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Nov 7 - Lavrov Blames "Anglo Saxons" Not Masonic Jews for Coming World War

November 7, 2023

(left, Masonic thumb on knuckle handshake)

In the third great Masonic Jewish world war, Zionists will play the role of Nazis, and Russia-Muslims Will be the Communists. Rothschild-controlled Freemasons like Lavrov are on both sides of every world war.

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Russia says West is pushing Middle East to brink of a 'big war'

"Right now, we are witnessing how the Anglo-Saxons are literally pushing the Middle East to the brink of a major war," he said.

"Russia's foreign minister has asserted that Western nations are actively steering Middle Eastern countries toward a potential large-scale conflict. Lavrov pointed out that historically, such "Anglo-Saxon strategies" have precipitated waves of terrorism and forced the migration of countless refugees."

Anglo Saxons, and especially Christians, are a persecuted minority in the West which is run by Freemasons like Lavrov and Satanist Jews. Their governments have gone rogue, their countries overrun by migrants, their children given puberty blockers, their culture and heritage cancelled.  Westerners live under Communist-Zionist occupation are in dire need of national homelands since Cabalist Jews have taken theirs.


Citing War in Israel, Florida Governor DeSantis Suspends Habeas Corpus, Begins Mass Arrests, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review
Citing the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended habeas corpus in Florida and begun the mass arrest of federal and state officials accused of being sympathetic to Hamas.

The move drew praise from fellow Republicans, while being condemned by several Democrats, including those who were arrested.

"The State of Florida will not tolerate sedition, especially in a time of war," DeSantis declared in a televised speech early Monday, where he appeared in front of an Israeli flag and flanked by armed members of the Florida National Guard and the Israeli Defense Forces. During the impassioned speech, DeSantis was joined by Shmuley Schwartz, the head of Florida's Supreme Council of Rabbis, and Chaim Golan, a commander in the Israeli Defense Forces. DeSantis has appointed Golan as his chief military advisor.

Haaretz Declares Netanyahu to be "an Existential Threat to Israel's Survival"

Haaretz on Netanyahu: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is meant to be leading the country, is a haunted politician facing the end of his career, with the present troubles compounding the serious criminal entanglement into which he maneuvered himself with his own hands. Netanyahu does not enjoy the public's confidence, and most of his efforts are invested in his personal survival."

Keep in mind that this is the opinion of an important Israeli newspaper of the man who holds the strings on Israel's puppets in Washington.




Wasted Lives

Brigadier General and IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed that the army has lost 347 soldiers since the escalation of the conflict, underscoring the seriousness and intensity of the ongoing fighting.

A commercial airing in Sweden right now: 96% of rapes are by immigrants, criminal gangs are 94% immigrants, 78% of under age crimes are by immigrants, 77% of the victims are swedes.

Removed by youtube for violating terms of services (Like reporting the news.)   Restored!

Must Read: "Israel's Culture of Deceit"

Israel was founded on lies. The lie that Palestinian land was largely unoccupied. The lie that 750,000 Palestinians fled their homes and villages during their ethnic cleansing by Zionist militias in 1948 because they were told to do so by Arab leaders. The lie that it was Arab armies that started the 1948 war that saw Israel seize 78 percent of historic Palestine. The lie that Israel faced annihilation in 1967, forcing it to invade and occupy the remaining 22 percent of Palestine, as well as land belonging to Egypt and Syria. 

whatthey really think.jpg
Is this what they really think? 

Egypt forced to accept Palestinian survivors of GenoZidal land grab of GaZa

INTERVIEW - Tish Talk with Tish Conlin - Dr.William Makis talks about corruption in Canadian healthcare (Nov.1, 2023)

Biden Admin Asks Supreme Court to Strike Down Bans on Trans Procedures for Minors


Israel-Palestine war: Activists block Boeing facility supplying bombs to Israel
Company expedited the shipment of 1,000 precision-guided munitions to Israel

Watchdog: Afghanistan Has Received $11 Billion In Aid From US Since Withdrawal

Proof that the bankers fund Radical Islam

A new watchdog report reveals that the country of Afghanistan has received a staggering $11 billion in foreign aid from the United States since the country's collapse in August of 2021.

As Breitbart reports, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), John Sopko, issued his report on Monday.

Sopko says that the U.S. and its allies have been sending "cash shipments" of about $80 million to Afghanistan "every 10-14 days" since the Taliban took over the country shortly before the withdrawal of all American forces.

-Jews Declare War on America - The Occidental Observer

We face an unprecedented and revolutionary situation.  The Jews have declared war on America.

Culling the herd

My Twitter poll, and one by my friend Jim Perloff indicates that 9% of people had adverse reactions and are suffering. More than 12.7 Billion got the vaccines, suggests that at least a billion suffered.

Sep.10, 2023 - Longford, Ireland - 20 year old Ciara McKenna died suddenly on Sep.10, 2023. "Local community were still at a loss as to the sudden passing of a young woman".

SUMMER OF DIED SUDDENLY - Women ages 20-29: Sudden deaths from June to Sep 2023 - 54 Tragic deaths - New Oct.2023 studies tell us women more likely to suffer severe vaccine injuries & deaths

Bought an paid for
Report: Congress sneaks through $34,000 pay raise for itself
Can get additional money for housing, meals, without receipts confirming the bills


Jihadists Are In America Plotting Attacks As Tens Of Thousands Anti-Israel Protesters Descend On DC -  Palestinian U.S. Pre-K School Teacher Creates Second Generation Muslim Terrorists 


Biden Admin Funding Terrorism in the US

"Rarely can I 'guarantee' the intelligence. Many times just releasing it in the wild can stop a false flag or genuine attack. But with as close to 100% confidence as possible, there WILL be multiple terrorist attacks in the U.S. 

The attacks will come in waves for the next 14 months. Hundreds of thousands of CCP saboteurs trained to attack our electrical grid, poison our water supply, destroy our railways and main highway arteries, additionally at least a million, possibly two million terrorists are already here from Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, etc., etc., and they are extremely well funded and get this, the Biden Administration working with the UN has given them debit cards that are reloaded every month."

Federal Tax is unconstitutional? There is no law stating that we have to pay federal taxes

I read that back in 2000-ish, a IRS person whistle blower stated they tried to locate the law stating Americans had to pay federal taxes for a $50000 price. The findings was that there was no law and it's unconstitutional

Sharon C MD (from a site where medicos report their own vax injuries)

"Great has been my suffering since that fateful day in early 2021 when I accepted one dose of a covid vaccine "product" as a condition of my work. It was an act of compassion towards the patients whom I did not want to leave, but it was also an act of disobedience on my part towards that inner divine prompting. I have experienced symptoms and signs of various kinds and been tormented by various frequencies. I was left alone to foot so many medical bills. There were times in 2021 when I did not think I would live to see another day. However, despite my suffering, I have grown as a person and as a clinician. My eyes have been opened to many hitherto unknown aspects of the extended profession and I have grieved in my own way for the decline in what I knew to be healthcare. I am in a battle against a "product" that is more high-tech than anything I have ever known. However, whether I win this battle or not in the physical, there will always be an all time, undisputed, undefeated champion of love who will prevail over every foul agenda. There will be a remnant.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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