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Putin is a Zionist Puppet

December 14, 2023

(Putin with Berel Lazer, Chief Rabbi of Russia) 

Reader "Zack" argues that Putin is not the hero many Westerners think. 
He is there to kill goyim and start WW3

What do Hitler, Putin, Hamas & the Ayatollahs in Teheran all have in common? 

They were all put into power & propped up by Western Intelligence Services. In Hamas's case it was Mossad.

By Zack

It's no secret we are heading for WW3. Israel-Palestine is just one theatre. 

However the stage was set when Vladimir Putin ( Zionist Puppet in charge of Russia) purposely launched a FAILED invasion of Ukraine on February 24th much to the delight of his Illuminati handlers.

Just like Hitler had to play the role of "saviour" & then "sabateour" of Germany. So is Putin to Russia. In order for the New World Order to be succesful Russia & the Islamic World have to be destroyed from within. For that they need their Agents. Albert Pike's prophecy is coming to fruition.

What do Hitler, Putin, Hamas & the Ayatollahs in Teheran all have in common? 

They were all put into power & propped up by Western Intelligence Services. In Hamas's case it was Mossad.


Now onto Russia-Ukraine. Which I find to be more important than Hamas-Israel as more lives are at stake & it could drag the whole of Europe into WW3..

This war has become a WW1 like Stalemate costing hundreds of thousand lives because Putin purposely SABOTAGED Russia at the behest of his Zionist Illuminati masters. And Yes Putin is a hardcore Zionist. His personal  freindships with Roman Abramovich, Kissinger & Netanyahu attest to that (don't buy the bogus msm articles thst they had a "heated" telephone exchange last week. Pure fiction)

Now I will inform you of the case of Russian Nationalist Igor Girkin, left:

Igor Girkin was a former Russian Military Colonel who returned to Service in 2014 after the Nato led EuroMaiden Coup. 

Under Girkin's command pro-Russian Rebels captured huge swathes of the Donbass in 2014. Including the Vital town of Slovyansk. The regular Ukranian Army was in dissaray. Putin could have easily sent in 100 000 Troops at most & took the whole country.

Instead Putin waffled (Much Like Hitler in Dunkirk). The Russians & NATO both agreed to manafacture a disaster involving Malaysian Airlines (There is no way ATC of either Russia, Ukraine or Nato would allow a civilian  flight route through an active war zone that involve long range SAM's) 

Girkin was then demoted, sent back to Russia, the Donbass rebels lost control of Slovyansk & the Ukranians were given 8 years to consolidate, prepare, buy NATO weapons like Javelins & Stingers to maul incoming Russian Troops. I mean who balks on invading a country in dissaray & then decides to invade 8 years later when they will be much stronger? Nobody is this stupid. It's by illuminati design.

Then in Feb 24 2022 Putin launches a full scale military operation. An operation in which he avoids targeting command centers in Kyiv & sabotages from Day one by Imprisoning True Nationalists like Girkin & not commiting to a mobilization.

If Putin was serious about succeeding in Ukraine he would have sent 300 000 Troops in. Not 180 000. Invaded in December when the land was Frozen & not Muddy.

Like Zelensky was sent to cost the lives of Young Ukranian men as is Putin to young Russian men. Girkin was imprisoned for calling for a mobilization to end the war with a swift Russian victory early in March 2022.

Instead Putin again waited for the Ukranians to re-arm. This time with better weapons like HIMARS and only sent more Russians in with the "partial mobilization" to let more young Russian blood at the behest of his Illuminati masters.

Enter Prighozin. The Battle for Bakhmut in the Winter of 2023 to Spring was amongst the bloodiest of the war. Tens of Thousands of Ukranians & Russians (Mainly fighting for the Wagner mercanary group) died. It was brutal. WW1 style fighting. 

What did Putin & the Russian MOD do? They conveniently tried to sabotage Prighozin by cutting off his Ammo supply. What kind of leadership sabotages it's own ability to win a battle?

Prighozin eventually was made aware of the Con. He could have saved the world last summer. Overthrew Illuminati puppet Putin, brought peace to Russia-Ukraine & told the truth to the World. That the Illuminati is playing both sides & trying to create a WW3 through controlled flashpoints. Prighozin could have been a global hero. Thats why he was taken out. Also there were reports of top CIA officials like Burns setting a hotline up with the Kremlin during these events. Russuan-American co-ordination?

Bit of a tangent but Honestly watch the George Lucas Star Wars prequels. It's literally telling us what is happening now (predictive programming)

Unfortunatley Prighozin did not succeed. Was killed off. Girkin is now decaying in a Russian Gulag. And may meet the same fate too.

It really angers me when I see people on the "conspiracy internet" pay homage to Elon, Trump, Alex Jones, Andrew Tate's & the like.

They are all puppets. Sent to cheerlead for Putin & Netanyahu. Illuminati agents sent to bring WW3 so a godless one world society led by Anti Christ can take over.

On the ashes of Russia, America, Europe, Ukraine, Mid East & beyond.

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Comments for "Putin is a Zionist Puppet"

RL said (December 15, 2023):

I have to agree with Zack about Jones.
Months after 911 I was injured at work and spent 2 years sidelined at home. Being an avid internet user back then (when it was still wild and free) I fell down the rabbit hole and discovered you Henry, Alex Jones, Rense, Icke, and as many others as possible.

I’ve always considered Jones to be a narcissistic blowhard but I followed him over the years. He does have some intelligent and well informed guests from time to time.

Jones has been accused many times of being false opposition and his refusal to broach the subject of anything Jewish has always been glaringly obvious.

Yesterday I watched as Stew Peters sat in with Alex in an apparently unscripted discussion. Peters spoke about many of the subjects you have been writing about for years. Connecting the dots between real world events, the banking cartel and the connection to elite Jewish “Leadership”.

Jones was visibly angry. He did everything he could to obfuscate the discussion. Peters body language suggested he in turn was frustrated and disappointed with Jones. I always has my doubts about Jones but that sealed the deal. He is there to steer his listeners away from the topics you have been writing about for years. Thank you for what you do.


Thanks RL

I was interviewed by Jones once, and that's all because i focus on the Joos.


Sierra said (December 15, 2023):

don't believe he is. Putin has shown he sees many shades of grey; not just black & white. He is a chess player. He has many facets of Governorship that require adept & wise decisions. He's looking at the much-bigger picture. Results are what matter. Putin gives his adversaries lots of rope. He tries to be diplomatic. He crosses the T's and dots the i's. So that when he opens that can o'whoop-ass, the punks it's directed to can't whine.

Tony B said (December 15, 2023):

Henry, Putin was NOT put into power by "western intelligence" agencies. And anyone who calls what Russia has done in Ukraine "failed" is removed from reality. Russia has already won a war against the whole self named "west" there in less than two years, bleeding every "western" nation dry of military ability while offering all nations honest dealings in all things economic. Putin, almost alone, has, in a little over 20 years, made the Rothschild cabal a rapidly fading, soon irrelevant, dead scourge of the earth.

Russia once had more Jews than all the other nations in the world put together (today the U.S. has that label). Putin, perhaps the greatest diplomat living today, has been able to make this most diverse of all nations happy to be Russian and has so unified the country as to make it the world's most powerful, truly the one nation that has the Rothschild cabal chewing their ties in insanely frightened madness as they see their criminal power dissolving before their eyes. No matter what Russia's self appointed Jew leadership cabal may want to do - like a return to their soviet rule - they do not run Russia anymore but are welcomed as lawful citizens if they behave themselves.

James said (December 14, 2023):

Once again you published the-truth-of-the-matter exemplified by “Zach.”

I hope all of your readers will realize “that it is what it is.”

I wonder which “Putin Double” is parading in front of “the camera” these days?

There must be more than one.

Unfortunately, there are so few “pundits” who can see “the big picture” of world events.

As Albert Pike and “friends” planned over 150 years ago, WWIII has begun.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at