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Jan 18 - Donald Trump Vows To Oppose CBDC

January 18, 2024

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Donald Trump Vows To Oppose CBDC Creation In The U.S.

Do you trust him?

Former President Donald Trump pledged, if reelected, to resist any effort by the Federal Reserve to develop a central bank digital currency (CBDC). In a Wednesday campaign speech, Trump argued that such dollar-backed virtual money risks dangerous government overreach and control over Americans' financial lives.
Trump warned the prospect of a "Fedcoin" or a digital dollar could severely erode economic freedom by centralizing control through citizens' virtual wallets. He positioned resistance as vital to preventing authoritarian interference.
Trump said a government-controlled CBDC would grant "absolute" federal power over money in conflict with financial liberties.He promised to halt related development and strengthen protections against politically motivated account closures.Global central banks have studied potential digital currency models, but the risks of data surveillance raise widespread concerns.

Makow- We need to prepare strategies to resist CBDC's. Is anybody doing this? 
(((The West))) wants world war!

Prepare for war with Russia, China, Iran and North Korea - UK defense minister Grant Shapps wants Western nations to increase their military spending ahead of a possible conflict

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Martin Armstrong--World Economic Forum is Greatest Threat to Humanity

Now the NUMBER ONE threat to humanity is any disagreement with this WEF agenda, which he has now classified as "misinformation and disinformation." It is this misinformation and disinformation that is polarizing society. As they write in their report:

"Emerging as the most severe global risk anticipated over the next two years, foreign and domestic  actors alike will leverage Misinformation anddisinformation to further widen societal and political divides."

Naturally, that means the only hope for humanity is now CENSORSHIP and the end of free speech. The report shows just how, step by step, we are losing all of our freedoms.

The so-called "Covid-Vaccine" was found to be 99% Graphene, which is known to be able to pass through the blood/brain barrier. These nanobots are almost like a new lifeform, and now they're swimming around inside the heads of the idiots that volunteered to get the Covid-Kill-Shot... What could go wrong?
Desperation is setting in

Zelensky threatens Putin's grandchildren

 President Vladimir Zelensky has threatened Russian President Vladimir Putin's entire family with "criminal trials" and long prison sentences, during a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday.


"Gideon Levy on How Israel's Press Is Failing to Cover the War's True Toll"  

--  How Israeli forces trapped and killed ravers at the Nova FestivalNew evidence points to Israeli security forces, not Hamas, for causing the most fatalities at the music festival - civilian deaths that were then utilized to justify Tel Aviv's Gaza genocide. by William Van Wagenen
However, new details have emerged showing that Israel's Border Police was deployed at the Nova site before Hamas stumbled on the festival, causing the eruption of a major battle.
While some ravers were indeed killed by the Palestinian resistance - whether by intent or in the chaos of battle - the evidence now suggests that the majority of civilian deaths were likely inflicted by Israeli forces themselves.

During the fighting, 59 Israeli police officers were killed, including at least 17 at the Nova festival. 
Hamas did not plan to attack the festival

Avi Mayer of the Jerusalem Post asserted that Hamas carefully planned to attack the concert in advance, intending to murder as many Israeli civilians as possible. The facts, though, tell an entirely different story.
An Israeli police investigation reported by Haaretz indicates that Hamas was unaware of the festival in advance. The official findings suggest that the intended target was Re'im, a settlement and military base located just down the road - on Route 232 - from the Nova site.

-FBI Now Recruiting, Entrapping Autistic Children Terror Patsies for National SecurityBy Ben Bartee - January 15, 2024

Anyone who knows anything about how the feds work recognizes this modus operandi:
·       recruit a mentally ill patsy
·       pump them full of cash and bad ideas
·       set up a terror plot on their behalf
·       swoop in to save the day from the threat that they created in the first place
·       Parlay the alleged foiled terror plot into fatter budgets to do more of the same

Kevin Spacey and Ghislaine Maxwell sit on the Queen's throne  -

President Of Canadian LGBT Organization Arrested On Child Sex Abuse ChargesJanuary 16, 2024LGBT activist Sean Gravells, President of the Canadian LGBT organization North Peace Pride Society, has been arrested on child sex abuse charges.  -  

UK Cops Allow 'Trans Women' to Strip Search Females, With Those Who Object Cited for 'Hate'

.At least 35 out of 47 police forces in the United Kingdom allow biologically male but "trans-identifying" police officers to strip search female detainees. Some said they would sanction detainees who objected to being stripped by trans officers, and possibly treat their objections as a crime. 

- Germany plans to supply Israel with tanks shells as Gaza death toll nears 25,000Berlin has also announced its intention to 'intervene' on behalf of Israel in the genocide case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ)

United Airlines CEO is a cross-dressing freak...  

Instead of prioritizing essentials like safety and skills, the CEO at United appears to be more concerned with his false eyelashes and jumbo nylons. Think we are joking? We wish we were, folks.  Reader- Another diversity hire?  Now they're hiring people with severe mental and psychiatric disabilities at airlines, too.  

Reader--"I think they're trying to make us so scared of flying that we'll stop.  That was the WEF's plan after all for the Great Reset.  They've clearly stated it and they also said all of Europe's airports (except for the capital cities) would be shut down within a decade.

Preching free enterprize at the WEF is like preaching chastity in a brothel

Milei slams WEF, "radical feminist agenda" in front of Klaus SchwabIn a scathing critique, Javier Milei lambasts Western governments for shrouding socialism in the guise of social justice.
"The solution proposed by collectivists is not greater freedom but rather greater regulation which creates a downward spiral of regulations until we're all poorer and the life of all of us depends on a bureaucrat sitting in a luxury office," he said.
Jordan Peterson Fires Back After Court Dismisses His Appeal Of Mandated Social Media Training: 'The War Has Barely Started'
Peterson was ordered to undergo a "specified continuing education or remedial program" after he criticized transgender ideology, climate alarmism, and the Canadian government. 

Ontario records 48 deaths, including six children, from 'invasive' strep throat
Six children and 42 Ontarians aged 16+ died between October 1 and December 31 2023 after contracting invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease (iGAS). 
According to Public Health Ontario data, three of the children were between two and four years old, two were between five and nine years old, and one newborn under the age of one year. The report, released January 11, shows these six children make up half the pediatric deaths in the 2022/23 fiscal year. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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