually a booster. It's a new vaccine that targets the latest variants."


CNN Admits All Gaza Coverage Is Run Past Team Under Israeli Military Censor

The policy of running stories about Israel or the Palestinians past the Jerusalem bureau has been in place for years," the spokesperson told the outlet. "It is simply down to the fact that there are many unique and complex local nuances that warrant extra scrutiny to make sure our reporting is as precise and accurate as possible."

Victor Davis Hanson: A Culture In Collapse

"In the last six months, we have borne witness to many iconic moments evidencing the collapse of American culture.
The signs are everywhere and cover the gamut of politics, the economy, education, social life, popular culture, foreign policy, and the military. These symptoms of decay share common themes....In this new America of ours, Joe Biden is hale and savvy, while Hunter did nothing wrong.

Our heroes are Dylan Mulvaney, Gen. Rachel Levine, and the two Sams, Bankman-Fried and Brinton.

In today's America, Karin Jean-Pierre is truthful, while Alejandro Mayorkas is honest. An innocent and saintly George Floyd was randomly murdered; his death proof of systemic police racism. And defunding the police brought calm and quiet, in the way our border is secure and the homeless are mere victims.

Dr. Jill is an impressive academic. Oprah and LeBron are the downtrodden and victimized. Gen. Mark Milley is a brave maverick, and so is Adam Schiff. The flight from Afghanistan marked a brilliantly organized retreat."


"Not sure what's going on, but I've been seeing so many people saying that they get sick, get better, then get sick again soon after. Or people being sick for weeks on end. And it's all happening around the same time. Not sure what's going on.

Reddit readers report a plethora of health problems 

Biden has touched so many children at swearing-in ceremonies. He always singles out girls from their families, and makes them pose in front of him. He touches their chests and faces, whispers in their ears, and plays with their hair. There are entire compilations of Joe Biden touching children.

My Awakening to the Jewish Question

"They're Not the Victims They Would Like You to Think They Are

Growing up in the US in the 1960s and 70s, I was taught that the Jews have been persecuted since the beginning of time, for absolutely no reason - other than that they were Jews. And not having had access to any evidence to the contrary back in those pre-internet/completely-Jew-controlled-media days, I just accepted that assertion at face value. After all, why would anybody lie to us about such a thing?  Or so I thought!

Then, in 1990, at the age of 30, after completing my MBA degree, I decided to seek adventure by going to Budapest, Hungary, where I found a job with a major international consulting firm shortly after the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. During my four years there, I made some great Hungarian friends. One day, one of them said to me, "Did you know that during the communist years, our communist oppressors were mostly Jews?!"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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