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Jan 27 - Israelis Demand Netanyahu Resign

January 27, 2024


Israelis suspect they have fallen into a trap

More than 40 senior former Israeli national security officials, celebrated scientists and prominent business leaders have sent a letter to Israel's president and speaker of parliament demanding that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be removed from office for posing what they say is an "existential" threat to the country.

The signatories on the letter include four former directors of Israel's foreign and domestic security services, two former heads of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and three Nobel Prize winners.


Israeli security chief to Netanyahu: Launch inquiry into October 7

Israel's government must establish a state commission of inquiry into Hamas's October 7 massacre, Shin Bet director Ronen Bar demanded of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a Thursday evening cabinet meeting, Israeli media reported. "Establish a committee, and everything will become clear," Bar was quoted as saying.

(This will reveal that the IDF had foreknowledge of Oct 7. It was a pretext for ethnic cleansing.) 

(Strikes me as a mad man. Argentina may have jumped from frying pan into the fire.) 

"Traitor": Argentina Paralyzed By Strikes As Thousands Protest Milei's "Shock Therapy

In what has been called an "unprecedented mobilization" never before in modern Argentinian history has a mass strike been called less than seven weeks into a new presidency. But leaders from Argentina's largest labor union - the guys who are used to a steady drip of handouts from the government - said the nationwide protests reflect the urgency they feel as Milei pursues radical economic and political reforms he likens to "shock therapy".

Pastor Chuck Baldwin 

The Genocide In Gaza Is Illegal, Incomprehensible, Inexcusable, Infernal, Inhumane And Irredeemable--And Evangelicals Are Responsible


A ruling of genocide is a stain that Israel - which weaponizes the Holocaust to justify its brutalization of the Palestinians - would find hard to remove. It would undercut Israel's insistence that Jews are eternal victims. It would shatter the justification for Israel's indiscriminate killing of unarmed Palestinians and construction of the world's largest open air prison in Gaza, along with the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It would sweep away the immunity to criticism enjoyed by the Israel lobby and its Zionist supporters in the U.S., who have successfully equated criticisms of the "Jewish State" and support for Palestinian rights with anti-Semitism.  

Over 23,700 {25,000 now} Palestinians, including over 10,000 children, have been killed in Gaza since Oct. 7, when Hamas and other resistance fighters breached the security barriers around Gaza. Some 1,200 people were killed - there is strong evidence that some of the victims were killed by Israeli tank crews and helicopter pilots that intentionally targeted the some 200 hostages along with their captors. Thousands more Palestinians are missing, presumed buried under the rubble. Israeli attacks have left over 60,000 Palestinians wounded and maimed, the majority of them women and children. 

Thousands more Palestinian civilians, including children, have been arrested, blindfolded, numbered, beaten, forced to strip to their underwear, loaded onto trucks and transported to unknown locations. 


The book What the Nurses Saw by Ken McCarthy features interviews with nurses who worked in the killing fields of US hospitals.

"I lost two younger brothers to the atrocities of Hospital protocols, this book helped me to see what was happening in these Hospitals. We were kept from being with them and lied to. One was vented and nobody was ever notified that they were going to do that. The other one was convinced that if he allowed them to vent him, his lungs could rest. That was a blatant lie. We were lied to about certain medications they were given. Both of them suffered major health issues after being administered Remdesivir. After they passed, Dr's told family, autopsies were not necessary. ( Don't fall for that).

Niall McCrae: The Shocking Testimony of the COVID-19 Nurse

"Overton observed that covid was killing only people in hospital, not at home nor among the homeless. The treatment regime was devised to end lives efficiently."


"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer." White - The Hidden Tyranny Harold Wallace Rosenthal.pdf

Rotational Seizures in COVID-19 Vaccinated - 18 videos of the "Vaccine Death Spiral"

See video testimony of vax injured on the right side of this page.


Lihn Dihn- Remembering Gonzalo Lira

 As American clowns, assholes and psychos are celebrated, its bravest men are smeared with shit then flushed away, but some day, let's hope, Lira, David McGowan and Gary Webb, among others, will be held up as models to children.

Why is sickness "crippling" Germany's economy?

What's changed? Could it be that the mRNA injection bioweapons continue to pummel the livestock?

Germany Is Sick Man After All With Illness Crippling Economy

•Germany Was a Literal Sick Man Last Year
Absences shaved 0.8 percentage point off growth, study says
•Tally of illness among employees reached a record in 2023

Gross domestic product would have risen 0.5% last year if it hadn't been for work absences due to poor health -- a tally that surpassed pandemic totals to reach a record in 2023, according to analysis by VFA, the country's association of research-based pharmaceutical companies.

Some €26 billion ($28.2 billion) in real income was lost due to illnesses among employees -- equivalent to about 0.8 percentage point of total output, economists Claus Michelsen and Simon Junker wrote in a report released on Friday. High levels of absences in November and December point to another hit in the current quarter too.

The German economy shrank 0.3% in 2023, its worst performance in two decades barring the financial crisis year of 2009, and 2020, when the pandemic hit. Its underperformance compared to regional peers was so pronounced that it evoked the "sick man of Europe" label previously used to describe it a quarter century ago.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jan 27 - Israelis Demand Netanyahu Resign "

Imran said (January 28, 2024):

"Let me see your hands"

This is the same ICJ that is a globalist controlled puppet court that attacked Qaddafi's Libya in its ruling? A few days before the ICJ released its conclusions about Israel, the UN head (the top sockpuppet of the globalists) indicated he wanted two state solution. The timing of the two are not a coincidence. If Bibi is removed some leftist who is perhaps too close to the globalists can come in and implement changes...and that might include a regional war leading into a world war. Do we want that? IF Oct 7 is a false flag I am sure leftists in Israel were involved in it. It is taking a chance that Bibi was not in it...but I remember Barry Chamish writing that the man does despite his faults love his country and that might mean Bibi might not want a regional war as some in the network do.

Also Chuck Baldwin is slandering when he says that Gaza is an open air prison. Before Oct 7...and I have seen vids of that with people going to the beaches and having parties. It most certainly was not at that time. There may be some crimes by Israel...but on the whole as compared to other wars by other countries they are benign.

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