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December 20 - Trauma Brainwashed Jews Lash Out

December 20, 2023


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Zionists have trauma brainwashed Jews to believe the world wants to exterminate them. In fact, Talmudic Judaism is based on corrupting, exploiting and enslaving the goyim. Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. This is the real cause of antisemitism.

Jewish School Teacher Arrested For Threatening To Slit Student's Throat When She Objected To Israeli Flag In Classroom

The student says she found the flag offensive "due to Israelis killing Palestinians."

Reese then told the student she was being antisemitic.  After that, several different witnesses independently said they heard Reese say, "he would kick her f**king a**, slit her godamn throat and drag her a** outside and cut her head off."

A faculty member says she heard Reese say, "You don't make an antisemitic comment like that to a Jew." The witness says the student responded negatively to Reese but was not yelling. The witness says the students left the classroom, but Reese followed them down the hallway.

The same witness says Reese was later seen returning to his classroom, cursing extremely loudly. The witness says he was yelling that he "should not be spoken to like that because he is a Jew."  He went on saying, "I will drag her a** into the parking lot, slit her f*g throat and kill her."

Kevin Barrett-Let's Extinguish the Fires of Jewish Supremacy...
...before they burn down the world

"By forcing the world to worship them, and making criticism blasphemy, Jewish supremacists have come to dominate American media, finance, politics, and of course foreign policy. They are committing Biblical-scale genocide against the "seed of Amalek" (i.e. non-Jews) in Ukraine--which has lost more than 14 million people, almost all Slavic Christians whom Jews view as their traditional enemies, since the current war began. Half a million Slavic Christians on both sides have been killed."
Israel offers new deal to Hamas - media
The proposal calls for a week-long pause in fighting in exchange for the release of 40 hostages


Yemen's Houthis Reveal General Mobilization Action to Send Soldiers to Gaza


Putin's Four-Hour Press Conference

Russia will spend $11 billion (1 trillion rubles) annually on maintaining reclaimed land. "Ukraine's whole southeast has always been pro-Russian because these are historically Russian territories," Putin claimed. "What does Ukraine have to do with this? Neither Crimea nor the Black Sea's whole northern coast have anything to do (with Ukraine). And Odesa is a Russian city," Putin said after announcing that Russia would not surrender any annexed land in Crimea, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, or Donetsk.
Alex Newman---How to Unite and Heal America: Rein in the Government
The remedy for America heading into 2024 is simple: Limit the power and scope of government. How do we do it? Alex Newman provides the answer.

Reduce the size of government 
Houthis Red Sea Blockade
Russ Winter- "The much-anticipated US naval coalition (Operation Prosperity Guardian) against Yemen was expected to have Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt on board, but ended up with only Bahrain, as well as its usual Western clients. None of Yemen's Red Sea neighbors wanted to risk a war with the Ansarullah (Houthis) for the sake of the US. No one wants to be a US proxy. This is a clear sign of US isolation."
25 People You Didn't Know were Linked to WEF
know them by their signs, symbols and associations

Also, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Tulsi Gabbard 


Hunter Biden's laptop contains evidence of multiple crimes that will be made public


Israeli soldiers looting spree troops seize Palestinian belongings

Commenter- What do you expect? They stole the Palestinians land and now their belongings. Shame on you idf terrorists. Free Palestine


Milei's Change Of Tone, Wall Street Friends and Extreme Harsh Reality Sets In

No more dollarization, more taxes.

Meat up 40%, plane tickets doubled. 

$20 billion cut to public sector --half a million people will be laid off

This is leading to hyper inflation

50% poverty levels   %10 are destitute


Schwab's warnings to Globalists about Black Swan events


Human Beings are at their Best when they rescue animals

Love begets love - A series of heartwarming and inspiring videos

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "December 20 - Trauma Brainwashed Jews Lash Out "

rt said (December 21, 2023):


" Alex Newman---How to Unite and Heal America: Rein in the Government
The remedy for America heading into 2024 is simple: Limit the power and scope of government. How do we do it? Alex Newman provides the answer.

Reduce the size of government "

( above quoted excerpt is from the article ___

No one knows nor needs to know exactly how big government should be ;
neither does anyone know nor needs to know exactly to what size should government be shrunk down . In other words , no one knows nor needs to know exactly what should be the size of government .

The rich elites ( aka plutocrats ) need to stop pandering to their own selfish and unjustifiable interests in accumulating vast amounts of financial wealth by proxy bribing legislators to pass tax exemption and loophole laws for plutocrats to avoid paying for their "fair share" of government .

The multitudes of sheeple herds are too politicly retarded to comprehend how plutocratic inordinate accumulations of vast wealth is contingent upon tax exemptions and tax loopholes for the rich to avoid paying for their "fair share" of government .

The government would automaticly be adjusted to the correct size when it is financed by the
[ one and only ] "fair tax" called a

Flat Rate Income Tax

which would give each and every normal adult taxpayer the exact same rate-of-return on their investment ( paid taxes ) in government as every other regular adult taxpayer with no "richman" tax exemptions and loopholes ;

whereby the size of government would be effectively determined by the [ one and only ] "fair tax"

called a Flat Rate Income Tax

that would be democraticly established by the U.S. Congress House of Representatives for the federal tax jurisdiction and likewise the representatives for all other nonfederal tax jurisdictions .

Moreover , any total tax take ( flat rate ) of any one or combination of federal/state/local taxes greater than fifty percent of any taxpayer income would be

proof positive of malfeasance of government .

What kind of government do you have when it is financed by [ all and only ] "unfair taxes" ?

Bill said (December 21, 2023):

re. "Trauma Brainwashed Jews Lash Out" --

I haven't followed you doggedly enough to have noted whether you have something against Gilad Atzmon or not. But surely this would have been the one time of all times to have noted his "PRE-Traumatic Stress Disorder" diagnostic insight. Nicht war ? It enables people to see such behavior at arms length, understanding it, rather than reacting to the emotionally-charged immediacy of it that otherwise hijacks people's attention.

Doug P said (December 20, 2023):

Jews themselves are being taken for a ride into hell. Their lives would be much better under Christian law. I wonder what life is like for a Talmudic Jew- going out to malls, parades, concerts, etc and hating almost everyone you see. I don't need or wish to be worshipped, and when I am wrong I want to be challenged. I wish I was wrong about so many things. Jews, due to their inability to be questioned or criticized know they are wrong about so many things. The holocaust is a diabolical lie, a terrible thing for both Jews and non-Jews that permits the hate, the wars, and the destruction to continue unabated. It only serves the kings of the world, mankind's only natural enemy.

Tony B said (December 20, 2023):

Be warned, very gross, as well as murderous, language from an obviously talmudic Jew school teacher against a student in the U.S.

This is not isolated thinking for those who satanically/wishfully/selfishly convince themselves that they are human beings and all not them are cattle for their use in any way they desire. They have proved this by mass murder/genocide down the centuries, such as in Gaza today, which has always led to their demise which they falsely label "antisemitism" in their lying pretense of perpetual victimism.


This site may not have a totally true understanding of the varieties of Judaism but what they describe is not to be tolerated by such individuals. Those responsible for such criminality must suffer the punishment. Under their insane destructive self-love they understand nothing else.

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