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Dec 16 - Does Israel Face Defeat?

December 16, 2023

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Scott Ritter says Israel  is in a lot of trouble because their army isn't that good.

Hezbollah are better trained and have weapons Israel can't stop.

Read Albert Pike below. If his prophecy is correct, this war is designed to lead to a wider war and destroy both Islam and Israel and its supporters. The Commie branch of Masonic Jewry may want to eliminate the Zionist branch which stands for nationalism and conservatism. 

Both Ritter and MacGregor think Turkey and Iran will get involved. 

Douglas MacGregor: RUSSIA will join the GAZA WAR, 'nuclear weapons' not enough for Israel to survive

Israel and its allies underestimated the damage  they have done to their cause. In for long and ugly war.


Albert Pike, Three World Wars -Letter to Mazzini 1871

Do you think the destruction of relations with the Arab world is in Israel's interest??? 
Feels like a planned prelude to a wider regional or world war.

Turkey cuts off oil to Israel

Ritter- Israel is digging itself into a hole

It's unsustainable. Ritter forgets U$ aid is bottomle$$.


Joe Biden caught on video admitting to voter fraud: "We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics"

Jewish love of Blacks is a function of their hatred of Whites

Jared Taylor-It's Not Antisemitism. It's White-Hating.
Jews need to decide who's side they're on.


Dissenters within Israel seek two state solution, oppose war and occupation of Palestine, fear retribution

I'd like to know how widespread Israeli opposition to this genocide is

It's more than two months into the war on Gaza and Israelis have shown overwhelming support. But not everyone feels that way, and some Israelis who oppose the war are feeling ostracized or even endangered. Where is Israeli public opinion on the war on Gaza - and what will that mean as the war goes on?


Pilot Warns 386% Increase in MAYDAY Calls Since COVID Injections!

Pilot of over 40 years, Captain Shane Murdock, joins Maria Zeee to expose a whopping 386% increase in Squawk 7700 (Mayday) calls in 2023, directly as a result of the COVID injections. Shane presents undeniable data that has been hidden by regulatory bodies from the public.


Most Judges are Freemasons- The Justice system has no credibility or legitimacy

Breaking: Calling drag queens "Groomers" not protected speech, judge rules
A judge has ruled there's no evidence drag queens are groomers, and set the stage for defamation lawsuits against anyone who uses the term.

The judge's decision allows the plaintiffs to proceed with their legal action against the defendant, and more importantly, effectively sets the stage for making it illegal to refer to men who wear lingerie and read books to children as "groomers." 


SUMMER OF DIED SUDDENLY - TEACHERS collapsing with Cardiac arrests, blood clots, aneurysms, dying in sleep, Turbo Cancers and Sudden Deaths - 150 TEACHERS Injured & dead (since May 2023)

is is the largest compilation of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Injured & Died Suddenly Teachers ever published.

"He Will Unravel The Institutions Of Our Democracy!": Supercut Of Dramatic Dems Freaking Out Over 'Dictator' Trump

Talk about Cabalist solipsism. The Dems steal the 2020 election yet accuse Trump of undermining democracy.

Nahedh is a Palestinian former journalist who is trapped in Gaza with his family. He's fled to the south, where he speaks to me - about the carnage inflicted by Israel's war, about the horrors endured by him and his family - and about the complicity of Western governments.

Despite our political differences, let's not lose sight of the common humanity we all share.

The Trudeau Liberals spent nearly $9 million on its gun 'buyback' scheme this year without purchasing a single firearm, says the Department of Public Safety.
Cabinet in an Inquiry Of Ministry told the House of Commons it spent $8,964,109 of the $37.4 million allocated to the program before they paused it on October 12.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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