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Dec 14 - A Message to Supporters of Gaza Genocide

December 14, 2023

Message to Supporters of Gaza Genocide

What is the matter with you?

You have descended into a moral sewer. We are all Palestinians and you will get a taste of what you condone. Israel's assault on Gaza is repugnant and your support makes you complicit in war crimes. 
There are too many of you to put on trial but you stand before the Judgement of God. 
Gaza is a needless slaughter: An unspeakably tragic loss on both sides. It was engineered by Netanyahu for geopolitical purposes. Stop supporting something so evil.  


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Israelis were sacrificed by Zionists, just like Jews in the holocaust

Israelis Question if 'Hannibal Directive' Was Used on Oct 7 as Army Admits 'Immense' Amount of Friendly Fire Took Place

MAJOR PERSONALITY CHANGES Stemming From Vaccine-Induced Neurological Damage - Experts

The master plan with all this seems to be to subdue the planet under some kind of mind control as this lobotomization allows for the subsequent brainwashing of jab recipients, possibly with the help of 5G and other advanced anti-population weaponry.

Eventually, all so-called "vaccines" will bear the mark of mRNA, which means everyone will eventually be brain-destroyed and reprogrammed. These include future vaccines for measles, influenza and other infectious diseases.

Cattle used for food are also now receiving mRNA injections, which is tainting meat and dairy products with whatever those jabs contain.

Alex Newman- UN 'Climate' Summit: End Energy (in US), Global Taxes, War on Humanity

The UN's 28th annual Conference of the Parties (COP28) just met in the United Arab Emirates and the results are: no fossil fuels (for US), meat, or CO2 emissions. The cost? Humanity's freedom.

The deal, adopted by consensus of the nearly 200 governments in attendance, is being framed by U.N. officials as a turning point for the world.

Critics, however, are sounding the alarm, saying the agreement and the broader process threaten both prosperity and liberty while doing little to nothing for the environment.

mRNA Injury series - ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, IMPOTENCE, Penile swelling, blisters, clots after Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination - re-examining the Evidence - 32 Cases provided (20 mRNA, 12 J&J)


BRICS and the Resistance Axis: a convergence of goals  by Pepe Escobar

The Gaza war has accelerated cooperation between Global South behemoths resisting western-backed conflict. Together, the Russian-led BRICS and Iran-led Axis of Resistance can shape a US-free West Asia. Arab and Iranian inclusion in BRICS will eventually rewrite the rules in West Asia, to the detriment of the Zionist project.

There's even a strong possibility this time around that Israel's certified war crimes in Gaza will be prosecuted, as Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslim-majority nations, with full BRICS support, form a Global South-recognized commission to take Tel Aviv and its armed forces to court.

Forget the tainted ICC, servile as it remains to the Hegemon's Rules-Based Order. The BRICS will help usher international law back to the forefront of the global scene, as intended when the UN was born in 1945 before it was castrated.


Mark Glenn- We are ALL Palestinians now.

Further to who "G-d's Chosen" REALLY are, what (((they))) ALL believe.
Judea's Death Warrant Against ALL Gentiles-The commandment to 'utterly destroy Amalek' - The Ugly Truth


Commie imposter Fidelito angers Zionist pscophants by supporting Hamas

"Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada voted in support of Hamas at the United Nations on Tuesday. 

"Breaking with Canada's long-standing support for Israel, Trudeau has stabbed Jewish Canadians in the back and is now calling for Israel to lay down its weapons and more or less surrender to Hamas. 

"Make no mistake: voting for a ceasefire is support for Hamas. It's a call for Israel to stop its campaign to destroy Hamas, which will allow the terrorist organization to regroup and start planning more attacks. It's a vote to give up on the remaining hostages and to simply go back to the way things were on Oct 6th."  



US Navy whistle-blower who exposed spike in pilot heart-related conditions post-vaccination has been placed under investigation

According to the data from the Pentagon's Defence Medical Epidemiology Database ("DMED") presented by Lieutenant Ted Macie, there has been a dramatic increase in various heart-related ailments among fixed-wing and helicopter pilots in 2022.

The figures show dramatic increases in hypertensive disease (36%), ischemic heart disease (69%), pulmonary heart disease (62%), heart failure (973%), other forms of heart disease (63%) and cardiomyopathy (152%) compared to the pre-2022 five-year average.


Message to Jim Stone. You are missed. 

This short doc breaks through the spin 

"LAID OFF" - The economy is going into the shitter and people are beginning to talk about it.


Polish MP thrown out of parliament after dousing Jewish Hanukkah menorah

A re-lighting of the menorah attended by the Polish President and under high security is now planned ... bomb threats have been made, feelings are running high

After Grzegorz Braun's actions with the fire extinguisher and the menorah, Braun is in some sectors a Polish national hero now, whilst he also incurs huge scorn for his actions. The Polish parliament "announced that they had issued the maximum possible punishment, which was half of Braun's parliamentary salary for a period of three months and his entire parliamentary allowance for six months ...


Pastor Chuck Baldwin

The 800-pound gorilla in every room

Washington is controlled by Israel.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Dec 14 - A Message to Supporters of Gaza Genocide"

David K said (December 14, 2023):

I am well aware of the occult Kabbalistic Jews being in bed with Netanyahu and their agenda. However, I am also aware that many people in Israel are not and are trying to live peaceful lives in their home land of which they have had a presence even after their dispersion in 70 A.D.

This has been impossible since 1948. The Arabs' single goal is to destroy Israel. That has been clearly stated numerous times, and their wars with Israel and continual terrorist activities have proven this to be the case. Despite all of this Israel has handed over Gaza to the Arabs in order to bring about a peaceful coexistence with them, as well as making other concessions. In 1948 the Arabs could have had a national state inside of Israel but refused the offer wanting only the destruction of Israel.

Israel is now treating murderous Hamas terrorists in Israeli hospitals. You will NEVER find an Arab nation doing anything like this ever. Islam is a religion of conquest and subjugation of people, and has been throughout its history. The only thing they understand is compliance by force. Even the "friendly" Arabs will turn on others given the chance, like the 5th column that erupted in Israel just recently. I would do you well to report on the Arab's murderous goals in detail as you have on some of Israel's global agendas....if you want to have any credibility.


Thanks David

Totally disagree. Jew have no claim to Israel whatsoever.


Vince said (December 14, 2023):

Unfortunately, the sympathy that the Jewish people gained after World War II is nearly exhausted. After the war crimes committed in Gaza
now, no one cares to hear about the suffering of the Jews anymore. The Holocaust card has been played successfully for the last time. The
Global South has no sense of guilt, and now there is no more sympathy.

Most are unable to separate Zionism from Judaism.

Look at the vote:

I am of the opinion that the Gaza game is a component of the strategy to dismantle Israel as an ethno-state. In the same way that European
countries are being flooded with third-world migrants in order to dismantle them.

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