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Freddie Baggins - Our Leaders are Both Evil and Insane

January 25, 2024


The evidence is conclusive that the Covid vaccines 
were never, ever necessary to make anyone "safe". 

by Freddie Baggins

In 2021 many people asked why our governments were enforcing mass inoculations of every age group when all of the data, even from the government sources, showed that the Covid virus was only dangerous to those who were highly immune compromised, which class included overwhelmingly the very elderly? 

At that time, we were also arguing that the vaccines were not even necessary for them as there were other proven, cheap and simple treatment protocols available for them which our governments deliberately suppressed (and continue to do so). 

So why jab everyone with foreign DNA, which were "experimental", as said by all government sources?

The evidence is conclusive that the Covid vaccines were never, ever necessary to make anyone "safe". They are dangerous and have since turned out to have caused far more deaths and harm than saved or helped others, and the theories we advanced in 2021 as to why our governments and all of the tentacles of the ruling establishment were forcing them on the people came down to these: 

- big profits for those in our corrupt government systems and investors in big pharma; 

- mass experimentation on billions of people with "different pokes for different folks";

- to harm our immune and fertility systems and to kill us off at a faster rate (i.e., to "cull" us); 

- simply to control us, wiping away with the pretext of "emergency conditions" all of our basic rights, including the right even to know what substances were in the jabs, or the likely risks, and even in most cases to resist getting jabbed; and 

- to prepare us for further vaccines injecting us with substances to change our DNA or to "chip" us for their centralized technocratic control grids. 

None of these reasons are mutually exclusive, and if we know anything about the WEF we would know that as with 9/11, there are multiple "stakeholders" with diverse interests supporting each of the various operations. 

In all probability the real reason or reasons for the Covid jabs are one or more of the above. 

The Covid plandemic, the WEF goals, and 9/11 all show that the majority of the masses do not really care about the truth in anything; they have they been programmed away from truth and reason. 

 They are now doing most of the harm through what they call "globalism". Most Americans who hope for a rectification through people like Trump and on a reliance of their so- called "democratic" system do not seem to realize how completely corrupt the US has become. 

At best they will vote for the lesser of evils, and their nation and the entire West simply will continue to crumble and die following their inept leadership. The evidence of people such as Col. Macgregor, who clearly sees the absolute mess and decadence in the US military, and what the various US administrations have done to it, and especially the insanity of what the present administration has started in the Ukraine, leaves us with only one conclusion. 

We see the same pattern of crimes, corruption and deviltry as we have seen with the Covid plandemic, the vaccines, and the WEF which ought to prove by now that those we have allowed to run our nations are both evil and insane. To right things we need total regime change!

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Comments for "Freddie Baggins - Our Leaders are Both Evil and Insane"

Al Thompson said (January 25, 2024):

The so-called leaders are beyond evil and insane. They have completely inverted the real God’s natural order and have destroyed most generations who have been unfortunate enough to live under their “rule.” If there is anything good about life, they will attempt to screw it up and make people miserable. All of us cn do better by living with good morals and avoiding things that go against the natural law. The natural law rules over everyone and everything. It is easy to understand and easy to implement. The “new world order” is evil and insane and it is going to end in failure. We’re seeing it happen….

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