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Jan 29 - Texas Border Spat a Charade?

January 29, 2024

(Like his mentor, the traitor Donald Trump, Greg Abbott doesn't miss a chance to signal his treason.)

Greg Abbott is a WEF member.

Texan Videos Unguarded, Wide Open Gates Along Every Mile of Border Wall; MSM Only Shows Eagle Pass

Ken Adachi- "This ONE video, taken by a local Texan, COMPLETELY dismantles the Eagle Pass "standoff" narrative of both the Biden Jewish Fifth Columnist Traitors who run his administration, and that of Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas National Guard who supposedly are "preventing" illegals from entering the US at Eagle Pass, while the illegal invaders just have to walk TEN minutes along the wall to enter the US from the UNGUARDED open wall gates, just a half mile away!

Greg Abbott & Donald Trump are BOTH WEF/ISRAEL stooges! Abbott discussed...TEXIT at DAVOS 2020 where TRUMP said "Klaus is doing a GREAT JOB"! Will Trump choose Abbott as his VP?
Greg Abbott- Zionist Bootlicker

The spooky blackout of border news

"You really don't have to be of a conspiracy mindset to see what is going on here. It's impossible to prove but it looks for all the world like some order came down from somewhere that said: don't report on this. When the reports started to come in, they were wildly distorted and slanted to favor overriding Texas's right to defend itself.

Remember the UN is Communist. Commie Jews want to destroy Zionist Jews in Illuminati (Left-right) charade

Sickening claims against UN aid agency REVEALED: Israel accuses UNRWA staff of role in Hamas kibbutz massacre that killed 97, kidnapping a woman into Gaza and supplying RPGs and ammo on October 7 terror attacks
At least a dozen UNRWA staff are accused of involvement in the October 7 attack
The US and seven other nations have now slashed their funding to the aid agency
And Israel vowed Sunday to ban the UN aid agency from operating inside Gaza


'Hell on Earth' - Geert Wilders says Dutch people are being replaced in major cities due to mass immigration
Wilders placed first in last year's elections, but has been unable to form a government


Chicago man murders wife and three daughters because they treated him like a respect

Russ Winter-- War on Lebanon Front about to Begin

Reports are coming from Israel that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is carrying out a 'massive transportation' of logistics towards the Israeli-Lebanese border. I24 News out of Israel announced: "If diplomatic efforts fail, Israel will invade southern Lebanon and force Hezbollah beyond the Litani River."

"We will destroy the USA and turn it into the worlds largest welfare state, we will suck out its wealth until only dust remains to which the wind will blow away" - Netanyahu
Mission Accomplished: But who is Netanyahu? What is his relationship to USA Kosher Nostra? Kushner Mafia Family? Trumps Daughter Marrying Jared Kushner? Heir to Mob Family; Chelsea too married MOB

People like to say that SOROS 'billionaires' Sold us out to CHINA; But the fact is USA was sold out to China via Kissinger back in 1970's When USA went bankrupt and Saudi covered the Pedo-Dollar until now;



My Strange Encounters with Some of the John Birch Society Leadership over 39 Years

Including Removal of My Name from Nearly All Articles I Wrote for The New American

"Hi, Henry. As you may know, I had a long affiliation with the John Birch Society, They were the ones who published The Shadows of Power. However, things have greatly deteriorated over the years. Now they suppress The Shadows of Power. As the main justification, they're using the claim that I'm an "anti-Semite," despite the fact that the Perloffs were a Jewish family, and Shadows said nothing negative about Israel or Zionism. 

However, I recently discovered something even worse. Someone has gone onto The New American website and removed my name as author for virtually all the articles I wrote for The New American. In most cases, the articles are now attributed to other writers, or in a few cases, to "staff." I have just published an article on this, plus other weird and negative encounters I've had with some of the Birch Society leadership over the past 39 years. Would appreciate your posting a link. 


Judah-ism as Judah-ism does-N.J. rabbi committed 'horrific acts' of child sex abuse while Jewish organizations did nothing, lawsuits say

Rabbis aren't considered religious. They are "scholars"


Brian Shilhavy- All Wars are Orchestrated by the Satanic Jewish Bankers

The innocent lives that are sacrificed during war are just the cost of doing business. When one begins to understand the mindset of these Satanic Jews, one can easily see how managing human beings is much better accomplished without so many of them around, as the "useless eaters" or the "goyim" have to be reduced for them to maintain their power, which is why they are so active in killing babies and sexually trafficking them for their own Satanic purposes.


Tactical challenges imposed by Hezbollah leave IDF command scratching their heads
The Hezbollah threat has transformed Galilee from a peaceful region, where one could enjoy the mountain air and a cup of coffee, into a militarized zone full of tanks, soldiers and senior officers grappling with differing views on how to restore normalcy to the area


Tucker Carlson Interviews Texas Governor Greg Abbott, "We are Prepared for Conflict with Federal Authorities"

Texas Governor Greg Abbott calls in for an interview about the federal -vs- state conflict on border security.  Gov. Greg Abbott says ten other states have already sent national guard to the Texas border, and others will follow. Abbott says he is "prepared" for a conflict with federal authorities.

Following the Abbott interview, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins Carlson in the larger legal discussion

Communism is Jewish Satanism or Cabalism

Robert Sepehr -Subversive Origins of Communism---Communism is a left-wing to far-left sociopolitical, philosophical, cultural and economic ideology within the socialist movement, whose end goal is the creation of a radical Marxist global society, a totalitarian order centered around a non-elected centralized ruling elite that enforces common ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, as well as a culturally egalitarian social order hostile to nationalism, free speech, private property, traditional family values and biologically-based gender identification or ancestral heritage.

$250,000 Awarded To Parents After Their Healthy Infant Is Killed By Vaccines
 Three and a half days after Alexander's first set of vaccines he suffered a debilitating seizure that caused cardiorespiratory arrest and irreversible brain damage - with no possible treatment, or ability to survive. The outcome? An innocent and HEALTHY infant tragically died as a direct result of vaccination. Yet, his doctor denied that vaccines could possibly be the cause of seizures, brain damage and cardiorespiratory arrest - an all too common story told to parents by pediatricians who inject poisonous vaccines into babies for a living. 

 "Medical emergencies" at the wheel, in Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, West Virginia; in Cornwall and Hertfordshire (UK); 2 bus crashes in Germany; bus driver veers off the road in India
Thus the bio-weapon threatens countless lives of those who have NOT been injected


HUGE - Sweden SCRAPPING Agenda 2030 goals
The new right-wing government is dismantling the goals outlined by the UN.


The popular Igor Girkin aka 'Strelkov', much-loved hero of the 2014 Donbass rebellion, and conservative Christian nationalist, has just been sentenced to 4 years in jail by the Putin regime, on secret charges after a secret trial. Only the sentencing was public, and those protesting outside the courthouse were arrested for 'covid pandemic violations'.
Although in jail since July 2023, Strelkov's supporters collected enough signatures to put him on the ballot against Putin in the March 2024 Russian presidential election. But Strelkov needed to sign a form before a notary, and the notary was totally blocked from seeing Strelkov in jail, so his place on the ballot has been cancelled.
Strelkov sees Putin as in a corrupt cabal with the Western leaders he claims to oppose, drawing out the carnage in Ukraine.
Strelkov in court - face of a man of faith


Douglas Macgregor - Member of Israeli War Cabinet says only way to get hostages back is to accept permanent ceasefire


The goyim die young

'Cruelly unfair': Tributes flow for newsreader tragically dead at 38


My Clinical License is as Good as Gone- Jordan Peterson
 Jordan Peterson personal history

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jan 29 - Texas Border Spat a Charade? "

rh said (January 30, 2024):

Unfettered immigration of unknown people across Texas borders should not be hard to understand by the rest of us as a threat to our country. Some headlines speak of a possible civil war with Texas and the US government.

Okay, let's say Texas rebels. What kind of money will Texas create to replace the US dollar? Will it just be another central bank version of what they/we have now? A change in money would be a revolution to behold! If no change, why bother with a civil war?

Ned said (January 29, 2024):

The standoff by Gregg Abbot is, perhaps, no more than a ploy and fertile grounds for a potential false-flag event to blame it on some nationality that the deep state wants to go to war with.

TM said (January 29, 2024):

Don't forget to add Canada to this, because when the fun starts in America, Canada will have already been taken out !!!!!
China and Russia are going to love it's new land in the great north !!!!!

But, I'm sure you know about the 10 plus million Chinese Military men in Canada just waiting to dump you all in a BIG Grave !!!!!!

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