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Dec 23 - The West Will Lose World War Three

December 23, 2023

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Oct 6, 1940, Arthur Greenwood, a member of British War Cabinet said the war is dedicated to building a "new world order" favourable for Jews. The Second World War was ostensibly fought  between the enemies of Jewish power (Nazis) and its defenders (Allies.) The Third World War will repeat this pattern, with the Zionist West as defenders. They will lose because ultimately Globalism and Communism must destroy nationalism, even Jewish nationalism. 

Makow hunch-  World War Three will be fought between those who support Israel's war crimes and those who oppose them. Israel and its supporters will be defeated. This is the Plan. I know this because the West is being destroyed in advance from within while criticism of Israel is allowed in Communist controlled venues like YouTube and universities. 

I hope I'm wrong because I don't want to see Israel and the West destroyed, even though they are corrupt beyond description. The victors, China, Russia and Iran are also run by Masonic Jews.  The Jew World Order will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the most horrific war in human history but one that will fulfill the Satanist's goal of "creative destruction" and Deagel depopulation. Migrants will constitute a post-war occupation army.

The Illuminati want WW3 to cover up COVID crimes, banking and debt crises, Ukraine, Gaza, avert 2024 election and bring in Agenda 2030. 

COVIDscam was a Wake Up Call we continue to ignore.  Zzz-zzz 

Islamic Fundamentalism is to Muslims what Communism is to freedom-loving people.
Islam Fundamentalism a Creation of MI-6

Most Westerners now hate their countries and will not defend them.  They realize their countries have already been invaded and they have no right to live because they are "idolaters" and goyim (cattle.) 

Surprise! Paul Craig Roberts has heard of the Masonic Jewish (Satanist) Conspiracy

Jews Again Driving the Western World Into a Fatal War?

"In the Biden regime all powerful positions are held by Jews-the Attorney General (the police), the Secretary of the Treasury (money), the Secretary of State (foreign policy and war). There is not a single White Anglo-Saxon Protestant in the Biden cabinet. What explains that in a country of gentiles a tiny minority of Jews occupy the power positions in the US government, the power positions in the media, entertainment, Ivy league administrations and faculties, and finance ?


fbc16de1b2893e80 (1).jpeg
The Architect, Part 1 and 2 (Superb 2 Hour Expose of the JWO Planned Destruction of Humanity)

"In only 130 years, one specific tribe has managed to not only control the commerce of the world but almost every aspect of cultural appropriation. This has been achieved through media and academic institutions of which they control. They are embedded deep within European and all western governments. The end goal is to destroy these nations, then rule over the ashes. They are slowly achieving this, solely due to the apathy and the lack of critical thinking by the citizens of these nations. The "architect" plays the victim, which insulates him from criticism and accountability. Our world is in extreme danger if this is not stopped.


A little-known 1938 booklet "Jewish World Conspiracy" by Karl Bergmeister" rejected the 1935 decision of a Berne Court (overturned on appeal) that the Protocols of Zion were a forgery. It foresaw that World War Two was an Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish trap.

"Their world war is a necessity in order that, in the name of indivisible peace, all that portion of mankind who wish to cast off the Jewish yoke, may be laid low." Revue internationale des sociétés secrétes, April,1937

Gov Docs prove Michelle Obama was registered as a man, never gave birth


"This fight for world-domination has been in full swing ever since Italian Fascism put an end to the destructive activities of Freemasonry, that most dangerous of all Jewish secret societies, and since Germany has declared openly that it is the Jew, and the Jew alone who is the driving force behind the destruction of political order among the different peoples. In complete accordance with the sense of Protocol 7, the dogs of war are to be let loose against those states who desire to free themselves from the Jewish reign of terror, such states as Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

From 1936 to 1938 World-Service sponsored the international conference of the Pan-Aryan Anti-Jewish Union. World-Service was also known as the International Correspondence for Enlightenment on the Jewish Question.


Tucker Carlson visits Julian Assange

It's Disgusting What They're Doing": Tucker Carlson Describes Visit With Julian Assange

"The inmates are treated like animals. And he's not an animal, he's a journalist who has committed no crime. And so, anyone who's in favor of that, anyone who supports his continued torture, is your enemy."

"Assange looks like press photographs of him, maybe older, pale, he hasn't been outside in 13 years..."
As Paul Craig Roberts notes, the Assange situation "shows conclusively that Washington regards truth as its most dangerous enemy."

A country without a media cannot be free or have an accountable government.  Americans who think that they live in a free country are completely deluded. They are pathetic.

Need a purpose and meet great people? Get involved in animal rescue! People are at their finest when they are saving animals in distress. 
Two comments  1. Most of these rescuers are women who have innate ability to love the helpless. The Spirit of God is in all life.
2. I'm a little troubled that animals may be replacing children. Rescuers are called "mommies." 

Terrified Foster Pittie Becomes a 90-lb Lap Dog 

I adopted a racing greyhound. Here's how that went.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Dec 23 - The West Will Lose World War Three "

Christine said (December 23, 2023):

Quote: "The Jew World Order will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the most horrific war in human history ."

No, Henry.

The propheisied era of global Jewish rule - i.e. the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ - started in 70AD.

Judaism is Amalek.

They are the people against whom the Lord shall have indignation forever (Malachi1:4).

The kabbalists are the son of perdition, and they aren't going to rule anything.

The "Gog& Magog part 3 war" of their lying sages is the Final Judgement of Revelation.


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