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Edward Menez - Organized Jewry has Destroyed the West

December 1, 2023

Assimilation......or Clannishness?

Western nations are reaching a tipping point. 
They are about to rise up against the migrants 
and their Masonic Jewish sponsors i.e. Klaws Swab & the WEF.

by Edward Menez

Close to 20 years ago I asked a question of my predominantly Hispanic high school students, almost all of those of Mexican decent.

The question was this: "Do you consider yourself and your loyalties to Mexico or America?"

I first asked those who were born in Mexico to raise their hands and give me their verdicts.  Answer: they all considered themselves Mexican.

I then asked those who were born in the US but whose parents were born in Mexico to raise their hands.  Their answer: Mexican.

Finally, I asked those whose parents and themselves were born in the US, but whose grandparents were born in Mexico to raise their hands.  The verdict: they considered themselves Mexicans still, three generations after their family came from that country to the US.

Even back then about 20 years ago, my first thought was: "How can we have a united society and a patriotic country when these people don't even consider themselves Americans?"


Now we have the Irish fed up with immigrants who don't want to assimilate into their culture.  Riots have broken out after an immigrant supposed to have been deported about 15 years ago stabbed Irish children.

The same riots could just as easily be sparked in countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, and England. All of Western Europe, it seems, has been forced to accept immigrants from third-world countries in recent years.  In what other countries in the world has this also been the case?  Well, in Canada and the USA for sure.  What is the commonality between all of these countries?  They were white Christian societies for over a thousand years in the case of the European countries, and as for the US and Canada, they were founded by white Christians from Europe hundreds of years ago.  All of these countries lived as white Christian-majority societies until the present.

There's no doubt in my mind who did this to us.  Who hates white Christians the most, and has hated them for 2000 years?  

Who has infiltrated and been kicked out of every white Christian country at some point for spreading usury?  Pedophilia?  The sacrificial murder of children for their feasts and for the adrenochrome?  

Who poisoned Europe's wells in the Black Plague?  Who caused the "Spanish Flu" by vaccinating us a hundred years ago?  Who tried to vaccinate us all again with kill shots during the past two years?
"Are Jewes Still Poisoning the Wells?" 

Who started a war to make white Christians fight each other in WWI?  WWII?  The Ukrainian-Russian War currently going on?  Why is it always white Christian soldiers killing each other?


White Christians have been duped to kill themselves in every war because of the "blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan" (Revelation 2:9 KJV).  The Synagogue of Satan is the country now known as Israel, because 90% of its citizens are not Semitic and have no connection to the Jews of Jesus' time.  Instead, they are Ashkenazi Jews, or Khazars from their ancient homeland in Ukraine that they are now taking over once again.

Why don't we send Israel some of these immigrants?  Because Israel is the only country in the world that doesn't allow assimilation.  They have their own country just for Jews (or Synagogue of Satan-Jews).  They even persecute the Sephardic Jews (the other 10% of Israel's citizens) who are originally from Palestine.    

Israel knows that the immigrants going to Europe, the US, and Canada will not assimilate because they are not white Christians.  The people who settled the US in the 1700s, 1800s, and the early 1900s, for example, came from all over Europe--Italy, Germany, Ireland, England, France, Scandanavia--but they all assimilated for the most part because they had something in common: they were white Christians.

thank-you-jews1 (1).png
Israel wants to destroy our Western societies now by sending in immigrants who are not white Christians to:
1) Keep us constantly on edge against the intrusion of our culture;
2) Destroy Christianity through repopulation of non-Christians;
3) Keep the attention off of them, the Azhkenazim Jewish mafia, who are our real enemies;
4) Destroy our economies by supporting all these immigrants on welfare with taxpayer money.

Did the citizens of Western Europe, Canada, and the US ever get to vote on whether we'd like to allow these immigrants into our countries?  Did we agree to pay for them to live here with our tax money?  Did we agree to have 90% of Biden's Cabinet be dual Israeli-American citizens making these decisions for us?  No, no, y NO!


I have heard it said that for a Christian, being honest equates to humility before God.  For a Synagogue of Satan-Jew, being honest equates to a sin because they are of their father, the devil, who is the father of all lies (in paraphrasing John 8:44).  This article sums up Jewish Israelis' thought pretty well:

In the end, the entire Chapter of Matthew 23 has Jesus calling the Jews (scribes and Pharisees) hypocrites seven times for their deceit.   I think we've all endured their lies in seventy times seven instances at least, and my forgiveness is hard pressed to endure it any longer.  But what can we in white Christian countries do now to both obey Jesus and yet rid ourselves of the devil?

I think a good start would be for Israel to begin accepting immigrants.  They can start with accepting Palestinians. No, wait, they already have them.  And wait, Palestinians are not immigrants as they have been there for thousands of years!  So maybe Israel can begin by accepting some Somalians, Syrians, Afghanis, and Senegalese.  That might show sympathy with our plight.  But Israel would never do that....would they?  Not in a million years.

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Comments for "Edward Menez - Organized Jewry has Destroyed the West"

Doug P said (December 2, 2023):

Our movement lacks philosophy, and people who are very well-read and researched in history often know little or nothing or philosophy, so in the fundamental vectors of truth, fact and right, people tend to know almost nothing of right, while having all the facts.

The reason why White Christianity is hated by the Jews is that white societies embody the values of Christ, that is reason in their body politic and law in both a real sense and an administrative sense. This law is the "original writ", the Golden Rule, the single commandment of the NT, that is, treating your neighbor as you would expect to be treated is identical in right to worshipping God. It is the highest governing principle of the West and manifest in the Trinitarian structure of legislation and courts. It is 100% incompatible, diametrically opposed to Jewish Supremism. No one is fighting over words written 2000 years ago.

This lack of philosophical knowledge leads people to also believe there were planes on 9-11, when according to Rules Of Evidence in English Jurisprudence, there is no evidence. ROE state that eye witness and photographic evidence needs to be backed by physical evidence, the habeas corpus requirement.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at