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Makow--We Have Not Processed the Scamdemic Trauma

December 10, 2023

(left, the Illusion of freedom)

We act as though the most traumatic events of our lifetime never happened.

 There are many symptoms of pandemic-related PTSD.

Denial should be listed as one of them. It isn't. We are in denial.

Is denial the way people should handle trauma? We have all been scarred, 
not just by the hoax, but worse, by the fact that society betrayed 
us in the most egregious way. Nothing we were told is true.
There has been no reckoning. The perps have not been punished.
We're still pretending it didn't happen. JFK, 9-11...what else is new?

By Henry Makow PhD

The Satanists behind the Plandemic now deny that anyone was forced to take a vaccine.

They want us to forget the lockdowns, the social distancing and the masks.  Forget the arrests of people sitting on park benches or alone at the beach. Forget the beatings of people who refused to wear masks. The firing of people who refused the jab.  The vaccine passports and travel restrictions. The invasive and toxic PCR tests. The seclusion of loved ones in nursing homes. The poisoning of loved ones with Remdesivir. The restrictions on all gatherings. The closing of bank accounts of convoy protesters and their supporters. 

They suppress reports of adverse reactions and deaths from the "vaccines." This denialism makes sense. They want to escape blame and punishment. 

What doesn't make sense is the denial we are seeing in the alternative media. There is hardly any reflection upon the most traumatic experience we have ever had. 


(Woman arrested for not wearing mask at football game. Cheerleaders are unmasked)

The real trauma, greater than the lockdowns and fear porn is the realization that our democracy and freedom are a hoax. We have no "human rights." Our leaders all serve the WEF, a satanic cult, not us.

"There never was a virus. There was no pandemic." - Michel Chossudovsky

COVID 19 was the flu rebranded.  "I'm going to tell you that the design of the so-called vaccines was intentionally to harm people." -- Michael Yeadon, PhD 

All of our social institutions were complicit in perpetrating this hoax. With the exception of a few brave doctors, the medical profession was the worst offender. Then the government, the MSM, justice and law enforcement, the schools and churches. Everyone fell into line. Everyone followed the money, not the science. And the money is controlled by the Rothschild banking cartel who want you dead. 

A Communist coup had taken place but it wasn't given this name. When their wards were supposedly full of COVID patients, nurses taunted us with their silly dances.

We learned that Freemason satanists and Jews have infiltrated all social institutions. The goal of Freemasonry is Communism. The scamdemic and lockdowns were a dry run. 

Our society betrayed its commitment to freedom and human rights. Our society folded like a cheap tent.

Perhaps the greatest disappointment was the credulity of the mask-wearing sheeple. 90% of people are incapable of independent thought or research. Many advocated jail or forced vaccinations for those who abstained. 

We learned that a world government based on the UN and WHO already exists. The anti-COVID measures were uniform and universal. 

Putin's invasion of Ukraine forced them to put their 2030 Vax Agenda on the back burner. The Israel-Gaza war suggests that they have turned to world war to push it through. 

We have all been scarred, not just by the hoax, but by the sense that our leaders have betrayed us in the most egregious way. 

This has been a blessing in disguise. They (the WEF) revealed themselves. The world is run by psychopaths. It is a bad sci fi horror movie. Their Great Reset is the beginning of a new Dark Age. 

No one has any credibility. Mankind has slipped its moorings and is headed for the rocks. 

The only way to restore trust is to hold the satanists accountable for their crimes. 


First Comment from Savvy Granny

Exactly.  "There never was a public health anything.  It was racketeering for the purpose of instilling terror to adapt the behaviours of populations.  Period.  That is all it was.  That is what it always was."  Dr. David Martin to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.  September 13, 2023

The manifesto of the WHO d'etat ran the biggest medical experiment in recorded human history as a military operation with the US DOD and Depts of Defense of all United [Communist] Nations member states means that we have de facto world government.  And that government is owned by the central banking cartel which is the financial arm of the Judenstaat.  These are the dynastic  Owners of what Louis T McFadden designated for the Congressional Record as 'a Money Trust', a world money pyramid.

And they also own the Revolution their Protocols call 'the Great Revolution' which they started in France 1789 with their Grand Orient Masonry and its Communes.  That Revolution is now in its global totalitarian endstage which includes World War III.  The Owners view their world wars as the great accelerators of their permanent, world-wide Revolution:

which has  a Communist axis fronted by the Eurasian Jews building and integrating Eurasia through Soviet Russia and the Russian-Chinese Alliance/s, Soviet Islam, BRICs and SPIEF manufactured billionaires.

which has a  Zionist axis fronted by the Zionist Jews who are destroying the Western nations (all captured states under heavy subversion and subject to Satanist agendas).  These are the nations which bear the imprint of 'even the idea of Christ' which must be eradicated, even the post Christian remnants of this civilisation.  And this is the ZOGs, Israel, NATO and WEF manufactured billionaires.

The Owners financed Nazis, Hitler and all that on their Zionist axis as controlled opposition to light the fire under the WW2 war pot in Poland.

Putin did not postpone anything.  In obedience to very Dark Forces.  He lit the fire under the war pot by invading the independent state of Ukraine for the integration of Eurasia in February 2022.

Netanyahu lit the fire under the war pot in Gaza for the destruction of Israel by Soviet Islam Oct 7 2022 in order to draw the ZOGs in two fronts.

Putin and Iran are openly collaborating for the destruction of the Jewish ethnostate in Israel.  They have all been collaborating for years on the destruction of the remnants of the Palestinian people who have been gulaged there since they declared the state of Israel.

The Western ZOGs must stay out of these war pots and assist the populations who are tethered goats and baited atrocity propaganda on the spit over the war pot.  To be able to do this they will need the Divine Assistance capable of penetrating the mind of The Owners.  They will not be able to do it with mere human reason because we are up against the one The Owners call in the Protocols "the Genius of our Guide". 

Hope exists and whatever must happen in order to get the West to unite and seek it in the Divine Assistance - let it happen.

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Comments for "Makow--We Have Not Processed the Scamdemic Trauma "

JC said (December 10, 2023):

Once again you tell the truth-of-the-matter.

You are spot on!!!!!

I hope all of your readers embrace what you just wrote.

You can see “the big picture”. Unfortunately few people in “the West” do.

So, it is what it is. Those that don’t see it, need to listen to you.

To all your readers, listen to Henry!!

Turn off your TV and most of your alternative news.

All of what is happening in the world today is an orchestrated system of destruction.

Mary said (December 10, 2023):

I know what it is to be shell-shocked, to be the walking wounded, almost the living dead, but we have a HEALER, and He is more than able to mend and tend us, fix us, help, keep and restore us to full scale living. We can go back into the fray! He promises in His Word that NO WEAPON THAT IS USED AGAINST US WILL PROSPER, and that every tongue that rises up in condemnation against us, we shall show to be in the wrong; that this is the heritage of His saints, and our righteousness is of Him.

No weapon that is used against you can prosper, if you are one of His. Don't believe the lies of Satan who wants you down and out of the battle! Don't buy into them. Believe His word and promises and soldier on! Many satanists have testified, in many books, that they cannot defeat Christian people! There you have it! God puts a hedge of protection about His people; satanists have even seen mighty angels standing guard over the homes and outposts of Christian people, when they've came to attack them.

Sandra said (December 10, 2023):

This is the best article, anywhere, ever, on this topic. It made me sick to see that skinny woman being manhandled by a big fat ugly kwap and arrested while a few yards away the cheerleaders were maskless. A perfect accompaniment to your writing.

There's no cure for pandemic[sic]-induced PTSD, though; let's not fool ourselves.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at