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Nov 4 - Israel is Model for Barbarism & Ethnic Cleansing

November 4, 2023

(The Economist is owned by the Rothschilds and drops their hints)

We can all expect to receive this treatment. We already are! COVID lockdowns. Sacrifice of Ukraine. Migration. Gender Dysphoria. Cabalists (Organized Jewry & Freemasonry) are waging war on humanity. Non-Satanists are being ethnically cleansed. But until this reaches their mass media, no one notices. They need to blow up the world to cover up their COVID and central banking scams.

Netanyahu doesn't represent the interests of Israelis any more than any other government represents their citizens. The agenda is use a contrived war to steal our Birthrights and destroy humanity. The West is now complicit in genocide and, if karma prevails, will suffer the same fate. Satanism, the worship of Death and suffering, destroys its own adherents. This includes everyone who supports this gratuitous genocide in Gaza.

My reply to a reader, Asiatic Lion, who rejects the two-state solution and wants to see Israel destroyed.

Makow--"If Israel goes down, we all will. Is that what you want? Nuclear war? Isn't compromise better? Most states were founded on false premises. Take the US for example.

Justified or not, Israel is a fait accompli. Apart from the gov't's genocidal tendencies, there are many positive things about the country. Let's make peace not war.

his reply

I don't want nuclear war.  I want Justice for Palestine.  If the Israelis won't allow the Arab population to integrate with them, live as equals in peace and harmony on that minuscule piece of land, then they need to go back where they came from.  The Israelis are bad neighbors.

Christ said all the laws of the prophets hang on 2 laws -  Love God and Love your neighbor.

Israelis generally hate God and hate their neighbor.  How else can you deal with a psychopath like that?

Makow- You cannot destroy them without destroying yourself. You don't want nuclear war but you take that road?! Think. Many Israelis oppose the government policy. They have no say. How can you denounce Israeli collective punishment while embracing it yourself?

Asian Lion- If the US stopped funding that bullshit country they would all the realize they are in a bullshit country and flee.  Jews around the world live high on the hog and have the nerve to wine about wanting a homeland and kick out and murder good people in Palestine.  Rothschilds don't live in Palestine and never will, they live on opulent vineyards surrounded by slaves.   
----    This Twitter thread has the latest Israeli war crimes

Israeli airstrikes targeting Hamas leaders in Jabalia refugee camp left at least 195 Palestinians dead

No one represents American Interests 

House passes $14.3 billion Israel aid bill
President Biden has threatened to veto the bill for excluding Ukraine 

Elon Musk blasts 'death cult' of far-left 'extinctionists' who view 'humanity as a plague'
The billionaire X owner said the 'old Twitter' had been used as an 'arm of the government' as well as a 'far-left information weapon' that spread an extinctionist 'mind virus' worldwide.

Unintended consequences for Jews in Promoting Migration

The great betrayal tearing the Democrats to shreds: ALAN DERSHOWITZ says vile Leftist anti-Israeli hate will turn millions of American Jews from Blue to Red - and he's one

As Jew-hatred explodes across U.S., Biden launches 'Islamophobia' task force!


Video reveals that shocking number of CDC officials who pushed COVID death jabs are JEWS with dual Israeli-American citizenship

This heavily damaged modern shopping mall in Acapulco is a testament to the sheer force of this quickly moving storm. What chance did the homes and neighborhoods of ordinary people have?

Acapulco gets the Lahaina Treatment

"There was nothing natural about the hurricane that blew up off the coast of Mexico on the afternoon of the 24th and made a bee line for downtown Acapulco as it strengthened from just a Tropical Storm that afternoon to a category 5+ Monster by 9:00 pm that evening. No storm has ever done this before. This storm was actually one of the strongest on record and may in fact be the record holder. There are no other population centers of any size on the SW coast of Mexico. What are the odds?

"What I am clearly seeing is that this event has the same dirty fingerprints all over it as the fire that devastated Lahaina. Coincidentally Acapulco had recently been designated as one of three "smart cities" in Mexico. Lahaina and the whole island of Maui had also recently received that designation.

News blackout. Stories almost six days old

Jonathan Cook: What the BBC Fails to Tell You About October 7

Just a cursory look at the wreckage in the various kibbutz communities that were attacked that day should raise questions in the mind of any good reporter. Were Palestinian militants in a position to actually inflict physical damage to that degree and extent with the kind of light weapons they carried?

Evidence that Israel inflicted the damage on its own citizens


Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers if it was permitted by law
Wow. 42% of Americans were vaccine injured! The poll also implies that 500,000 Americans were killed by the jab. How many more Americans must be killed before this deadly vaccine is stopped?

Oct.15, 2023 - High River, AB - 19 year old Isabelle Carmen Moore died suddenly on Oct.15, 2023. She was an actress as well as a lifeguard in Alberta. Cause of death not reported.

SUMMER OF "DIED SUDDENLY" - TEENAGERS Ages 13-19 are still dying suddenly at all time highs - 50 deaths since July 2023 - No one is protecting these kids!


Canadian indigenous icon, 60's folk singer Buffy Saint Marie is an Imposter


A small poll of people who got the jab suggests only 9% hurt, 50% fine and rest scared.

Do you regret it? No, I am fine 29.9%
Yes, but I am fine  17.9%
Yes, I'm suffering 9%
Yes, I'm frightened 43.3%
67 votes
Final results
Corporal Joe Bauers
If Israel were to become saintly, would that end the problems? No, because the problem in the eyes of the Muslims is the existence of Israel itself. They'll never accept a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Never.
Replying to @BiggErn77

Makow--I disagree. Hamas was founded by the satanist Zionists to create that impression. They have sabotaged peaceful solutions. They murdered Rabin. 
Most Muslims would be happy to accept a compromise. But as Pike said, satanists control both sides, and use war as an excuse to degrade and destroy humanity. 



Putin reluctant to fight two wars?

"We should not, we have no right and we cannot allow ourselves to be carried away by emotions," President Vladimir Putin announced on October 30.  

"We must clearly understand who in reality is behind the tragedy of peoples in the Middle East and in other regions around the world, who has been organising this lethal chaos and who benefits from it. In my opinion, it has already become clear to everyone, as the masterminds brazenly act in the open. These are the current ruling elites in the United States and its satellites who are the main beneficiaries of the global instability that they use to extract their bloody rent. Their strategy is also clear. The United States as a global superpower is becoming weaker and is losing its position, and everyone sees and understands this."

This is the president running for re-election in five months' time, speaking directly to Russian voters, reflecting what the polls on his desk tell him they already believe



Hezbollah also backing down?

Reader- ZeroHedge that you linked, had a positive 'spin' on the Nasrallah Friday sermon that seems in error
The 4chan crowd was following the speech very carefully, and it was grim for pro-Palestinians
It seems in fact the Palestinians are being abandoned ... a few days earlier on 4chan, people were linking to John Helmer and his report predicting the Russian view that Iran and Hezbollah would only spout words and do very little to save them
This fits in with what you've published about Iran being illuminati, and Al-Sisi in Egypt having a Jewish mother ... the Muslim leaders all compromised?
Seems complex - both Israel and the Palestinians are being taken down ... globalists don't like any form of ethno-nationalist with conservative culture
This from 4chan -
one hell of a squib let-down sermon from cuckrallah
Nasrallah seemed nervous, as if he knew he was letting people down.

Totally standard in the Arab world for decades to make strong statements about vague future 'huuge' actions after an attack by Israel ... but with little follow-up

The Hamas attack in early October, can be seen as a fateful final gamble to arouse the rest of the Muslim world, to fight for Palestine again, instead of dithering as all have done since 1973.

Muslim governments and leaders seem again to be doing what they always do - say supporting words, and quietly provide some weapons and supplies, but ultimately leave the Palestinians mostly on their own. Hezbollah's limited actions in the Israeli north are something, but not that much ... maybe some face-saving whilst thousands of Palestinian children die and Gaza gets crushed.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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