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Nov 3 - Satanists Lead Humanity into Fratricidal Trap

November 3, 2023

Israelis wages a genocidal war but may find themselves facing genocide

Israelis should be pouring into the streets to demand a cease fire and two-state solution. Because, this war is designed to destroy Israel and embroil humanity in a world war. Instead these are pics of a demonstration that occurred just before the heinous Hamas attack Oct 7, proving that many Israelis didn't need an excuse for exterminating Palestinians. I ask both sides, "Where is your common humanity?" Human life must be considered sacred. We all share a soul which is Divine.

Netanyahu has been trying to sic the US on Iran for a long time. How convenient!

Whitney Webb-Thousands of Israelis Take to the Streets Calling for Palestinian Genocide

"The Tel Aviv rally--organized to support an Israeli soldier who murdered a wounded Palestinian by shooting him in the head as the victim lay on his back--was marked by chants and banners calling for mass murder.

Since last October, the Israeli government has accused Palestinians and their allies of "inciting violence" against Israelis, despite the fact that only 34 Israelis have died in that time frame compared to 230 Palestinians. The uptick in violence has been attributed to an internationally condemned Israeli encroachment of Palestinian lands in the contested West Bank.

Israeli government concern over recent violence has led them to arrest Palestinians for social media content that could potentially lead to crimes. So far, 145 Palestinians have been arrested this year for "pre-crime" via social media "incitement." This practice eventually led to a collaboration between Facebook and the Israeli government, whose joint effort to curb social media "incitement" has led to the banning of several Facebook accounts of Palestinian journalists and news agencies.

World Plummets into Eschatological Frenzy: Unraveling the Implications

Netanyahu evokes Book of Samuel

The Lord ordered King Saul to destroy the enemy and all his people: "Now go and defeat Amalek and destroy all that he has; and give him no mercy; but put to death both husband and wife; from youth to infant; from ox to sheep; from camel to donkey" (15:3).

theorist (1).jpg
Most of the history of modern terrorism, not just since 2001, but really since World War II, has been a deception manufactured by Western and Israeli intelligence services.

"Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas." - Benjamin Netanyahu (2019)

"In the visible dimension Hamas is an enemy, in the hidden dimension it is an ally."
- IDF Major General Gershon Hacohen (2019)

"Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet."
- Charles Freeman, US diplomat and ambassador (2006)

Hezbollah Chief: US "Directly Responsible" For Gaza Atrocities, Will Soon Pay "Heavy Price"
Summary recap: Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah's speech went for just under one-and-a-half hours, and while full of threats and ultra-provocative heated words aimed at Israel and the United States, this was not a declaration of war speech. But he emphasized that Hezbollah's full entry into war with Israel will be determined based on developing events in Gaza, and whether Israel halts its attacks on the Palestinian people. Shelling on the Israel-Lebanese border was reportedly ongoing through and by the end of the speech in Beirut (Nasrallah addressed his top officers via remote feed from a secure location). Some highlights from Nasrallah's speech...

All "Options" on the table

Netanyahu has been killing Jews for a long time

"So Israel became, if you will, the the lab for Pfizer" - Benjamin Netanyahu - YouTube

The J'S enemy is in their own backyard.

Col. Macgregor - Israel in danger of being destroyed  (will take the world down with it)

1. The Israelis have provoked the entire Muslim world.
2. US government signed up to control Israel.
3. US put in a position to be against the entire world of Muslims.
4. Israel has succeeded in creating solidarity of opposing factions of Muslims.
5. Muslims are well educated in robotics, technology, medicine, etc..
6. Turks are ingrained to fight to the finish.
7. Israel is committing suicide.
8. US is helping Israel commit suicide.
9. Pakistan will help Turkey.
10. US won't succeed in rescuing Israel. 
11. Muslims are conquering countries through reproduction.
12. Islam is not an external existential threat. It is internal.
13. Public is mistaking Russia as USSR. No differentiation.
14. US is ignorant and arrogant and lack respect for other people's cultures.

Russ Winter - Gaza war developments plotted daily

Hezbollah says that a declaration will come tomorrow 

Assad to hand over Russian missile defence system to Hezbollah via Wagner Group

(left, a face of Demonrat corruption)

A Bridgeport, Connecticut judge ruled on Wednesday to overturn the city's Democratic primary election after video emerged of a woman who appears to be the city's vice chair of the Democratic Town Committee, Wanda Geter-Pataky, left, committing ballot fraud.


Max Igans video, The True Face of Israel


So many people have graphene in their bodies, the vaccinated even more than the unvaccinated. 

2024 Event Might Be The Entrance Back Out (Wayne Steiger)

Excellent case for the cycle of cataclysm humanity faces in the near future.

From a Polish reader- Dmitry Medvedev Has New Prediction for How World War III Will Start

This is the latest lie from the former president of Russia who believes that Poland, which lost its independence in rigged elections, will soon lose its independence by attacking Russia.


Kill All in PL - "We Are the Center of the World Now" - Barbara Lerner Spectre

Ayatollahs' Iran: a Nationalistic Theocracy as Freemasonic Machination

The current theocratic and utterly unrepresentative regime of Iran was notthe choice of the peoples and nations of Iran. The events that triggered thefall of Shah and the return of Ayatollah Khomeini were all machinated byan Apostate Freemasonic Lodge that controls part of the French and theEnglish establishments and through them part of the Americanestablishment

Reader asks- Can we trust Canadian Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre?

Am I wrong, when I see this viral video of Poilievre, to think that instead of seeing a beacon of light and truth, I am watching a Freemason or a Freemason controlled politician eating an apple in the garden? 

This man hasn't exposed nearly enough of anything.  Given his opportunity, I would be exposing at least the low hanging fruit, like Freeland's Nazi grandfather .... 

We are excited to see the Castro monarch out, but who is this man? He's adopted .... He could be a Rothschild for all we know.

 I don't think the Cons even tried to win federally, in the last two elections. Scheer avoided campaigning with Doug Ford, right after Ford crushed the Liberals in the ON provincial election. You're in a popularity contest, and you don't make appearances with a recent popularity contest winner in the province you absolutely need ??!? 
Then, they chose a Toole over Pierre, who was extremely popular then from roasting the Castro monarch, on YouTube.  Nobody watches the Toole, and nobody ever did. 

Now Pierre is in ... he's the chosen one, he's the Mulroney to another Trudeau. Of course, Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney were both NWO, and both met Cathy O'Brien when she was a child, as written in Trance-Formation of America. 

In a world of engineered solutions to engineered problems, replacing red with blue, or vice versa, this provides me no excitement, it just indicates an acknowledgment from the controllers, that they have squeezed their previous candidate dry .... And that they need a new one. "


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Nov 3 - Satanists Lead Humanity into Fratricidal Trap "

Imran said (November 4, 2023):

One S-Tier solution would be to get rid of the terrorist groups and allow a climate of moderation in the Palestinians controlled areas. For one thing elections are not allowed by the PA and Hamas. The incitement taught from grade school would have to go along with the hatred shown on their medias. In time someone similar to Ataturk might come around and lead the people to a better tommorow.

The top puppet globalist UN head on the entire planet who speaks on behalf of his international masters does not seem to be allowing this idea by wanting ceasefires and humanitarian aid which has now been confirmed has helped Hamas up to a large extent.

Clearly they do want Hamas to survive. Is it because there still is a place for a regional war for them to participate in which will lead to World War 3? I think Hamas struck too soon. And the globalists are realizing that the terrorist group is still needed hence the media coverage being slowly changed to favourable status. At least as far as I see from that and the statements like the UN head and other of his lesser globalist world stooges. Maybe if Hamas survives they might mess up again, but for now it seems the decision has been made to spare them.

Guetres seems to speak on official globalist policy. Not just the left. Macron, Biden, and even the more rightist, etc add proof to this. Not all of them might agree in their circles, but the consensus must be for Hamas to survive and the naysayers in the globalist spheres have to respect that. The thing to worry about is will Hamas be used to help usher in World War 3 by starting a regional conflict before that UN meeting in Summer? The orginal plan could have been modified by now.

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