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Stephen Volk - Ayn Rand is Mother of Capitalist Collectivism (Communism)

December 3, 2023


With her championing of unrestricted 
and unlimited capitalism, did Ayn Rand 
merely pave the way for monopolies 
such as BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard?

It's the Illuminati dialectic. Two roads seem opposed but
lead to the same Communist place. 

The Wheat & Chaff of Ayn Rand
by Stephen Volk

Ayn Rand wrote to John L.B. Williams on March, 1948, "Thank you ever so much for I Saw Poland Betrayed (by Arthur Lane) and Communism and the Conscience of the West (by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen) which you sent me... I am sorry to say that I disagree with it quite emphatically...Monsignor Sheen is opposed to unrestricted, laissez-faire capitalism, claiming that it leads to monopolies. He does not prove or illustrate his point, but merely states it as a flat assertion; yet it is not true, either theoretically or historically. This point is so crucially important that I wish he had either stated his grounds for the assertion or refrained from making it. As you know, I am a supporter of free, complete, unrestricted, unlimited, laissez-faire capitalism." 

The iconic Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, Ph.d, D.D., Litt.D, LL.D, Agrege en Philosophie de l'Universite de Louvain, also towered over Rand like a New York skyscraper. He did not need to cite history, as by simple cause-and-effect speculation he was a visionary. For it is most definitely the monopolies of Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street preventing free, complete, unrestricted, unlimited, laissez-faire capitalism, destroying the middle class in the 21 st century. Indeed, Rand's association with Rockefeller makes her suspect: 

Was Ayn Rand propaganda merely paving the way for monopolies such as Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard, with her insistence favoring unrestricted and unlimited capitalism; disarming college students through the aid of the Rockefeller-funded Columbia Teachers College? Or did she lack the vision and foresight of Bishop Sheen? In any event, Ayn Rand was clearly wrong and, indeed, dangerous if taken seriously.

Proceeding a step further, in her course of self-destruction, we see today it is these monopolies forcing collectivism in globalist-forcing 15-minute cities and smart cities (soon to be built in Lahaina and Acapulco and Tucson). 

The very collectivism she opposed for decades, as a "false ideal," is this very moment rushing full speed ahead, due to unrestricted and unlimited capitalist monopolies. Not merely a spinner of witting or unwitting propaganda, Rand disseminated propaganda from others. Her vitriolic comment on Father Charles Coughlin, an endless fighter of Communist collectivism as was Bishop Sheen, shows a silly individualism not allowing for a bipartisan spirit in the fight against collectivism; while parroting the propaganda of others toward Coughlin. 

Her view toward the great patriot Father Coughlin stemmed from popularized leftist propaganda that he was anti-semitic. This was the Trotskyite "moral high ground" as a smokescreen for leftist Communist Jews who controlled FDR, such as military industrial complex chief Bernard Baruch and Francis Biddle. 

Alice fell for it. Being Jewish herself, Ayn Rand was Alice Rosenbaum, born in St. Petersburg on February 2, 1905. Despite the fact that hundreds of notable nationalist Jews supported Coughlin, listed in his Social Justice weeklies (who proclaimed "The American Jewish Committee does not speak for us!") the majority of American Jews believed the scripted MSM propaganda, including Alice.

Father Coughlin, left, however, easily debunked the leftist propaganda with his book, Not Anti-Semitism but Anti-Communism. While Ayn Rand overtly opposed Father Coughlin, Bishop Sheen and President Ronald Reagan, as any Jew uninformed about Christianity, she is silent on C.S. Lewis and fellow Russian Alexander Solzhenitsyn. 

Regarding her core belief on the positive strengths of individuality, Lewis, who held a first in philosophy from Oxford, was in complete agreement with Alice when he said, "There is more individuality in heaven than in hell." Rand overlooked such a great writer to her peril! Indeed, she would have sold far more books had she expressed open agreement with Lewis! 

To help her to do so there were even rapport makers, such as C.S. Lewis spouse Jewish Joy Gresham, and former communist New York educator and Sheen-influenced Jewish convert to traditional (non liberation theology) Catholicism, Bella V. Dodd. But Ayn Rand chose to vehemently defend her stance against Christianity, relegating herself to the E. Michael Jones' category of revolutionary Jews. 

Her own profiteering revolution of Objectivist Epistemology, despite its noble emphasis on the moral sense, excluded to her peril the greatest defenders of her day of the moral sense. It was doomed to the dust bin of history, as the chaff blew away. Did she think, like Hammurabi, she was going to start a new moral code? Or rival the Earth Charter moral code crafted for world government? Indeed, did she even pause to reflect on Who created the moral code, the Law of Nature, which C.S. Lewis expounded upon in Mere Christianity? 

Leftist Jewish Bolshevik anti-Christian Communism has always been a front for Satanism - Coughlin, Sheen and Wurmbrand knew this well - and this is what leftist Blackrock CEO Jew Larry Fink is forcing today! But in the wheat category, Ayn Rand simply excelled. In the twentieth century, perhaps there was no greater crusader against collectivism than Ayn Rand. Her Anthem will endure as a literary classic, and should definitely be placed alongside Brave New World and 1984. It is vastly underrated.

 It clearly shows where our world is rapidly headed today. Once the profiteering globalist eugenicists reduce world pop. to 500 million, their de-humanizing collectivism will make the world of Anthem manageable. In her correspondence to Nathan Blumenthal on January 13, 1950, Alice wrote on the collectivist-statist trend since the middle of the 19th century: "It was the breakdown of Europe abandoning Capitalism - to return to statism, to a controlled economy. Just exactly as the present breakdown of America is not the failure of Capitalism, but the men abandoning the principles of Capitalism and introducing socialistic controls." 

And we see statism, a controlled economy, and world-government socialist controls right around the corner with CBDC and leftist-programmed AI. So when Ayn Rand is detected in the wheat category, it is the finest of wheat. It is simply that her rock-solid belief for a "free, complete, unrestricted, unlimited, laissez-faire capitalism," where high capitalists became socialists through eliminating their competition, becoming billionaires while eliminating the middle class, is bringing about the very Marxism and collectivism she despised. 
Stephen Volk References: Ayn Rand, Anthem. New York: Signet, 1946. Letters of Ayn Rand, M.S. Berliner, ed. (New York: Penguin, 1997) 464. Barbara Branden, The Passion of Ayn Rand. New York: Doubleday, 1986. Bella V. Dodd. School of Darkness. Angelico Press, 2017.

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Additional note by Stephen Volk-

Rand' contemporary Edith Stein, Catholic philosopher, towered over Rand like a New York skyscraper. In the quest for real Truth, it would be highly advantageous to do contrasting studies of the confused Objectivity of Rand to the profound Christian philosophy of Jewish convert to Catholicism, Edith Stein.

Truly, ANTHEM by Ayn Rand (Alice Rosenbaum) is equal to or greater than 1984 and BRAVE NEW WORLD. It is short and everyone must read it quickly and let its overt and subtle warnings sink in. It begins on the other side of Cancel Culture complete with Marxist collectivism, then the protagonist works his way back to Freedom. It can only be accomplished through Individuals! Alice was an atheist, but she grew up in Marxist collectivism and her warnings against it are powerfully right on. Everyone should read the book NOW and even the PDF if they have to and quickly spread it around! Rand was wrong on some things - but this book is RIGHT ON born from her Bolshevik experiences with forced collectivism...  I'm convinced the final lock on collectivist chains is ready to close....

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Comments for "Stephen Volk - Ayn Rand is Mother of Capitalist Collectivism (Communism)"

A said (December 4, 2023):

Ayn Rand was the mistress of the then head of the Illuminati, Phillipe de Rothschild. According to John Todd, Atlas Shrugged was written for insiders only to map out their insidious plans of world takeover. Looks like they are way behind schedule. Eternal God bless mother Russia, the eternal monkey wrench in the synagogue of satan's machine. Russians have been fighting against the Alans (Gog) & Khazars (Magog) self styled Jews for over 1000 years. After Russia cleans up the Ukraine, let's all pray to Eternal God they clean up the USA & Israel.



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