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December 14, 2023

AJF's Reply to this comment 

"if you want to come across as more than just a limp dick low priest of satan (sic) you need to drop the internet talking points" wf

Because your readers are mostly contemptibly stupid, let me reiterate: We have won! This is the quick beginning of the developing Age of Satan! It's the death and destruction phase. Hail Prince Satan!  

Let's face some hard truths. Where's Old Numb Nuts when you need him? What about his psychopathic daddy? All's quiet on the heavenly front. The uneducable, characterless, cultureless, obedient, damaged and ashamed deserve what's coming.  

Look on the bright side, when you and yours are dead, none of you will have a carbon footprint. The dying vaccinated aren't dying of Covid-19, so what's the issue? And the almost physical energy such deaths cause with their attendant pain, suffering, fear and despair is priceless to those who know how to collect, direct and manipulate it. It's a great and joyous time to be alive and to have been instrumental in what's happening. I know that 'I will walk with Satan, In His World, with His Bride. And that I will become greater than the mortal I am leaving behind; the mortal which must die that a God will be born!' 

Read the pronouncements Petor and then I have made for the last thirteen years. Some of my material contains English language kabbalah and a few jokes, but that's for initiates. So, tell me wf, how long will you be remembered after you die? Not long I imagine, whereas my legacy shall live on. 

Standing on the shoulders of many others, I was instrumental in gifting Australia, New Zealand and Canada to be part of the new Chinese empire. What were you and your ilk doing while I was exercising my Godhood? Material was published by Henry Makow about how I did this - forged vice-regal appointment documents. Did you understand that material? The curse of the 4th Law of the Sphinx.  

I also named names. What happened? Nothing! Anonymous, nasty, ignorant little turds like wf aren't of any concern; although he was correct on merely one point, my failing ability to become erect.  

In Satan's name, wishing you all a very merry Mithras, I remain as dedicated as I was when I became a Low Priest in His service. 


Ps. Old Numb Nuts was born on the First Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, 4BC. That was the 29th of September - but who studies the Gospel According to St. Luke anymore?      --

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