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Dec 17 - Israel is Doomed, says Scott Ritter

December 17, 2023

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Scott Ritter: Ham*s takes Gaza, Hezbollah takes north Israel, Houthi takes Red Sea, this war is DONE

Ritter says Israel has suffered 5000 casualties, including 2000 permanent life changing injuries

- Israel has fallen into Hamas trap by destroying buildings providing perfect landscape for resistance

- Hezbollah could easily take Galilee which has been evacuated. 

-- Israeli reservists are not well trained. 

Makow- I am sceptical of Ritter's take but this is an excellent interview. Start at 20 min. 

Ritter- "AIPAC is everywhere and they control everything."

Douglas McGregor: War with Iran is Israel's only solution to the Gaza problem


It is disgraceful that the mass media in the West has abdicated its role as public defender and adopted the role of public assassin. It has been replaced by volunteer citizen journalists online-

'Top news outlets across the US have been forced to slash their workforces at the fastest rate in three years, leaving a larger share of Americans in so-called "news deserts".'

'News deserts' grow as US outlets slash 2,700 jobs: 'We have suffered a huge loss here'


(left, Gaza today, Tel Aviv tomorrow?)

Israel's Grim Future: Attrition on All Fronts

The Jewish state is facing security threats from groups based in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and Yemen--all of them supported by Iran by Israeli historian Benny Morris

Where is the Israeli-Hamas war in Gaza heading? The short--and dismal--answer: an open-ended, multi-front war of attrition, which will sap Israel's energy and continue to destabilize the Middle East well into 2024 and the years beyond.

Amazing how these bare faced liars can say Hamas' aim is to destroy Israel while the Zionazis are doing exactly that to Palestine
A new Harvard-Harris poll shows that an astonishing 51 percent of American youth aged 18-24 indicated support "For Israel to be ended and given to Hamas and the Palestinians."

Most of Israel's October 7 claims about Hamas brutalism are fabrications, evidence shows

Israel is lying. Is that a tautology?



IDF Killed 3 Israeli Hostages While They Were Shirtless, Shouting 'Help' in Hebrew and Waving White Flag

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 16, 2023, # 436 ( Dane Wigington )

"It is time to consider giving the planet some sunblock", "It is time to consider tweaking the clouds to cool the planet", both statements are headlines from Now lets add this science report title from Science Daily, "Superglue for the atmosphere: How sulfuric acid increases cloud formation". Exactly how many forms of toxic elements are being dispersed into our skies with virtually no environmental impact reviews or public disclosure? How many have yet summoned the courage to even want to know? How much more can the planet's life support systems take before total breakdown? 
All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.


Pro Vax MD discovers devastating side effects

Dr. Cornelia Tschanett, who administered approximately 4,000 shots in her practice, experienced a moral dilemma after noting that around ten percent of her patients reported adverse reactions following their vaccinations.


We habit the same moral environment as the natural world. Love begets love. Humans and bats can relate.

33-Year-Old Bat Loves to Curl Around His Caregiver's Arm and Fall Asleep | The Dodo

Statler, an Indian flying fox, was born at a zoo in 1987. Since then, he's moved from facility to facility. For many years, he was kept in a small space and used for "education." When he arrived at Bat World Sanctuary in 2018, his caretakers made sure he'd have a happy and peaceful retirement.

Woman gives CPR to her armadillo


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Dec 17 - Israel is Doomed, says Scott Ritter"

RH said (December 17, 2023):

This is so much disinformation with this Gaza/Israeli conflict, who knows what will happen. But it seems to me that the Jews have successfully commandeered the resources of the USA and I wait to see what that means in the end. Average Americans are getting poorer by the decade. What I mean is that savings, housing and other reasons to work hard are more and more difficult to obtain. A big 4wd pick up truck with 7-10 year payment plan is hardly an incentive to work hard. And, we have killed the idea of family. We have 30-40 year old women thinking about having children. I asked one if she want a 18 year old when she was 60 in the house? Of course not! I'm old enough to remember people buying a house and paying it off before 15 years! Now, many cannot get the down payment without government assistance.

I chortled to myself last week when we got a notice that we are not to throw plastic bags away in the recycle or garbage bins. Huh?

So, if the Jews really do own the USA, we are living their idea of a society. Woh! How will we survive?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at