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Dec 21 - Israeli Atrocities Overshadow Christmas

December 21, 2023

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The Palestinian Hamas terrorist group has cut off negotiations with Israel, demanding a lull in fighting before any more talks. Israel, which is closing in on Hamas leaders in Gaza, refused that demand.

The Times of Israel reported: A Hamas statement claims that it will not agree to free any more hostages or even negotiate over them until the end of fighting.

Pressure for talks rose last weekend, after the tragic deaths of three Israeli hostages who managed to escape their Hamas captors. Israeli soldiers mistook them from afar for terrorists.

The Death of Israel, by Chris Hedges - The Unz Review

"The Biden presidency, which ironically may have signed its own political death certificate, is tethered to Israel's genocide. It will try to distance itself rhetorically, but at the same time it will funnel the billions of dollars of weapons demanded by Israel -- including $14.3 billion in supplemental military aid to augment the $3.8 billion in annual aid -- to "finish the job." It is a full partner in Israel's genocide project.

Israel is a pariah state. This was publically on display on Dec. 12 when 153 member states at the U.N. General Assembly voted for a ceasefire, with only 10 -- including the U.S. and Israel -- opposed and 23 abstaining. Israel's scorched earth campaign in Gaza means there will be no peace. There will be no two state solution. Apartheid and genocide will define Israel. This presages a long, long conflict, one the Jewish State cannot ultimately win.

IDF opened fire on Israelis who were being taken hostage

Ex-Israeli hostage: My mother was killed by our army on 7 October

Israeli organization: Over 10,000 Zionist soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder
OCCUPIED QUDS, Dec. 19 (YPA) - The "Army Disabled Organization" of the Israeli occupation reported on Tuesday that it expects more than 10,000 soldiers to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as the occupation continues its aggression against Gaza and launches violent raids.

Hospitals discharge injured Israeli occupation soldiers faster than required due to the number of injured, according to what the organization announced.

The organization added that the current war on Gaza "is unlike any previous battles," as it put it.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation army acknowledged that 463 Israeli officers and soldiers have been killed since October 7.

Most Israelis dealing with mental health issues due to Gaza war, study finds
Haifa University reports 60% of Israelis who weren't directly affected by Hamas war develop severe acute stress disorder and even PTSD

War on Gaza: UK healthcare workers 'blockade' Palantir office over support for Israel
Palantir, which says it is 'supporting Israel in every way we can', has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by NHS England to handle patient data

Half of Buick Dealers Take Buyouts to Avoid Having to Sell GM's Electric Cars

The move came after the Detroit automaker gave them a choice: Invest at least $300,000 to sell and service EVs, or exit the Buick franchise. The investments would cover electric-vehicle chargers and worker training, among other initiatives. [Emphasis added]


The 'World Health Organization' And Bill Gates Think They Can Fool 'The People' Into Just 'Eating' Their Vaccines Like Food, So They Can Continue Their 'Depopulation Agenda' Unabated

- Globalists Investing 10's Of Millions Creating New Bioweapons For 'Disease X'

The term Disease X is used by the WHO as "a placeholder" name to describe a disease that is as yet, unknown to medical science as a cause of human infections, and as of yet they do not even know whether they will introduce it as a virus, a bacterium, a fungus or other agent. 

The WHO have been trying to alert us to an "UNKNOWN and surprise disease outbreak" which they say "could spread across the world in as little as 36 hours, killing upwards of 80 million people" The Express reported in September 2019. "And we are not prepared, new research has shockingly claimed."

NATO troops directly involved in Ukraine conflict - Russia
Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has claimed that US, UK, and Polish military personnel are operating air defense and multiple launch rocket systems

Ilan Pappe on Israel: "We are witnessing the beginning of the end"

"If there were an Oscar for best theatrical performance by a country, Israel would win every year. It's a country based on theater. It's a lunatic state - completely insane".  N Finklestein

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Israeli historian Ilan Pappe says that Israel is a settler colonial project which may be coming to an end. He warns that settler colonial projects reaching their last phase become more "brutal and ruthless".

Gov DROPPING GUNS in CHICAGO According to Ex-Gang Member Whistleblower
This should be front page of the New York Times tomorrow, but it won't be.

Russ Winter--Firebrand Bolshevik Leon Trotsky: Fully Backed by International Banksters and the Pederast British War Party

In practice, the Bolsheviks after they took power in October 1917 dragged the war with Germany out until March 3, 1918. This war on the eastern front was calibrated, as the Anglo pedophile elites licked their chops to bleed out more of the flower of German, Austrian and Russian manhood. Then the Bolsheviks moved on to destroy the flower of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples in the subsequent years, with Trotsky playing a key role.


PJW---Netflix corrupts the minds of children

Viewers-"So, if this kid wants a shotgun and a hunting dog, will those same Dad's support his decision to "be himself?"  How about even a fishing rod or some camping gear? And yes, I've seen this exact scenario. Parents were appalled, but the kid wanted to try outdoorsy, manly stuff. 

"I got a feeling the whole "be yourself" REALLY means - "be yourself as long as it conforms with our belief system".

Claudine Gay's DEI Empire
Harvard's embattled president quietly built "diversity" ideology into every facet of campus life.

Dilbert - "As Harvard is now learning, however, naming as president someone who sees race and sex not as incidental human attributes but as ideological constructions that must be imposed on the institution comes with a significant downside.  Consequently, Harvard's trustees find themselves in a bind: they hired Gay in large part for her identity and cannot fire her for the same reason. They seem resigned to muddling through the "racial reckoning," however long it lasts and whatever further damage it inflicts on America's oldest university.

Canadian grassroots group releases historic report on investigation into Trudeau regime's authoritarian response to COVID

Over 24 days of hearings held in eight cities between March and May of 2023, NCI heard testimony from 305 witnesses and 94 experts. This produced an interim report back in September that focused on the regulatory approval process and safety of COVID "vaccine" injections, followed by a final report that was released on November 28.

The full 5,324-page document contains a thorough breakdown of all the proceedings and evidence in the investigation. There is also a Volume 1 and 2 of the report, called "Analysis & Conclusions," that is shorter at just 636 pages in length, with details about the public hearings beginning on page 96.

(Related: Canada's budget is still funneling cash into the nation's "vaccine passports" scheme at least through 2026.")

Swim Ontario protecting 50-year-old man swimming with 13-year-old girls
This was a prestigious international swim meet... why would the organizers not want media coverage?

"Cepeda needs to be charged under two provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada. Namely:

Section 173 (1): "Everyone who wilfully does an indecent act in a public place in the presence of one or more persons, or in any place with intent to insult or offend any person, is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than two years."

Section 173 2: "An Indecent Exposure charge under Section 173(2) of the Code means that the person charged is accused of exposing their genital organs to a person under the age of 16. Because this offence involves a minor, it is more serious than an Indecent Act charge."

Alas, even law enforcement seems to be in the pervert protection racket these days as charges have yet to be laid against this individual. But why?

In the meantime, Swim Ontario is clearly embracing a new prime directive, Namely, not only is it allowing perversity in the pool to continue, but it is trying to prevent coverage of this egregious situation. Equal parts sad and shameful...
Germany's anti-immigration AfD party soars to new high in year-end poll

'A declaration of war' - German farmers' president threatens to launch mass protests the likes of which 'the country has never experienced before'
Left-liberal government plans to cut farmers' aid by €900 million

Unknown perpetrators beheaded baby Jesus and other figures in a Christmas nativity scene over the weekend in the city of Rüsselsheim.

The attack featured the figures, primarily made out of Styrofoam, having their hands severed and their heads removed; some of them were also knocked over. The figures, which were displayed in the town's market square, were found by a passerby on Sunday morning.

All the figures lost their heads, including baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the three kings, and a donkey.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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