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Dec 18 - Cyberattack. Civil War. Hollywood's Predictive Programming

December 18, 2023

(Left, after a cyberattack, self-driving Teslas leave dealer lots and pile up on highways.)

Despite the Obama's participation, "Leave the World Behind" does not come across as a woke movie. Yes, the main character, a sympathetic Black professional says, "there is no evil Cabal. It's all happening by accident," the Whites are not demonized. It's on Netflix. I thought it was well done. With no GPS, oil tankers run aground, Planes crash!

"Leave the World Behind" movie foreshadows massive cyber attack false flag event to come

Mike Adams--"But most importantly, this film witnesses the process that families, civilians go through in America, when they don't know what is happening, but the services and infrastructure that they have come to depend upon are no longer working. They don't have the normal access to information. You know, the news reports aren't working, the internet isn't working, they're not getting information on their phones, except in one scene, there are some phone emergency texts that come through. But other than that, there's really no communication in the film. There is a bunker in the basement of one home in the film where there's some kind of military messaging coming across that says, as I recall, Washington DC is under attack. And this is a red alert situation, the nation is under attack, prepare accordingly."

Leo Hohmann -Obama's new Hollywood movie is very instructive: They are telling us their plans

More Predictive Programming on the Way in Big-Budget Hollywood Movie 'Civil War' opening April 2024: First Trailer Released for Viewing
Following the Obama-produced release last week of the movie Leave the World Behind, about the collapse of America following a catastrophic cyber attack that shuts down the power grid...

(Zionists are behind antisemitism. It is their bread and butter.)

Registered Israeli foreign agent driving contrived campus antisemitism crisis
Meanwhile, little attention has been paid to the forces orchestrating the carefully choreographed, heavily-funded campaign to crush Palestine solidarity activism on campus.

The "Jewish student" witnesses who set the stage for the attacks on Magill and her fellow university presidents at the House Antisemitism Committee were employed on at least a semi-professional basis by Israeli lobbying cutouts.

Elon Musk plans to open a new university in Austin
The Tesla CEO and Texas resident's charitable foundation filed an application to create the new school "dedicated to education at the highest levels."

The charity, called The Foundation, plans to use a $100 million gift from Musk to create and launch a primary and secondary school in Austin focused on teaching science, technology, engineering and math. Once it is fully operational, the filing states, the school will focus on creating a university.,focus%20on%20creating%20a%20university.


This is the man behind electric vehicles 

Elon Musk: Climate alarm is exaggerated & 'I don't think we should demonize oil & gas'

Billionaire Elon Musk on Saturday (Dec 16) said that oil and gas should not be demonised and that it was extremely critical to reduce carbon emissions to preserve the planet.

While speaking at a right-wing political gathering organised by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy party, Musk said, "I don't think we should demonise oil and gas, I think we should say look that is obviously necessary in the short term and the medium term too, and although it takes several decades to become sustainable, so I think if we just, without getting too worried about it, seek to have a sustainable energy future, gradually, then that's what will happen."

"Climate change alarm is exaggerated in the short term," he further added. Musk said that it was important that industries began reducing billions of the carbon they take from Earth and releasing it into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.  "We should not demonise oil and gas in the medium term," he said.

Mike Adams-THE GREAT TAKING - How "they" plan to STEAL everything from everyone

"Instead, the ownership is now taken over by essentially these shell corporation organizations that enjoy special protections by the United States government. So when the system collapses, you will own nothing, which is exactly what the globalists are promising. By the way, when the banks collapse, you will still owe the bank for your home your car business loan. They won't wipe out your debts, but they will wipe out your assets."

Like All 'Crime Families' Through Time, They Eventually Leave Far Too Much Evidence Of Their Crimes - Biden And His 50-Year Crime Spree Will Be Known As One Of The Most Crooked In History
- Joe has behaved just as Al Capone, bragging to the public as if he were untouchable

Celeste Solum with Dave Hodges 

Cultural disintegration

The CIA runs Hollywood

The BBC is run by Commie Jews, part of the Commie Zio Jew tag team.

86 Percent of British Jews Not Satisfied With BBC Coverage of Israel-Hamas Conflict
A large majority of British Jews think the BBC's coverage of the conflict in the Gaza Strip is biased against Israel and plays down the actions of Hamas.


Watch: Pro-Israel Congressmen Confronted Over Israel's History Of Propping-Up Hamas

 "For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it's blown up in our faces."

So read an op-ed headline in The Times of Israel by Israeli journalist and political correspondent Tal Schneider on October 8, one day after Hamas's deadly incursion.

"The premier's policy of treating the terror group as a partner, at the expense of Abbas and Palestinian statehood, has resulted in wounds that will take Israel years to heal from," she said. Schneider was far from the only one to draw attention to this sordid history as the Israel government rushed to declare war on Hamas and begin their slaughter in Gaza.

"Since he took office as prime minister a second time," wrote Dmitry Shumsky for Israel's Haaretz on October 11, "Netanyahu developed and advanced a destructive, warped political doctrine that held that strengthening Hamas at the expense of the Palestinian Authority would be good for Israel."
Brandon Smith --The globalists view public manipulation and social engineering as their birthright. They think it's their manifest destiny, and they suggest often that humanity would somehow decay and self destruct without their influence.

Houthis inflicting damage on israel
Eilat and red Sea closed

This is in effect an announcement that the left does not want reconciliation. Fine. 
Crane Moved into Arlington Cemetery for Removal and Destruction of Civil War Reconciliation Memorial this Week
The Nazification of Israel
By brazenly resorting to Nazi-style rhetoric and methods of persecution in Palestine, Israel, with the consent of the majority of its own people and the unlimited support of the United States, perpetrates the kind of crimes that the Jewish state claims as the raison d'etre of its own creation in 1948.


Putin Admits He Was "Naive" About the West. What it Really Wanted Was Russia's Disintegration


The European Union has thrown away at least 215 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines worth around 4 billion euros ($4.37 billion) to European taxpayers, media reported on Monday.



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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