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Jan 5 - Jews Must Renounce Zionism

January 5, 2024


(left, chart explains Zionist Jews' sociopathic lack of common decency and compassion)

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World War Three will be fought over Israel's right to exterminate Palestinians. 
Jews must renounce Zionism or face the collective hatred of mankind. 
(I believe in the two-state solution but Israel was created to start WW3.)

Pastor Chuck Baldwin- 

"Contrary to the beliefs of a majority of evangelical Christians, the Zionist State of Israel created in 1948 is NOT resurrected Biblical/Prophetic Israel. It is an atheistic, antichrist counterfeit state that will suffer the same fate as all the nations that "forget God." (Psalms 9:17) There is NO divine promise of protection and perpetuity for this godless terrorist state. And there is NO divine promise of protection and perpetuity for those nations (America) that attempt to defend, excuse, cover-up, promote and finance it."

"We corrupt in order to control."

Epstein Case Prompts the Question: Is Pedophilia Rampant in All Power Circles? 

When your banking system is based on fraud, criminality and depravity are your allies. 


Tucker INTERVIEWS Epstein's Brother Mark Epstein: 'Jeffery DID NOT Kill Himself, I Have PROOF!' Breaks INTERNET

Pathologists said this looks more like a homicide than a suicide


Mahmood OD---ISIS is an Israeli proxy. ISIS attack in Iran reflects Israeli attempt to expand the war to the whole region


Scott Ritter: Israel is PROVOKING America into CONFLICT with Iran


Gallup poll reveals how trust in Big Pharma, hospitals and other medical services is PLUMMETING

Researchers reported that at least 70 percent of respondents "did not believe pharmaceutical companies provided good care," while 40 percent of respondents thought "doctors did not provide good care." 


Mike Adams--Jeffrey Epstein, Israeli intelligence and honey pot traps that ensnare top officials in government, military, pharma and tech

Now that names are coming out from the Epstein court documents, it's also being revealed that another honey pot trap was targeting military leaders, government, Big Tech executives and Big Pharma owners in a "honey trap" operation across Boston and the D.C. area.

In essence, many of our country's most powerful men handed over all kinds of secrets because they were blackmailed after being caught in the honey traps. Israel's Mossad ran the Epstein honey trap, and it's believed that tens of thousands of hours of blackmail video exists there, to control and threaten powerful leaders across the world.

MacDonald's gestures of support for Israel has resulted in a boycott that has had a "meaningful impact" 


The traitor Donal Tusk

Tyranny has arrived in Poland and this time it's real
In today's Poland, no power since 1989 has teetered so perilously close to actual tyranny as the current regime, writes political commentator Rafał Woś


I don't blame Nazis for the desth of my grandparents in the holocaust. I blame Nazi Jews, aka Zionists who are still busy killing Jews

War on Gaza: Fighting has 'disabled' 12,500 Israeli soldiers, estimates show
Yediot Ahronoth finds defence ministry's assessment of total wounded soldiers is much higher than published figures

 7-10 was not a "mistake"

War on Gaza: Israeli cabinet meeting on soldiers' conduct ends abruptly after row
Lawmakers pressed for a probe over Israeli soldiers' conduct and mistakes leading up to the 7 October Hamas attack, breaking out into a row


More than 7,000 German women have been raped or assaulted by migrants since 2015


Archbishop explains why Catholicism and resistance to LGBT tyranny are flourishing in Africa

We have to really realize that, well, we are creatures," Amani says. "There is a Creator who has put order in His order, in our lives." 

Karen Kingston-  The FDA Knows that Pfizer's mRNA Injections are Gene Editing Technologies

By falsely referring to injectable gene editing technologies as 'vaccines', Pfizer, the FDA and the NIH knowingly lied to the American people and global civilians. Make no mistake, this is criminal.


E. Michael Jones- Sun Tzu and the Library Wars
January 03, 2024/ E. Michael Jones

 John Mearsheimer---"What Israel is doing in Gaza to the Palestinian civilian population - with the support of the Biden administration - is a crime against humanity that serves no meaningful military purpose."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jan 5 - Jews Must Renounce Zionism "

Imran said (January 6, 2024):

Chuck Baldwin on the link says that there is "genocide". What are the safe corridors for Palestinians that Israel provides for? It is Hamas that actually shot at their own people to get them to stay and the body count would rise for the cameras. When the top dog of Hamas (a billionaire and I will let you guess where he got his wealth from) was asked by Al Jazeera why the tunnel network was not being used to shelter Gazans he cynically replied it is the UN's and every other international group's business. The Gazans were stupid to vote these thugs in power? It has been stated repeatedly by Israeli spokesmen that the Gazans can return once the war is over. This is credible since if Israel were to lie there would be an uproar at the UN practically overnight.

Some Gazans have woken up that they are naive. It is unfortunate that many who opposed Hamas back in the day were executed as "Israeli spies" or fled so I am skeptical if there are a large enough number to have them decide to renounce Hamas and the other jihadists. One Israeli hostage I think walked for four days after escaping, but some Gazan civilians found him and turned him in to Hamas. Another claimed after he was released that Gaza is Hamas. Sad really. Chuck is making slanderous and untrue claims of "genocide". If Israel wanted that they would have destroyed the buildings en masse at the start.

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