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Jan 1, 2024 - Opening Days of World War Three

January 1, 2024

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As with World War Two, World War Three will be fought between the Zionist and Communist wings of Organized Jewry.  Zionist wing (supporters of Gaza genocide) = the US and Western Europe. Communist wing (opponents of Gaza genocide) China, Russia, Iran and Radical islam. (In WW2, the Nazis were Zionist-sponsored. The Allies were Communist-sponsored.)  Trump and the Masonic Jewish Zionist Communist (Right-Left) Tag Team  Conservatives in the West are all Zionist sponsored. Liberals are Commie.

Anyone not talking about disbanding the Fed is False Opposition. That's practically everyone but me. We gave our national  credit cards to satanist Jews and Masons who want to dispossess, murder and enslave. Central banks = the WEF. Nothing will change until central banks are disbanded.  This won't happen. Mankind is doomed.

Encore- The Jewish Plot to destroy Christian Civilization

Iranian warship Alborz enters the Red Sea - Tasnim

Iran's Alborz warship has passed through the Bab al-Mandab Strait and entered the Red Sea, the country's semi-official Tasnim news agency reported on Monday. Iranian warships have been operating in the region "to secure shipping lanes since 2009", Tasnim said. (Reuters)


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top Israeli officials have made clear they plan to continue the Gaza slaughter for the long term. Despite international calls for a ceasefire and accusations of genocide, Netanyahu said Sunday that his campaign will continue for "many more months."

Thousands rallied across Israel on Saturday night, calling for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ousting amidst Israel's war with Hamas in Gaza.

Crowds gathered in Tel Aviv to rally against Netanyahu, while others protested outside the premier's private residence in the northern city of Caesarea.

Maj. Gen. (res.) Guy Zur said at the Tel Aviv protest, "I asked myself, 'Why protest now? During a time of war, while our soldiers are united at the front?' To me, the answer is simple: It is our duty towards the next generations, because he who weakened us and sacrificed us for his political needs and love of power, is not suited to lead us to victory."

Biden Again Warns the US Could Fight Russia Directly If Congress Doesn't Approve More Ukraine Aid

Pushback to Tyranny & Control Increases in 2024 - Catherine Austin Fitts

CAF thinks gold is a "must have" investment for the coming years.  The US dollar is being weakened, but it is still "dominant and dangerous."

In closing, CAF says, "I think we are going to see collisions at a spiritual, legal, financial and physical level increasing all over the planet.  This is a real war, and we are in World War III now. The US is going to defend the dollar. . ."  There is much more in the 1-hour and 2-minute in-depth interview.


This is satanist Jews talking about goyim

WEF Calls For Elimination of 'Useless Class' of Humans

Highlighting the transformative power of these technologies, Harari asserted that the elite are acquiring divine powers of creation and destruction akin to ancient religious depictions of a god's ability to shape life.

In the context of the 21st-century economy, he proposed that the predominant products would not be traditional goods but rather bodies, brains, and minds. Harari underscored the ongoing shift toward designing and upgrading life, effectively positioning the elite as creators akin to gods.


Freemasons control world as shills for the Rothschilds 

Masonic symbols and brethren on world currency, according to the Grand Lodge of Russia

Electric Cars Are Filling Vehicle Graveyards as Hardly Anyone Wants to Buy a Used One

The Chinese government forced people to buy the inefficient vehicles and Biden is attempting the same in the US

EVs are not selling because consumers just don't want them, despite massive subsidies to both the manufacturers and consumers. But capitalism is being blamed.

British Pilot Exposes Who Is Behind the Chemtrails Operation

While it is claimed that chemtrailing is done to block out the sun to keep global temperatures within the limits as dictated by the Paris Climate Agreement, Mark stated that the purpose is to poison us and block out the sun, which is necessary for plant and human life.

Unambiguous Admission of a Premeditated Plandemic
David Martin's Speech: 'Exposing COVID-19 Crimes'

"This is the admission, unambiguously, which states without any equivocation, that the reason for the global terror campaign that began officially in the minds of most people in late 2019, was a premeditated plan of terrorism, collusion, coercion and, ultimately, murder ... This quote is the admission of four felonies, regardless of which side of the Atlantic you're on."


MEP Christine Anderson: How Europe Became a Society 'That Hates Itself

"My hope also lies actually with it, with the American people. Because the American people, they have [more] of a concept of freedom," she said, adding what "an honor" it was to be asked to speak to the American people about freedom.

Near the end of her comments, Ms. Anderson made a plea to Americans, saying, "I really need the American people to just stay American people and uphold that concept of freedom that is deeply rooted within the Americans.

"We need that if we want to save all the peoples around the world from this tyrannical system they're about to impose on us." 


The Names & Faces of the 150 Bilderbergers Who Manipulated the COVID-19 Pandemic Response

"This page attempts to name and shame them and reveal the roles they have played.


(Left, Netanyahu, Hamas and Iran are on the same team. Israel was established to foment WW3)

Mutants unfit to be wives and mothers, womyn face extinction

Has Feminism And 'Hoeflation' Destroyed Dating In The West?

"What feminism has done, essentially, is hyper-exaggerate women's natural inclination to seek out more productive men, while also hyper-exaggerating their sense of self-worth and making them insufferable.  

Women who have nothing to offer have been inculcated with delusions of grandeur.  So much so that the question "what do you bring to the table" is sneered at - "I am the table" is their response.  There is no cure for this level of narcissism except hitting rock bottom, which is an outcome that western women (and society as a whole) are swiftly approaching."

Reflections on the present mood

Man, this new years was so strange, people were not happy at all, everyone seemed apathetic

"Couldn't feel Christmas magic at all too...They're draining our soul

 "Negativity is heavy in the air I think everyone feels it. Hang in there man. :)  
unnamed (19).jpg
(Netanyahu and Hamas are allies)

Biden funds ballroom dancing in Peru to 'uplift transgender and gender-diverse' young people


Another potential war- Venezuela Covets Resoure-rich Guyana

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jan 1, 2024 - Opening Days of World War Three "

James said (January 1, 2024):

Once again you are spot-on-the-money!

You are so right, abolish “the Fed” !!!!!!

Unfortunately, there are so very few men and women

in the USA who know what you are talking about. Ignorant they are.

“Woody Wilson” was blackmailed into signing over the legislation that has,in essence destroyed the fabric of our society --- Something for Nothing!

What a scam it was and still is. “Toilet Paper for Gold.”

You and I know it is, but so few others really care. Sad, but true.

Don’t ever quit telling the truth-of-the-matter!

Some of us need you.

Laura said (January 1, 2024):

Some (us informed) think this country has fallen, being invaded, but most people are nihilists, self absorbed and believe the gov. and mainline news as infallible.

Patriots are a tiny few. Most scoff and don't think globalist agenda 2030 even exists so I quit informing others, and only have those likeminded in my social circle. Those who took covid shots (most) are not welcome in my circle because they trusted Trump, Fauci mainstream news hype and then Biden.

We quit voting over 40 yrs ago knowing all politicians are puppets and easily manipulated. by those running this whole game plan. When do you think the reset will happen? Many of us have too much money in several banks (retired folks) and at brokerages (stocks, bonds,etc) We are retirees and want to know your views. I have a pdf of Dr Day's speech for a long time in a folder. Can't rem. who sent it to me around 2003. much has come true.



These concerns are well founded. I'd keep a six months supply of cash or metals at home.


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