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Jan 23 - Prediction: Trump Will Lead US Into WW3

January 23, 2024

A couple of people objected to this meme. How does one react to people who are destroying you? Vaccine anyone?

Normally Americans would not fight another world war for Organized Jewry. Trump is False Opposition. 
His MAGA followers will embrace their destruction in WW3. The goal of Organized Jewry 
(Satanist Rothschilds and Freemasonry) is to destroy Western civilization. How do I know the West will lose? 
 The West is being destroyed in advance from within. For example, the Canadian army gives tampons to male soldiers. Who will risk his life for a country like this?

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Commenter--"He is Dutch and the highest ranking at NATO. Here in the Netherlands they are creating the awareness that something is just around the corner. It now begins to appear that the war doctrine has been set in motion. Not only by Bauer's words but also by ministers, etc. Emergency packages cannot be obtained, we have to wait for empty supermarkets."


Yemen Could Become Algeria For the US

After ten days of sustained bombing in Yemen failed to stop Houthi attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea, the administration of US President Joe Biden is reportedly developing plans to expand the conflict into a sustained military campaign.


A senior Egyptian official said Israel has proposed a two-month cease-fire in which the hostages would be freed in exchange for the release of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel and top Hamas leaders in Gaza would be allowed to relocate to other countries.

The official, who was not authorized to brief media and spoke on condition of anonymity, said Hamas rejected the proposal and is insisting that no more hostages will be released until Israel ends its offensive and withdraws from Gaza. Israel's government declined to comment on the talks.

Report says proposal does not heed demand by Hamas to end war but appears to go further than past Israeli offers, including significant reduction in IDF ops once fighting resumes

Julian Rose- Brutal Reality: Psychopaths Form Majority of Today's World Leaders

"When one hears and sees Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, declaring the absolute supremacy of his Zionist tribe and its goals of 'taking back' the State of Israel - via the slaughter of any and all Palestinian 'animals' whose home land is the Gaza Strip - one is confronting face to face, a clinically insane individual whose medical condition, if it were to be officially assessed, would be described as 'psychopath'."

With the government's popularity plummeting, a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nevertheless garnered only 18 votes in the Knesset on Monday evening, falling far short of the necessary majority to pass in the 120-strong Knesset plenum.

20,000 Canadians at sports event tell Fidelito to Fuck OFF

Comment- "The best part of it outside just how great it was to hear is the fact that Trudeaus son posted pictures of himself at the fights from a private box. Hope he and all his friends heard it loud and clear."
Brad Salsberg-- Groundswell of "Anti-Woke" Push Back Rapidly Builds In Canada

Government control Canada's citizenship through community division; media do so by burying international backlash against woke globalist politics.

"If Canadians want their country back, they must move beyond institutional divisiveness to come together as a united force. Among all social trends, social division is the poison that flows from the pens of government and partners in media."

KAREN KINGSTON---Pfizer's Immunity is Delusional. Pretrial Date Ordered for Texas vs Pfizer Lawsuit
Pfizer is being sued. This is not imaginary. Here's why Pfizer's immunity arguments are delusionally flawed and why other states, victims, and investors can sue Pfizer for defrauding them.

"It is truly 'imaginary play theatre' to believe a Texas judge is going to let Pfizer get away with the unbelievably epic fraud that the Big Pharma giant committed against Texans. It's not going to happen." - Karen Kingston, December 5, 2023

In this enlightening video, Whitney Webb unveils the stark realities of our digital and financial future in 2024. She delves into the diminishing realm of financial and online privacy, highlighting the emerging threats posed by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the drive towards a regulated internet. Webb eloquently explains how these developments are part of a broader, more sinister agenda of surveillance and control, tying them to historical patterns of elite dominance. She also sheds light on the dynamics of power and the role of technology in shaping a new societal hierarchy, warning of the potential for a neo-feudal system underpinned by digital authoritarianism. 


Autopsies confirm Covid-19 "Vaccines" cause Myocaditis and Death
New study from doctors: Peter McCullough, Roger Hodkinson, William Makis, and Nicolas Hulscher.

Covid-19 genetic "vaccine" injections were confirmed as the most likely cause of myocarditis and death in 100% of these autopsies.

Think covid wasn't planned? Watch this 2014 Interview with investigative Journalist Harry Vox.

Legendary investigative journalist Harry Vox lays out the ruling classes plans for total control of the world, and everyone in it. It's all right there, in the Rockefeller Foundation's Operation: Lockstep. Sounds kind of familiar....doesn't it?

HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid society) are organizing the ongoing third world invasion of the United States


Outrageous that the MSM suppresses the vaccine death toll.

mRNA injury stories - TikTok & Youtube Reptile Expert Brian Barczyk (age 54) died Jan.15, 2024 from Turbo Pancreatic Cancer - 16 more recent cases of a highly lethal COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Cancer

Makis--"I will draw your attention to several details:

Sep.2021: "I'm also fully vaccinated" "I've had COVID in the past" "I feel really sick" (he already had some side effects from the COVID-19 Vaccines)

Pancreatic cancer Stage 2 diagnosed Feb.27, 2023 then progressed rapidly to Stage 4.

Diagnosis to death: 10 months.

Note how much he has aged in 2 years (I do believe rapid aging is a real phenomenon in the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated)
Pepe Escobar- Why discombobulated European vassals in NATO-controlled EU are now in total panic.

"Desperate to maintain control, US elites manipulate the narrative while pursuing aggressive militarization. However, Russia's strategic moves and China's growing influence pose significant challenges to Western hegemony.

"NATO's cosmic humiliation in Ukraine notwithstanding, this proxy war against Russia, against Europe and against China remains the fuse that could light up a WWIII before the end of this decade. Who will decide it is an extremely rarefied plutocracy. 


Ukrainians shell farmer's market in Donetsk

"Sunday Morning Massacre of busy market in Donetsk where Ukrainian shelling killed 28 civilians and injured 30 more. Today Ukrainian forces opened fire on a busy market in Donetsk killing 27 and injuring 25 more(In total, 28 civilians were killed and 30 injured by Ukrainian shelling in the DPR .Donetsk region today). I arrived on site not long after the attack. I did my best to document the situation. I personally saw 3 impacts and 22 dead civilian bodies. The local civilians said the Ukraine forces fired on the market becuase they new many civilians would be there and that Ukraine is attempting genocide."

Biden not Commie enough for Commie Teachers

These Teachers Want the Largest Union in the Country to Rescind its Biden Endorsement Over Gaza
A rank-and-file campaign inside the National Education Association is demanding the president stop "sending military funding, equipment, and intelligence to Israel."


Meet Rabbit R1: A Petite Orange Box Redefining App Usage With AI Assistance
The device's creator says it can learn to operate apps on your behalf. Imagine requesting an Uber or ordering takeout by simply pressing a button and speaking your request.

"The Rabbit R1 can fit in the palm of your hand and will be able to answer questions, launch a Spotify playlist or call a taxi with the push of a button. Sounds familiar, right? The Rabbit R1 isn't a smartphone in the traditional sense. Instead, it promises to be a dedicated personal assistant powered by AI, and it ships in late March for $199.

"Our phones are great at many things, like snapping vacation photos, entertaining us with an endless stream of bite-sized videos and acting as our personal planners. That's exactly the problem, according to Jesse Lyu, founder and CEO of AI tech startup Rabbit.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jan 23 - Prediction: Trump Will Lead US Into WW3"

Lloyd said (January 24, 2024):

Henry, I simply don’t understand your thought processes. Donald Trump is not going to lead us into World War III. Quite the opposite. There really is an alliance of militaries that in the background are dismantling the powers and structures that are seeking apocalyptic world destruction. Joe Biden is dead and the puppet show is almost over. The fake Biden administration is not in control of the White House nor the Pentagon and they do not possess the nuclear codes. By the way, it is almost a certainty that the White House will never be used again. It is too defiled by the Satanism and pedophilia that took place there. There were underground tunnels in which children were kept in cages.

Imran said (January 24, 2024):

The Gazans do not have aid reaching them because Hamas takes it for themselves. The globalists know this and the evidence so far shows that they want Hamas to survive for future nefarious ends possibly even helping WW3 along. This is in addition to their media promoting a ceasefire and using the ICJ and ICC and getting Israel to launch a low offensive war. In wartime go all out and remove Hamas and their supporters quickly. And the Gazans can then lead a normal life...but nope that is not what the elite want. Stealing aid has turned a number of Gazans against Hamas. That is a good thing. Still too many support this group.

Al Thompson said (January 23, 2024):

The main problem with governments is that they are founded upon an evil foundation. No matter who is elected or in charge, they all will eventually fail. These governments are founded on oath-taking which is a form of lying. How is that going to get a good result?

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