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Mike Stone - Navigating a Fake News World

December 8, 2023

Mike Stone is a valued contributor. 
He often articulates what we are feeling. 
But this article is a dud. It goes without saying. 
Almost passed on it. What do you think? 

Plus, Mike has been snookered by the Trump ruse
and the crazy notion that John McCain was executed for treason.
If US politicians were executed for treason, there would be none left.

by Mike Stone

Remember these famous words from the movie Apocalypse Now: "Every minute I stay in this room I get weaker. And every minute Charlie (the Vietnamese) squats in the bush he gets stronger." 

That's the situation that exists today concerning you and the Fake News media. Every minute you spend watching television and absorbing lies, you get weaker and they get stronger.

Most people today have told so many lies, ingested so many lies, and believed so many lies that they are in a state of almost complete abandonment of God. Many of them are so far gone from reality that they are never coming back.

So that's the first advantage in learning how to discern the truth - it will bring you closer to God.

Telling the Truth can Save Your Life

Look at all of the Reddit warriors who were duped into believing that the government of the Ukraine represented the "good guys" in their military conflict with Russia. Based on those lies, they traveled to the Ukraine and volunteered to fight. They thought they would return home as heroes. Today they are all dead. Thousands of them.

Look at all of the people who were duped into taking the fake vaccine for the phoney virus. Hundreds of millions of people. Today, every one who took the fake vaccine and didn't get the placebo is either dead or living with a severely crippled immune system, leaving them highly susceptible to a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

How to Discern the Truth, Step Two

The second step when it comes to discerning the truth is to seek out news sources that do tell the truth. Granted, there aren't many of them, but there are some. Your job is to find and frequent them. Henry's site here is a fantastic source of information.

You won't find a truthful news source on television, or on the radio, or in any newspaper (except the American Free Press), or in any magazine (except The Barnes Review), or on any so-called "conservative" website or podcast. Don't delude yourself into thinking that you're getting truthful information from shills like Benny Shapiro or Dennis Prager. You're going to have to limit your news sources only to those which consistently tell the truth.

Once you've eliminated all of the Fake News sources from your life and found yourself some truthful sources, you have almost everything you need in order to discern the truth in any situation. All you need to add is a little common sense.

What's great about these easy-to-use tools for discerning the truth is that they also allow you to make predictions of future events with stunning accuracy. And I'll lay a couple of predictions on you at the end of this piece.

Putting in All Together

Last October, every mainstream news source (all of them known liars) repeated the same story: that Israel was hit with a surprise attack by Hamas.

So take Step One in our process. It tells us that any statement made by a person or organization that is known to lie must be eliminated, and that the actual truth is the exact opposite of whatever they are saying. That tells us that Israel was not hit with a surprise attack, that they knew the attack was coming and/or had a hand in it.

Now if you're the lazy type - and I confess to being lazy at times myself - you can stop right there, knowing that the "surprise attack" on Israel was not a surprise attack at all. That it was no different from the attacks on 9/11, or the attack on Pearl Harbor, which coincidentally happened to fall on this very day, December 7.

If you're not the lazy type, you can proceed to Step Two in our formula and consult news sources that consistently tell the truth. Those sources tell us that, just as we suspected, the "surprise attack" by Hamas was not a surprise at all. The entire attack was identified by Israeli intelligence months before (just like 9/11 and just like Pearl Harbor), and that IDF forces actually killed the majority of Israeli people on October 7.

You can find one source here, RT and another here study which contain some very interesting information about insider trading that took place in the days and weeks before October 7. It seems some investors, who knew the attack was coming, made millions of dollars by shorting Israeli securities.

Ah! Just like 9/11, eh?

You can find more on that here, along with confirmation that Israeli intelligence knew about the attack up to a year ahead of time:

And here's the New York Times (!) reporting the same story:

The sources just go on and on.

When you eliminate known liars and start to dig around the many alternative sources that are available, it's amazing what you will find. 

A Stunning Prediction

Now I mentioned earlier that you can use our two-step formula not only to discern the truth, but also to make future predictions with stunning accuracy. So here's a couple from me. Based on everything we're seeing in both the Fake News media and from the rare sources of truthful media, I'm predicting a massive - and I mean massive - win by Trump in 2024, even bigger than in 2020 and with no mail-in ballots.

And in the same way that Trump had John McCain executed for treason, he is going to go scorched earth on a number of Deep State players in 2025. To some that's great news. To others it's horrifying. But that's the thing when it comes to discerning the truth. You have to leave your emotions and opinions out and let the facts fall where they fall.

By this time next year, we'll know if my first prediction is right.

Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: And A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Navigating a Fake News World "

Doug P said (December 9, 2023):

Just reading websites without a foundational background is going to keep you confused. Most people who read read history or theology, but many don't read philosophy. I believe that Plato and Aristotle are foundational readings because they outline the science of political philosophy, and common sense fills in the details. Without them, you are lost. Philosophy is the study of bullshit and how to detect it, dialectic is often an illusion practiced by our current banksters and their politicians.

The science of jurisprudence has methods and tests for the practice of detecting bullshit. From my study of jurisprudence, I applied the rules of evidence to conclude there were no planes on 9-11, any debate, I would win. Only from jurisprudence do you hear the phrase "lies of omission". I read books on the history of the last century 10% of the time, 90% of the time I'm reading about illusions - Kantian philosophy. My go-to sites are this one, Global Research and The Unz Review. I also watch videos from Bitchute.

Mike makes a good point that many people have forgotten: Once a liar, always a liar. We don't trust known liars in everyday life, why do we when we look for news?

I don't share Mike's point of view on everything, nor yours Henry, but I believe you are both truly looking for the truth. Trust is a 4 letter word, trust is evil, and never trust anyone. The devil needs trust and feeds on it.

AA said (December 9, 2023):

Stone is spot on regarding liars and disinfo except for exagguration and
Trump nonsense. Presidents are selected not elected. Contrarians often
predict better than mainstream thought , but accuracy is so low that one
cannot bet relying on contrarian view.

Like Stone, several of my friends are promoting the notion that superman
or alien will save us from the psychopaths. I think they have been worn
down to the point that they will do and believe anything to end the
torture. Exactly what the JWO wants!

Gordon said (December 8, 2023):

you ask for feedback re today's essay by Mike Stone

well, for starters, Mr Stone is on record as an ultra-montaign Roman Catholic. So his own discernment is less than zero

Mr Stone's assertion about Trump having had McCain 'executed' is ridiculous. Not a scintilla of a factoid, to corroborate that fantasy

that aside:
I think he's right that there will be massive voter support for Donald Trump, if The Donald gets his name on the ballot in 2024.
but I am pessimistic that - even if, at that time the Powers-that-Be grudgingly acknowledge that Trump won that election - he will be permitted to take office as President

economist Martin Armstrong has an impressive record of financial geo-political predictions coming out of his computer program "Socrates". Armstrong is saying "beware May 7th 2024" the computer is predicting very serious civil unrest until 2032.

rh said (December 8, 2023):

Being born in the USA after WWII, I have been constantly reminded that the Jews suffered greatly during WWII from the hand of the German, not just the Nazi German. We were told this was a genetic bloodlust for the German to kill the Jew. Because it was genetic, there was nothing to be done but to keep the German contained, he being dangerous. Thus it followed, the Jew will forever be a natural victim of German barbarity.

Now comes the Jew, Gaza and the Palestinian. Does it appear the Jew has a genetic inclination to kill the Palestinian? The Jews justifies his actions and accuses the rest of us to be anti-Semitic.

Perhaps, its just shows that the Jew’s feet are made of the same clay as the rest of us. Nothing more, nothing less. Can that be accepted? To be the same?

We shall see.

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