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Jan 20 - Satanic Suicide in Slow Motion

January 20, 2024


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By inflicting collective punishment on all residents of Gaza, Israel has given its enemies a moral rationale to slaughter Israelis in the same manner. Israel could have responded quid pro quo to  Oct 7, but clearly Netanyahu has genocide on his brain. The coming world war will pit Zionist Jewish shills (the US and the West) against Communist Jewish shills (Russia, China, Iran and radical Islam.) This is a repeat of WW2 when Jewish Nazis (Germany) fought Jewish Communists (US, Allies.) 

Zionism, Communism and Radical islam are all ideologies of enslavement. They are all Masonic. 
The aim is destruction and death for its own sake. Satanism is the worship of Death.
This is mankind's punishment for not accepting Cabalist Jewish hegemony and perversion.

We must tell our traitorous politicians- "We don't want war!!"

All Of A Sudden, Leaders All Over The World Are Warning That World War III Is Very Close

On Monday, British Defense Minister Grant Shapps warned that we are now in a "pre-war world" and that western powers could soon find themselves fighting Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea...

A source inside the Pentagon has warned Daily Express US that "we are on the brink of World War 3" amid surging conflict in the Middle East sparked largely by Iran.

The source inside the Pentagon that issued this rather ominous warning is a man named Nicholas Drummond, and he claims that the current war in the Middle East could literally result in "the end of Iran"...

So exactly what sort of weapons would be required to bring about "the end of Iran"?

You might want to reflect on that for a moment. There is also a lot of talk about World War III in Russia.  In fact, one of Russia's most prominent news anchors named Vladimir Solovyov recently told his audience that our planet is "moving towards World War III"...


Maghazi residents left reeling after Israeli forces withdraw

Palestinians in central Gaza refugee camp struggle to pull their loved ones out from under rubble amid mass destruction.



Russia called the French ambassador for an explanation: The dead French in Kharkiv were members of the regular French Army - They were not mercenaries...
Direct French involvement in the war - Russia hardens its stance

40 SCALP missiles in exchange for 60 French lives lost in Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday, January 17, that France had switched to a war economy to boost arms production and increase supplies to Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday, January 17, that France had switched to a war economy to boost arms production and increase supplies to Ukraine. In February, Paris will transfer 40 SCALP missiles and hundreds of bombs "to prevent Russia from winning" in Ukraine.

On Thursday, January 18, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported the annihilation of a temporary camp for foreign fighters in Kharkiv. Most of those fighters were French mercenaries. About 60 mercenaries were killed and 20 other were wounded as a result of Russian missile strike on Kharkiv.

Gaza will be the grave of the Western-led world order

By supporting Israel's atrocities in Gaza, the West has shredded what remains of its credibility and brought the 'rules-based' world order it purports to lead to the point of no return.

International justice has become a sick joke. Were the International Criminal Court (ICC) functioning effectively, Israeli leaders would be on trial even as we speak, and there would have been no need for South Africa to approach the ICJ. 


(Bill Gates' next big thing will get noticed.)

Davos refuses to back-off on medical tyranny designed for the GREAT RESET!

Why is Davos so interested in Disease X? The global biosecurity agenda is critical for them to achieve the New World Order/Great Reset
They strung several very well constructed fairy tales together that, when believed, lead you to walk happily into their ovens and pay for the privilege. It's that simple.

Explosive Claims Have Emerged Suggesting That the World Economic Forum Intended for the COVID-19 Vaccines To Cause Harm
"DNA IS IN THE VACCINES." 40 Trillion spikes in every shot! Dr. Chris Shoemaker.

In a startling revelation, it's been disclosed that the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) held patents related to these vaccines as early as 2016, absolving former President Trump of responsibility and implying that the DoD deceived him.

Reports indicate that vaccinated individuals are suffering from significantly overburdened hearts, leading to severe health complications. Startlingly, New Zealand witnessed fatal clusters where 100% of the vaccinated individuals within certain groups died within just a two-hour window.

There's been an alarming increase, nearly 50%, in the stress placed on heart cells post-vaccination, a condition persisting for an extended six-month period. This has reportedly led to a surge in sudden, unexplained deaths, with the alarming data supported by peer-reviewed studies.

The development of these controversial vaccines is now linked to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Defense. Furthermore, a shocking 33% of the substances used in these COVID vaccines are purported to be DNA-altering elements, having permanent effects on the bodies of those inoculated

Ghislaine Maxwell renews ties with Chabad Lubavitch

No surprise here 

How do you restore trust after trying to murder everyone?

Authored by Steve Watson via,

Kevin Roberts, President of the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, spoke to globalists at the World Economic Forum confab Thursday and told them directly that "You are part of the problem, you are not the answer."

"It's laughable that you or anyone would describe Davos as protecting liberal democracy," adding "It's equally laughable to use the word 'dictatorship' at Davos and aim that at President Trump... I think that's absurd."

He continued, "The very reason I'm here at Davos, is to explain to many people in this room and who are watching, with all due respect - nothing personal - that you are part of the problem."

"Political elites tell the average people... that the reality is 'x,' when in fact, reality is 'y,'" Roberts further declared, going on to give several examples with regards to open borders, immigration, gender issues, and the constant guilt trip elites subject everyday people to over the "existential threat" of climate change, while they hypocritically fly around in private jets.


Every U.S. Senator Has Taken AIPAC Money

Reader--"Explains why they're always Falling to Pieces for Israel and how we get Sucked into Fighting for Jews.

Houthis Declare Safe Passage For All Russian, Chinese Ships In Red Sea

In a remarkable development, and at a moment European retailers and factories are beginning to bear the brunt of the global shipping chaos and soaring Red Sea transit risk, the Houthis have declared safe passage for Russia and China.

Milwaukee Public Schools issues 'best practices' on how to 'dismantle whiteness' in classrooms
The memo encourages racism against white students through the redistribution of resources to minority students under the guise of "equity."


Poem from reader FB-

UK Parliament debates excess deaths: "Far too many young people are dying"
The plutocrats who rule here below
Said in their pride a long time ago
That the way to prosper and save the earth
Was to change our morals and get rid of birth.
They set about to destroy the home
And began a campaign to conquer Rome.
Inventing devices they said were salvific
All were designed to make us non prolific.
They stopped the union of sperms and eggs,
They cut up babies leaving arms and legs.
They stopped the union of man and wife
They turned their genders into strife.
They concocted lab viruses to kill the old
And invented vaccines to make more gold.
Designed to invade and slip into our genes
The jabs care not if they kill children or teens.
"Far too many young people are dying."
Their minion MP's now are all crying,
The common people they held in contempt
Pushing the jabs while making themselves exempt.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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