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Nov 28 - Toronto Cops Raid Protesters' Homes at 5 a.m.

November 28, 2023

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Toronto police raided homes of people who postered Indigo Books, 
owned by Heather Reisman who raised funds for foreigners 
to join the Israeli Defence Force. Apparently, Toronto cops already belong.

Like most Canadian cities, Toronto is a Masonic shit hole
"Between 4:30 and 6 am Wednesday Toronto police raided the residences of seven individuals alleged to have been involved in putting posters and fake blood on an Indigo bookstore on November 10. According to a summary of the police operation posted by World Beyond War, eight or more officers participated in each raid. 

Police knocked and quickly burst through doors, often without properly identifying themselves. All residents in the houses were handcuffed, including some elderly family members and parents in view of their children. Doors were broken and the police confiscated laptops and cellphones, including some provided by employers. Some of those charged were kept handcuffed in the back of police cars for hours.
 "On Wednesday at 5:30 a.m., Sharmeen Khan woke up to a police officer in her bedroom shining a flashlight in her face. Soon, there were several officers in her hallway. Ordered to get up, police watched her and her partner get dressed, before she was handcuffed. 

The apartment of the Toronto bookkeeper and educator was then searched and ransacked: drawers emptied, laundry dumped on her bed, dozens of posters removed from poster tubes and scattered around the apartment.  Across the city, a half dozen other people were also having their homes raided. Front doors were broken, computers and cell phones were confiscated, and anyone present was placed in handcuffs, including the elderly, leaving disturbed and distressed families in their wake.

It's a style of operation that one policing expert said likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, and is usually reserved for "gun or drug" busts. 

Toronto Police HQ on College Street sports a Freemason Statue

Toronto cops are Freemasons. This is why the Barry and Honey Sherman case wasn't solved. They were murdered for refusing to withdraw Ivermectin from the market.

 In a five-hour video, Australian singer and ex-Freemason, Altiyan Childs, 45, has broken his Masonic vows, and risked his life to prove beyond any doubt that Freemasonry is Satanism, and Freemasons control the world.


Not yet "official" but - Australia also has a public and private adverse event database?? Instead of around 1,000 deaths and 160,000 events, there are in fact 10,000 deaths and 500,000 events?

American Pravda: Gaza and the Anti-Semitism Hoax- Ron Unz

"Many European Jews have wholeheartedly backed the Jewish State even as it commits this gigantic public massacre, and this has naturally provoked a certain amount of popular criticism. Deeply concerned by this latter situation, the New York Times last week ran yet another major article on the desperate need to combat such "anti-Semitic" sentiments in Europe, obviously one of the world's most dreadful problems.

A few days ago, I'd asked an American academic friend of mine how his colleagues were reacting to this astonishing situation and he replied: "People are too scared to broadcast their views, I think...But I think a good fraction of even normie academics realize there is something monstrous going on."

This sounds plausible to me, and another senior academic I know reported a roughly similar situation. Fear stalks the land.

Students at our most elite universities have been threatened with permanent employment blacklisting if they supported the Palestinian cause, and a long list of Jewish billionaires have mounted similar attacks against the academic institutions themselves, something I cannot recall ever happening in the past. As a result, a legal analysis article commissioned and approved for publication in the prestigious Harvard Law Review was scrapped at the last moment.

Alex Newman-Inside the UN Plan to Control Speech Online
The UN is escalating its war against 'conspiracy theories' and 'misinformation' by creating an 'internet of trust.' In reality, they are simply censoring and discriminating against conservatives.

Free Movie: 'The Fall Of Minneapolis' Reveals Info that Was Withheld in the George Floyd Case

Lethal level of drugs in Floyd George's blood
"With calls for amnesty and literal claims that "mistakes were made" resurfacing, it seems an appropriate time to remind the Covidians and colluders of their behavior and pivotal role in enabling tyranny. This is not intended to rub their noses in their cowardice but rather to inform them that humbly taking responsibility for their words and actions is the only way to heal the relationships they so callously ruptured; restore the freedoms they lazily ceded to the tyrants, philanthropaths, and propagandists; and prevent future rinse-and-repeat atrocities.

You mocked us.
You blocked us.
You wished for our deaths.

You shamed us.
You blamed us.
You called for our jailing.

You banned us.
You canned us.
You cut off our funds.

You believed.
You decreed.
You complied.
You denied.

You feared.
You sneered.
You cowered.
You lied.

Paying The Price For Our Arrogance - Russia Gives North Korea A Missile Capable Of Hitting Washington D.C.


City of Ottawa logo-666

Doctors Warn Millions Of Patients Experiencing 'Lifetime of Bone Loss' One Year After Jab

The Center for Immigration Studies asked several of the Mexican immigration officers what was going on and learned that President Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security has been coordinating these mass swims with Mexico's immigration service, INM, at high levels on an encrypted Whatsapp channel.


Ukraine Opts For More "Cowbell" As desperation Sets In

Zelensky's efforts to hide the staggering losses of Ukrainian troops took a major hit when Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 reported that the AFU's casualties so far were 1,126,652 KIAs and MIAs. Andrei Martyanov noted that Zelensky's office moved quickly to force Channel 1+1 to retract the story, but the damage was done. The horse left the barn. Closing the barn door does not put the horse back in its stall.

The last week of November is setting up to be a pivotal week in Ukraine's futile effort to fend off the Russian military. Russia is clobbering Kiev and other parts of western Ukraine with drone hordes that are wreaking havoc on military depots and electric power nodes. In Kiev, the rift between President Zelensky and General Zaluzhny is widening, with rumors swirling that Zelensky will order a full mobilization of Ukraine that will draft 17 to 70 year old civilians, including women.

City of Winnipeg logo, stylized 666

"We're Entering A Whole New Era": AI Video Generation Becoming 'Shockingly Good'


Tucker Carlson on the Demonrats

"The people who are responsible for it are the most dishonest, the most ruthless, and the most anti-human group I've ever dealt with, and I spent 35 years living in Washington.
I don't even recognize these people. And what they're doing--it's so dark. They're doing things that can't even, on an academic level, conceivably help the United States or the population that lives here."


Jews marginalize Truth

Bloomberg--"How Elon Musk Spent Three Years Falling Down a Red-Pilled Rabbit Hole
His tweet endorsing an antisemitic theory that sent advertisers fleeing comes after years of increasing interaction with extremist content."
COVID Vaccines, like 9-11, a knife aimed at the heart of Amerika

MUST WATCH: United States Navy Medical Service Corps officer reveals Department of Defence data that shows massive heart related issues after the Covid-19 vaccine in fixed wing and helicopter pilots

"Myocarditis is up 151%, hypertensive disease is up 36%, Ischemic heart disease is up 69%, pulmonary heart disease is up 62%, heart failure is up 973%, other forms of heart disease are up 63%, and cardiomyopathy is up 152%."

Emiliana, a street vendor in La Paz Bolivia describes how when she fought city authorities that were trying to shut down her stand, "she began to love herself."  Submission is a form of self-hate.

This series is about the vendors, not the food, a wonderful glimpse into the lives of people with dignity.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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