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Jan 2 - Sink the USA!

January 2, 2024


The world is now united in hatred of the United States. This is exactly what Soros-Biden and Organized Jewry feel about the US.. 
Biden's bombs are maiming and killing Gaza children. The US is the Bud Lite of the world. It is destined to be humbled and humiliated in the coming world war. 


Over 1,000 Children in Gaza Have Had One or Both Legs Amputated Since Oct 7

Blood on the hands of all Israel's supporters

Over 200 Service Members, Veterans Pledge to Hold Military Leaders Accountable for Vaccine Mandate

231 current and former military members signed an open letter vowing to hold accountable those who implemented the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The open letter, published on Jan. 1, is directed to the American people, but names specific senior military leaders who the signers claim enabled lawlessness and betrayed the Constitution. Some of the leaders specifically named in the letter include former and current joint chiefs of staff, service academy commandants, service inspectors general, and service surgeon generals.

The signatories state, "In the coming years, thousands within our network will run for Congress and seek appointments to executive branch offices, while those of us still serving on active duty will continue to put fulfilling our oaths ahead of striving for rank or
position. "For those who achieve the lawful authority to do so, we pledge to recall from retirement the military leaders who broke the law and will convene courts-martial for the crimes they committed."

Russia will try Ukrainian officials as war criminals 

Russia's Lavrov Reveals to Sputnik What Will Happen to Ukrainian Officials Charged With War Crimes

"An investigation into the Kiev regime's crimes is already underway," Lavrov said, when asked about the regime's fate after Russia achieves the goals of its special military operation. "Russian law enforcement bodies are carefully recording and documenting the atrocities committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis, and aren't limiting themselves to the period of the special military operation. The suffering of the civilian population of the Donbass began much earlier, in 2014. Those responsible will be brought to justice."


"This is how they will CANCEL the 2024 election" Whitney Webb exposes the WEF plan | Redacted

 "Is the Deep State mafia setting up a massive cyber attack false flag on the American people that will disrupt the 2024 election? Well it turns out that U.S. intel agencies have been running table top exercises on this exact scenario. Also, why is Israel deeply involved in U.S. infrastructure? And now Department of Homeland Security head Mayorkas says the greatest cyber threat to America is something call Kill Ware. What's really going on here. Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb joins us to expose this plan.


UN General Assembly affirms the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination : Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

Voting Summary
Yes: 172 | No: 4 | Abstentions: 10 | Non-Voting: 7 | Total voting

Rabbi Elhanan Beck, a member of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement, explains that Israel does not truly offer the safety and security it purports to provide for Jews, and he believes it contradicts the principles of the Jewish faith.

Fired Nurse Exposes a Major Cover-Up of Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

A California nurse, who was fired for refusing to comply with her hospital's vaccine mandate, has blown the whistle on a major cover-up of deaths related to Covid mRNA injections.
According to Macrae, in the first months of the pandemic hospitals were nearly empty as elective procedures halted -- a scene that contrasted with media claims of overwhelmed capacity.

Even during the 2020-2021 winter surge of hospitalizations due to normal respiratory issues, she said "not once" were hospitals overwhelmed.

This was an observation she corroborated with colleagues across the state.

However, she said hospital officials promoted the narrative that facilities were overrun with Covid patients.

"The public was being lied to," she said.

Ohio Governor Who Vetoed Bill Blocking Sex-Changes For Children Took $40K From Pro-Trans Hospitals


US office buildings face $117BN debt time bomb: Mortgages due this year threaten to sink US economy as thousands of workplaces remain empty

He was directing Ukrainian war money into DNC Coffers

Feds Drop Charges of Bribery and Bank Fraud Against Biden Money Launderer Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF)


Mahmood OD- Hamas's 00:01 2024 GIFT! | IDF Tanks RUN OVER IDF SOLDIERS | USS Ford Departs | Withdrawal CONTINUES

Commenter---"Funny how I never hear news like this on American news channels. I'm thankful to you for keeping me up-to-date on what's happening."

Does this discredit Ritter's take on Ukraine and Gaza? 

Scott Ritter- Convicted sex offender?

Ritter was the subject of two law enforcement sting operations in 2001.[36] He was charged in June 2001 with trying to set up a meeting with an undercover police officer posing as a 16-year-old girl.[37][38] He was charged with a misdemeanor crime of "attempted endangerment of the welfare of a child". The charge was dismissed and the record was sealed after he completed six months of pre-trial probation.[38][8]

Ritter was arrested again in November 2009[39] over communications with a police decoy he met on an Internet chat site. Police said that he exposed himself, via a web camera, after the officer repeatedly identified himself as a 15-year-old girl.[5]

The next month, Ritter waived his right to a preliminary hearing and was released on $25,000 unsecured bail. Charges included "unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a communications facility, corruption of minors, indecent exposure, possessing instruments of crime, criminal attempt and criminal solicitation".[2] Ritter rejected a plea bargain and was found guilty of all but the criminal attempt count in a courtroom in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, on April 14, 2011.[5][40]

In October 2011, he received a sentence of one and a half to five and a half years in prison.[3] He was sent to Laurel Highlands state prison in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, in March 2012 and paroled in September 2014.[4][7][8]


Caroline Glick was a colleague when I was a copy editor with the Jerusalem Post in 1972-73

She says the Biden admin is trying to overthrow Netanyahu using its proxies
Remember, technically th Demorats are in the Commie camp. They "hate" Zionists This is yet another indication that israel is sheduled to lose this war. 

As Israel faces threats on multiple fronts, the US moves out its aircraft carrier from the Middle East and continues to weaken Netanyahu and push for a two-state solution. 


PEDOPHILES, Child sex abusers and Child pornographers - exposing Canada's Healthcare Leaders - Part 1 - Pedophiles at Alberta Health Services and Alberta & BC Governments


Interesting video from Greg Reese on mind control and the Mason connection...

Trauma Based Mind Control
Reader--"Explains an awful lot!"

Organized Crime  is NK Dictator's ATM


I enjoyed this documentary about Frank Whittle and the invention of the Jet Engine        Britain could have had jet fighters in WW2 had the government been more proactive

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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