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Jan 7 - Lynn Rothschild Introduced Alan Dershowitz to Jeffrey Epstein

January 8, 2024

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Stealing Our Birthright is Rothschild Family Business

Alan Dershowitz Throws Rothschilds Under the Bus. 

Illuminati go-fers are starting to panic. Rats are deserting the shit. 

He says Lynn Forester de Rothschild, wife of Evelyn de Rothschild (1931-2022) introduced him to Epstein. Epstein was a Rothschild operation run by Mossad.
How long are Americans going to be Rothschild (Israel's) bum boys? JFK assassination. 9-11, USS Liberty...Blackmailing and buying politicians...Americans must love being sodomized.

It comes down to one satanist Jewish banking family controlling the world through money and blackmail. Like Adolf Hitler, Klaws Swab is a Rothschild. The WEF and UN are Rothschild fronts. Henry Kissinger introduced her to Evelyn de Rothschild at a Bildersberg meeting in 1988. 

 Maria Farmer:  Ghislaine told her Epstein's operation was a "Jewish country club--they won't serve you."

Reminder that Jeffrey Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz advocated for forced mandatory vaccinations, and for the unvaccinated to be put in concentration camps.

(left, Lynn de Forester with late husband) 

The Rothschilds control the world by blackmail

The A-list stars, politicians and leading figures named in the Jeffrey Epstein files: Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell and Leonardo DiCaprio are among famous faces in bombshell 1,000-page document

High-profile people such as Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Al Gore, Kevin Spacey and Stephen Hawking were all included in evidence filings. 

Actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Cameron Diaz and Bruce Willis are in there along with model Naomi Campbell. None of them have been accused of any involvement in Epstein's crimes, but Epstein was a name-dropper, Johanna Sjoberg claimed in evidence released overnight. Ms Sjoberg was clear that she had never met them. Also mentioned are the late physicist Stephen Hawking and magician David Copperfield."

Makow- I'm surprised this is coming out. Surprised that Ghislaine is in jail. Proves that Satanism destroys its adherents and itself.


Ethan Huff-- Long COVID a direct consequence of vaccination, study finds

New research published in PLoS One found that people who develop long COVID are more likely than not to have been previously injected with at least two doses of a COVID jab, presumably of the mRNA (modRNA) variety since those come in pairs.

image001 (3).png

"The ultimate goal behind this hidden agenda was to implement mind-control deeply within our government, education, healthcare and media to create compliance in the new world regime. TRANCE weaves Cathy O'Brien's experience as one of the last surviving victims of MK Ultra and Project Monarch, into the macrocosm of past world events, and the agenda currently unfolding.


Down Memory Lane--What? A Jew? These Satanist Jews are for real.

Ex-Ontario deputy minister claimed to have had sex with his own daughters in online chats, court hears
'[Levin] essentially boasted about having achieved sexual contact with all three of his children and successfully gotten away with it as had his wife'


Mahmood OD-- China is "antisemitic"

11 min ---Israel Accused China of openly supporting Palestinians and supplying arms. Ducks lining up for WW3

Will the Communist wing of Organized Jewry eliminate the Zionist wing?

Mahmood monitors Arab media. He says Hezbollah revenge for assassination has begun with the destruction of an Israeli command center in N Israel

NYT: Penny Pritzker Called Harvard President Claudine Gay and Pressured Her to Resign

Jewish American billionaire heiress Penny Pritzker, who leads Harvard University's governing board, called Harvard President Claudine Gay in the wake of her "anti-Semitism" and plagiarism scandal and successfully pressured her to resign, according to a report from the New York Times.

Is this the end of Woke Communism in higher ed? Will Jewish donors pull the plug? I think not.


Catherine Austin Fitts: 2023 was the year the people pushed back

On 30 December, Austin Fitts joined Greg Hunter, host of USA Watchdog, to discuss The Solari Report's publication titled 'The Future of Financial Freedom' which is a wrap-up for the first quarter of 2023.  The publication is available to Solari Report subscribers. 

During this conversation, she also spoke about property confiscation and total control - the enslavement of the world - by the United Nations through the World Health Organisation and other affiliated organisations.

It is well worth watching Austin Fitts' interview below as it covers broader geopolitical events from a financial or monetary perspective. The subject of weather warfare even entered the discussion.  As you can imagine, what we have noted in this article doesn't do the information she shares justice.

Pro-humanity champion Laura Aboli interviewed by Mike Adams on truth, courage and EMPOWERING human resistance against evil

 Anti-human agenda and how to thrive. (0:00)

- Vaccine safety and transhumanism. (0:51)

- Globalist plans, transhumanism, and sovereignty. (8:45)

- Financial deception and asset ownership. (18:39)

- Global democracy and awareness for freedom. (24:01)

- Humanity, dehumanization, and the value of every life. (31:08)

- Depopulation agenda and transhumanism. (40:19)

- AI, transhumanism, and the future of humanity. (45:27)

- Gold backs as a usable form of physical gold. (49:44)

To learn more, visit:


(left, Klaws Swab family tree)

Israel launches deadly drone strike on Jenin after facing heavy losses in latest raid

Footage released by Jenin's resistance shows Israeli vehicles being subjected to violent explosions


Climate activism is anti-human

"Climate activism has turned into an anti-capitalism, anti-civilization, and anti-human death-cult; I've warned about them for quite a while now and it's becoming increasingly more a reality for people every day. The Green Parties around the world have a communist & fundamentalist political foundation. Don't believe me? Then when reading their programs replace "Climate" with "Culture" and you'll basically get communist manifestos; slogans like Climate Revolution then becomes Culture Revolution and their destructive path to their permanent "solution" is the same as the tried-and-failed solution that communism had. But that's just my opinion, what's yours?

Israeli urchins torment teacher who expressed empathy for Gazans


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News,

"The full fury of winter weather warfare is being released on major portions of the US and Russia. Was this the plan that was hatched at the recent COP 28 global climate conference? Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations are wreaking havoc around the world on populations and the environment alike. Global conflict is being fomented as the total desperation of the matrix manipulators spirals completely out of control. How long till the links in the chain of our current paradigm shatter? Thank you for tuning in to this week's installment of Global Alert News, thank you for you help with sounding the alarm.

Lena Petrova--CBDC FUTURE: Banks Will Tokenize Customer Deposits Before Rolling Out CBDCs

Looks like we'll have plenty of warning 

Your tax dollars at work

The journalist who exposed Zelenskyy's multimillion dollar Egyptian Villa that was "purchased by his mother-in law" was found dead a week ago.

Lululemon founder slams company's DEI policies, says promotion of 'unhealthy' overweight models has ruined the brand
"Quite frankly, some women's bodies just actually don't work for [Lululemon pants]."


This documentary suggests that graphene is used to make remote control beetles with nanoparticles inject into their brains during the pupa stage. Also demonstrated is their ability to make remote controlled rats get into attack mode by electric signals.

Later on, people are shown to be magnetic in the areas where they had the COVID vaccines, and some even have glowing blue veins when put under black light (graphene is black light reflective).

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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