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Dec 19 - A Pandemic of Fear Porn (Nostalgia)

December 19, 2023

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They put us through hell for 30 months contaminating our bodies, destroying our livelihoods, forcing us to wear masks and socially distance all for a rebranded flu. Now they want to flush the whole business down the memory hole. If we don't hold these criminals accountable, they will keep peddling their poisons. 

Here is a collection of faces that we should never trust. These psychopaths, narcissists and idiots are responsible for the deaths of more than 17 million coerced and murdered innocent people as well as hundreds of millions of injured people (which is the toll of "vaccination" so far):

Dr. Mike Yeadon Comments On Video: "The Culling, Who Is Involved, and Who Needs To Be Removed From Their Positions for Treason, and Murder"
"One of the best summaries of the wider plan...None of this is speculation. It's written into "public health" legislation."

There's no rational motive. They do not "need" to do this. In place of motive, I believe we're seeing the work of evil forces through the coordinated acts of those at or representing others at global fora, especially UN, WHO, WEF, BIS, etc.

Marc Crispin Miller Exposes The "Scamdemic Global Propaganda" Campaign

Dr. Miller says from infection to injection, Covid 19 was a global "propaganda masterpiece."

Propaganda on this level has never happened before in human history. Dr. Miller explains,

"The media has been crucial to this entire operation, and I would take that a little further. I would say since the beginning of 2020, we have been subjected to a 'Rolling Thunder of Propaganda' drives one after another. 

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Covid-19 and Vaccination Horrors
'The jab induced deaths we're already seeing are going to get worse and include heart attacks, myocarditis, blood clots and, of course, massive immune system problems.'

Health services around the world are now devoted to vaccination programmes. Neither doctors nor nurses seem to give a damn about evidence or their ethical responsibilities to their patients.

The evidence proving that the covid-19 jab is useless and unsafe is overwhelming. Even governments now admit that the jab won't prevent you getting covid-19 or spreading it if you do get it. And the figures for the disease itself have been distorted and fiddled. I've proved conclusively that covid-19, the re-branded flu, has not killed more people than the ordinary flu. Not surprisingly, no one will debate the figures with me because the official statistics prove my point emphatically.

Bill Maher is an Illuminati shill

Of course he is a Jew. Maher in Yiddish means "big shot." 
Hundreds of U.S. synagogues, Jewish facilities targeted by false bomb threats and 'swatting' incidents over the weekend


On Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant estimated that over 80,000 Israeli citizens are still displaced from their homes, after border regions had to be evacuated en masse as a result of Hezbollah attacks, which have been daily since Oct.7.

"Your right to free speech ends where the Zionist supremacy agenda begins."

DE-BANKED: JPMorgan terminates longtime customer's account with zero warning or explanation

"Financial institutions should know our customers and monitor transactions. After careful consideration, we decided to close your accounts because of unexpected activity on this or another Chase account."


Study: 81% of U.S.-based Middle East scholars admit they self-censor their anti-Israel views

Most of the scholars also said anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian sentiments were much more prevalent on their campuses than anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiments. Fifty percent said anti-Palestinian sentiments were prevalent on their campuses, while 36 percent said anti-Israeli sentiments were. A smaller portion, which was 18 percent, said antisemitism was prevalent on campus, while 41 percent said anti-Muslim sentiments were.

Prepping is now popular among the Left

These leftist preppers have become entirely convinced that we are headed for a catastrophic societal meltdown and they are determined to try to survive whatever happens.  And we are starting to see leftist fears about the future being reflected in movies and television shows.  For example, a new apocalyptic disaster movie entitled "Leave The World Behind" is getting millions upon millions of views on Netflix...uriously this movie portrays the threat as coming from N Korea or China. 
SUMMER OF DIED SUDDENLY - BRAIN ANEURYSMS and BRAIN BLEEDS after Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination - 60 Cases since May 2023



Psychiatry is another Jewish scam

Psychiatry becoming a dead industry as opposition grows against APA's corrupt DSM-5 diagnostic manual

Yesterday Norway signed away its sovereignty to WHO with literally no public discussion - is your country next?

The World Health Organization's (WHO) International Health Regulations (IRS) which oblige participating countries to introduce measures as determined by WHO Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus was signed yesterday by the Norwegian parliament with little public discussion.

Critics call the decision a weakening of democracy where unelected WHO officials now can implement very intrusive measures in people's privacy by bypassing the necessary parliamentary control.

Leader of the political party Venstre, Melby, that voted against the proposal, said:  "Now the Parliament has transferred to non-elected health bureaucrats a general mandate to make some of the strongest imaginable interventions in people's lives: Long-term quarantine and isolation"

Who's Behind Drag Queen Story Hour?

Enter library official Israel David Fishman (1938- 2006), the founder of the Task Force on Gay Liberation.

Pam Schuffert on Facebook

"O'CARROLL IS 100% CORRECT. AND IT GETS MUCH WORSE THAN THIS!!! As an investigative journalist of 28 years, I decided to research and write articles on the subject of "SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY."

My research took me all over America and eventually even to Jerusakem to find out more about SATANISM and exactly WHO IS INVOLVED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

One former Satanist high priestess, Elaine, was over Indiana for 18 ruthless and bloody years as their leader. 

Elaine admitted as I interviewed her in her home, after she came out of this to become a Christian, THAT CHRISTIANS WERE ALWAYS ABDUCTED AROUND EASTER/PASSOVER to be used to re-enact the crucifixion of Christ. She admitted they were brutally nailed to literal crosses and tortured to death, to mock the death of Jesus Christ. 

Her daughter Claudia also admitted that they constructed crosses designed to separate in the middle, tearing the victim into pieces who was already nailed to the cross.

Throughout my years of research on this subject, I always noted there was a mixture of both Jews and non-Jewish participants. SIN IS UBIQUITOUS, and Jews do NOT somehow have a monopoly on sin!

Hollywood satanism on the other hand, is largely composed of Jewish Sabbatean satanists.

And when I lived for a while in Israel and Jerusalem, I interviewed Israeli Jews who quietly admitted that yes, there is a problem with satanism in Israel today. One woman added, "...satanism is especially prevalent on the kibbutzim... "
A fellow journalist informed me that all the leaders of Israel except for one, have been closet Sabbatean satanists...and that includes corrupt Bibi.

I can never forget investigating a Jewish abortionist in a southern city USA. Both the satanic crime investigator I worked with, plus several police officers, and former members of his powerful coven ALL admitted that this abortionist was a Sabbatean satanist Jew, who killed unborn babies by DAY, and sacrificed victims for the coven by NIGHT.

"He is a Jew from NJ. He was chosen by our coven to offer human  sacrifices during our rituals, because of his skills in killing as an abortionist," admitted Carol _______, a former member raised by her parents into satanism. "He raised all 4 of his children into satanism as well..."

I asked her if any other Jews were involved. She named several, including the name of a prominent brain surgeon in that city.

I was to sadly discover that Christians getting nailed to crosses is very common, in fact, in satanist rituals. 

And yes, there is that element of Jews sadly involved as well.

UP TO ONE MILLION INNOCENT VICTIMS GET ABDUCTED AND BRUTALLY SACRIFICED ON THE SATANIC ALTARS OF AMERICA ANNUALLY, as confirmed by former FBI satanic crime investigator Ted Gunderson, a personal friend until he died. 

And by former satanists I have interviewed, including Elaine.


And if you wonder WHY, well...simply consider who OWNS THESE MAJOR NETWORKS. And realize that Sabbatean satanism is very prevalent in their circles, just like back in Hollywood.

They always cover for their own.....

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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