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Jan 6 - Israel War Cabinet in Disarray

January 6, 2024

(Organized Jewry hates Christ because it thinks it is God)

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Israeli war cabinet cracks at the seams over possible 7 October probe

An investigation of the Israeli army's actions during Hamas' Al-Aqsa Flood operation may shine further light on Israel's killing of its own soldiers and civilians

"During a cabinet meeting on 5 January, several extremist ministers, including National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, ganged up against Chief of Staff Herzl Halevi for his intention to launch a probe into the army's shortcomings on 7 October, when Hamas carried out an unprecedented attack on military bases and settlements in southern Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu abruptly ended the meeting after shouting erupted as some ministers came to Halevi's defense.

Gantz acknowledged it was appropriate for government ministers to challenge the information provided to them by security chiefs at cabinet meetings but added: "What happened yesterday was a politically motivated attack in the middle of a war."

"I have participated in many cabinet meetings. Such conduct has never occurred and must not occur," he said.
42 survivors of the Nova rave massacre sue IDF for not warning them that Gaza breakout was imminent

NIS 200 million suit says party should not have been approved so close to border and should have been dispersed immediately, when military
discovered threat of potential attack. The negligence and the gross oversight is beyond belief."

Loss of earnings, pain and suffering, loss of life's pleasures, loss of future earnings, and medical expenses were among the claims included in
the lawsuit.

Except it was deliberate, a mini burnt offering to Satan, God of War

Mahmood OD  says Netanyahu's coalition depends on extremist Settler faction that wants to colonize Gaza like West Bank


Yemen witnesses unprecedented demonstrations in support of Palestinian people
On Jan 5, 2024 6:32 PM
SANAA, Jan. 05 (YPA) - Yemen witnessed afternoon on Friday massive demonstrations in the capital, Sanaa, and several provinces in support of the Palestinian people and their resistance under the slogan "The blood of the free on the path to victory."


Is Uncle Sam Being Duped into Fighting Israel's War?, by Mike Whitney - The Unz Review

"Israeli provocations across the Middle East are an attempt to draw the United States deeper into a region-wide conflict. Israeli leaders know that their country will not become the dominant regional power unless its enemies -mainly Hezbollah and Iran- are severely weakened. But Israel also realizes that its enemies will not be weakened without US assistance. Thus, the US must be put in a situation where it feels compelled to engage Iran and Hezbollah militarily in order to rescue its closest ally in the Middle East. If Israel opens up a two-front or three-front war with its enemies -as it is currently trying to do- then the United States will be forced to intervene on Israel's behalf increasing the probability that Israel will emerge as the regional hegemon. That is the underlying goal of the current operation."


Jeannice Barcelo-   Infrasonic and Ultrasonic Weapons Found in the Obama Film, "Leaving the World Behind"

Although Alex puts up bit of a front, Bro Nathanael does not hold back.

46 minutes


War on Gaza: Hamas 'in talks with Rwanda and Chad' to exile Israelis

Israeli news site reports Israel offered aid and weapons to Rwanda and Chad as incentive to accept Palestinian refugees. Sounds different if reversed, doesn't it?

John Mearsheimer endorses South Africa submission to ICJ on Gaza Genocide

Ukraine should be seen as genocide by Jews as well

JANUARY 4, 2024

Are We Losing Free Speech in America?
Israel is the catalyst for a major loss of freedom

There is little appreciation inside the United States for the grave damage being inflicted on our country by President Joe Biden's foreign
policy being conducted through the mechanism of starting or sustaining a new war every year. The justifications provided by the White House,
State Department and Pentagon are so vacuous that they have succeeded in creating a new low standard for the art of government lying. The country
is burdened by unsustainable debt yet we have the so-called Secretary of the Treasury Janice Yellen
declaring in October that another war beyond Ukraine, presumably to directly intervene supporting Israel in destroying Gaza, can "certainly"
be afforded. And with the current US military build-ups near China and in the Middle East to confront Iran there presumably is enough gas in
the tank to pick up on another conflict or two before Genocide Joe stands for reelection later this year.


Reddit Conspiracy members talk about how to cope with the madness

"I'd recommend making your own tangible reality. Like make some music, write something play some sports. Live life away from the feed."
Amy Goodman's Democracy Now represents the Soros-Commie wing of Organized Jewry which, ostensibly, is anti Zionist

Six Signs That Something Is Amiss At Your Church

Below are the main points from Crosswalk's piece:

There is a lowered view of the Bible.
Feelings are emphasized over facts.
Essential Christian doctrines are open for re-interpretation.
Historic items are redefined.
The heart of the gospel message shifts from sin and redemption to social justice.


Alex, it's not a 'Democrat pedo cult' - it's a Global pedo cult including all 'sides'. Trump has been owned by the Sabbatian Zionists that owned Epstein since way, way, back. - David Icke

(Dr. Shiva is the only Presidential candidate who hasn't sold his soul and the American people to the global Z NWO death cult.  He has not been allowed to participate in the official Presidential bread and circus clown show.)


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jan 6 - Israel War Cabinet in Disarray "

TT said (January 6, 2024):

Thank you, Henry, for your daily postings on It is consistently the most thorough coverage, both in breadth and depth, on the Middle East situation available today. Along with other good sources, I read it every day and I have learned an amazing amount.

Given the boldness of Israel's Gaza genocide, I don't see how Israel can survive. Unless the US/West has some kind of secret super weapons, I don't see how they can effectively support Israel in the coming WWIII. That's why it looks to me that the survival of Israel is not important to them, since zionism is a worldwide movement. We in the US still have a national identity and whether we realize it yet or not, we have a lot to lose by supporting Israel in their death wish.

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