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Jan 31 - Where are Feminists When Women Need Protection?

January 31, 2024

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Feminism was supposed to empower women. Instead they are being humiliated and eliminated.

What is more frightening than males in female sports and dressing rooms? 
Why don't feminists stand up? Because feminism is a Communist movement and Communists are Satanists. Gender bending is occult.

"50-year-old man 'identifying' as teenage girl competes in swim competition, uses girls' changeroom
Nicholas Cepeda 'transitioned' several years after puberty... so why is this dude being accommodated? Why isn't he swimming in the 'Other' category, as per World Aquatics regulations?
There was perversity in the pool at the East Bayfield Community Centre in Barrie, Ont., last weekend.
This was the venue for the Trojan Cup swimming competition. And guess who dropped by for a dip in the pool? That would be none other than Nicholas Cepeda, a.k.a., "Melody Wiseheart."

Commenter--"Where the hell are the fathers of these teenage girls that are being  exposed to this sexually degenerate pedo?
Because my dad...would have been waiting in the parking lot for that MF.-


Netanyahu affirms his mission to start WW3

When victory means genocide ---Netanyahu refuses to withdraw from Gaza and release 'thousands of terrorists' held by IDF forces - as he vows to fight until 'absolute victory' over Hamas.

Netanyahu restated Israel would achieve its objectives without concessions. Meanwhile, a deal to save hostages is reportedly being drawn up in Paris

trump-cabalist-burial.jpegSecretary Blinken Warns: 'Most Dangerous Moment for Middle East'Biden administration vows to retaliate but officials say the US is not seeking a war with Iran.

More Israeli Troops To 'Go Into Action' Soon At Lebanon Border: Defense Minister-

As the region braces for the consequences of major US airstrikes on 'Iranian proxies' in Iraq and Syria, Israel's defense minister has issued an alert saying Israeli troops will "very soon go into action" near the country's northern border with Lebanon.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant issued the words Monday at a time of daily tit-for-tat cross-border fire with Hezbollah. The conflict has thus far been seen as "contained" - yet things across the broader region are looking anything but contained. Gallant said, "They will very soon go into action... so the forces in the north are reinforced."

US Nukes Reportedly on the Move to UK as Threat Level Increases

"These documents highlight plainly that an 'upcoming nuclear mission' will be stationed at RAF Lakenheath -- confirming what we have strongly suspected since November 2022 -- that US nuclear weapons are returning to Britain," the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's general secretary, Kate Hudson, told the BBC.

"It's shameful that both the US and UK governments continue to take the public for fools on this serious matter -- refusing to give us crucial information about our security," she said, adding that the deployment of the weapons escalated tensions and "made us a nuclear target" -- although it seems likely that the joint U.S.-U.K. base would have been a nuclear target with or without the presence of nuclear weapons there.

reiner-f.jpgFraming him for diverting funds. Following three months of imprisonment.

85% Say Justin Trudeau Should Be Removed From Office: Poll"When it comes to answering for the success or failure of his policies, Trudeau seems to forget that he is the one in charge and the one the public holds to account."
Col.McGregor - Israel Will be Destroyed by Its Neighbors

Gaza Genocide vs. the Houthis - No Comparison Says an Irishman
Alex Newman- Defeating Globalist Evildoers With REAL Education - Alex Newman & Alex Jones

Out of all the issues facing America, education is one of the greatest. Through proper education, Alex Newman and Alex Jones share how we can save our children and nation.
bden-meeting.jpgPhoto from a meeting last night regarding Iran. Notice all the name placards on the table are facing Biden so he doesn't forget the names of his own cabinet when addressing them, including Vice President Harris.

Amazing Polly - Exposes Jordan Peterson's ARC alternative to WEF- Funded for and by Billionaires

Reader--"Amazing Polly connects some dots and I think she is spot on correct. I don't like that they define what they believe to be a Responsible Citizen. I also don't like how this sounds like the New World Order "Build Back Better" bullsh*t.The body language of Jordan Peterson is also a tell. He knows that this is a relabeling campaign for the WEF. Jordan Peterson helped to create the ARC - Alliance for Responsible Citizenship. The idea behind this ARC was to create a benevolent plan that rivals the WEF plan.
USA: Health Insurers paid big bucks to Doctors to DeathVaxx all their patients
You can view it from this link :

edmonton-15-min.pngEdmonton lays out its 15-minute city plans


JUST IN: Christian vet who beheaded Satanic statue at Iowa Capital charged with hate crime

Polk County prosecutors charged Cassidy with felony third-degree criminal mischief, saying that he acted "in violation of individual rights" under Iowa's hate crime statue.

Spokesman for the Polk County Attorney's Office Lynn Hicks said that "Evidence shows the defendant made statements to law enforcement and the public indicating he destroyed the property because of the victim's religion." This is what resulted in the hate crimes charge.
Hicks further elaborated on how much it would cost to replace the statue of Baphoment constructed by the Satanic Temple, which would be between $750 and $1,500. The extremely litigious Satanic Temple had filed their own damage estimate, saying that it would be $3,000 to replace the statue.
margot-makis.jpegNov.15, 2023 - Actress Margot Muraszkiewicz died after a one year battle with a rapidly progressive form of ALS.

"Trek against ALS": new "Turbo ALS" caused by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines?

Claims he is not a globalist.
Robert Malone MD--The UN's Annual $8 Billion Budget to Support Global MigrationAnother reason to stop funding the United Nations

The UN wants USD 7.9 billion to "support its operations and help create a system that realizes migration's promise as a force for good throughout the world".   Another case of a carefully crafted mission statement which obfuscates the actual intent and purpose of an initiative by using misleading feel-good wording.-

Trump rape accuser E. Jean Carroll is a slut
"All I need is 20 goood men!"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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