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Dec 2 - ADL Admits Israel Has Lost the Young

December 2, 2023

(left, ADL Chief Greenblatt)

LEAKED Audio--ADL chief Jon Greenblatt says its no longer Left vs Right on Israel, it's old versus young. 

Polling shows Israel has totally lost the sympathy of Millennials and Gen Z.

ADL is SPYING On Pro Palestine Orgs

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Israel Planning for Gaza War To Last Over a Year

The second phase will be an operation with fewer military operations aimed at stabilizing Gaza. While the sources told FT that the second phase is projected to continue until late 2024, Israeli officials say there will not be a firm endpoint to the conflict.

The Biden administration has pushed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to allow the Palestinian Authority to control Gaza after Hamas is defeated. However, one source told FT that Tel Aviv will not listen to Washington, even as the US provides Israel with billions of dollars in weapons. "No one, not even the US, can talk to them about this," said one of the sources familiar with the matter. That person emphasized that this point was crucial to Netanyahu keeping his far-right war cabinet together.

Inside the INSANE Intelligence Failure of Oct. 7 | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus

More evidence the attack was staged. The best evidence is that no one has been held responsible. 

Bank of Israel estimates cost of war against Hamas will cost $53 BILLION dollars but don't worry though American taxpayers got the tab!

Direct military spending will account for $29 billion of the $53 billion total, the bank stated, adding that this figure includes military aid provided by the US. Compensation for damage will come to $6 billion, while other civilian expenditure will come to $6.75 billion. Lost tax revenue and interest on government debt will make up the remainder.

Daughter of Orthodox Jewish rabbi defects and reveals their cult-like and pagan behavior

Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. The Jewish God is Lucifer. 

Some areas in New Zealand had 30% mortality of the C19 bioweapons shots. He tracked it to the pharmacies and specific locations.

This is evidence IS HORRIFYING. Irrefutable proof of intentional genocide by the C19 bioweapons. A Government whistleblower who lays it all out in the open. He even has statistics per vaccinator and you can see that in their name 24% of injected were murdered.

"Nobody can argue with this! This is the most important video evidence anywhere.


The Us is a corporation not a country

Watch - Pentagon Confirms 973% Increase in Heart Failure Following COVID Shots

Ukraine has lost up to 300,000 soldiers - ex-Zelensky aide
Kiev's refusal to negotiate with Moscow has only caused the country heavy battlefield casualties, Aleksey Arestovich says

Ireland goes APOCALYPTIC with new hate speech law and U.S. is next | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Hate speech laws in Ireland have been enforced in apocalyptic ways and politicians warn it will get worse. Here to break it down is biochemical engineer and corporate complex problem solving expert Ivor Cummings. He shows how crazy these laws are, which will allow authorities to check your phone, require you to hand over passcodes and presume guilt until innocence. He also explains why we should keep our eye on what happens in Ireland as it spreads across the West. 

Self-Amplifying RNA Shots Are Coming: The Untold Danger

 "mRNA vaccines" are not made with messenger RNA but with modified RNA (modRNA). These so-called vaccines are actually gene therapy products (GTPs), as modRNA hijacks our cells' software. We have no possibility at all to gain influence on modRNA (or saRNA) after it has been injected.


Romanian Prosecutors Request Criminal Inquiry into Former PM's Billion Dollar Spend on Unused Pfizer Vaccines

Israel's Nazi Proposals w/ Gideon Levy

Gideon Levy is a living example that there are Jews who are fair, brave and honest to expose the naked truth as is no matter who he is. Deserves all the respect


15 New York Synagogues Hit with Bomb Threats Today Alone

There are multiple explosives inside the synagogue," read one of the threats, which was sent via email. "These explosives will go off in a few hours and I will make history. I will make sure you all die."


Tufts University Student Group Honors Palestinian 'Martyrs'--Including Hamas Terrorists Who Died Attacking Israel
School's Students for Justice in Palestine chapter praised 'creativity' of Hamas's Oct. 7 terror attack


Georgetown Law graduate Jinan Chehade loses her job for speaking out for Palestine

"Speaking out is a risk, but it's a risk I'm willing to take for the people of Gaza."

Georgetown Law graduate Jinan Chehade speaks out after her job offer from prominent law firm Foley & Lardner LLP was rescinded over her support for Palestinian rights.

In an exclusive interview with MEE, Chehade said that she's going to pursue legal action against the firm. "Today I'm speaking out and pursuing legal action to set a precedent that we cannot be picked out one by one, that we deserve our rights as well."

She also added "As lawyers, we are taught that our principal goal is justice and to be advocates for oppressed people everywhere. So, therefore, I refuse to be silenced or allow Foley to bully me into silence."

Civil War And More Slaughter: Israel's Dark Future | Knesset Member Dr. Ofer Cassif

Ofer Cassif is an Israeli Member of Parliament who has been fighting for peace and reconciliation with the Palestinians and their right to return to their homeland. He predicts that Israel is dooming itself not only by committing genocide against the Palestinians and shocking the entire non-western World, but by arming its own citizens to the teeth. Civil war is around the corner as society is growing ever more extremist and its democratic institutions are being dismantled. Unless there is rapid change, Isreal will self-destruct from the inside.


Author of 'The Great Reset', Marc Morano, on Klaws Swab's recent B20 speech:

"He's talking about us essentially giving up national sovereignty,  giving up individual freedoms, and turning over rule to experts... This whole agenda is to make it so we have no choice on some of the biggest questions of our lives."

"We didn't get to vote on whether gas powered cars would be banned, we didn't vote for vaccine mandates, we didn't vote for lockdowns, we didn't vote for banning of meat. But all of this is happening, because at these meetings like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, they meet and they work with government-corporate collusion to bypass democracy and impose stuff through this corporate government fascism."


Dr. William Makis: Fake Obituaries Are Being Created to Taint "Died Suddenly" Reporting
Who Is Paying Fake Websites in India, Vietnam and Elsewhere to Write Fake Obituaries with fake death causes? Ten shocking stories

"Nano Graphene Oxide is a GENETIC AND VASCULAR HACKSAW especially when the particular size is sub 2 micron.

Nano Aluminum Oxide is powdered Alzheimer's... regardless of size, smaller is worse obvious because it penetrates bloodbrain, bloodreproductive, and even intracellular membranes.

When either are inhaled, ingested, and or injected... they start destroying the immune system, the organs, the blood, and the central nervous system.

Governments have been lacing the air, water, food, and "medicine" with these substances.
Here is some proof.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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