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Nov 25 - Genocide is the Theme of Our Days

November 25, 2023

(Liel Hetzroni, 12. Those are her ashes)

A cloud of genocide hangs over the human race as Masonic misanthropes and eugenicists control events. Whether its Gaza, Ukraine or deadly vaccines, we know our leaders work for people who want us dead.  

Israeli October 7 poster child was killed by Israeli tank, eyewitnesses reveal

In a desperate bid for international sympathy, the Israeli government has sought to stir outrage over the killing of a 12-year-old girl during the Hamas-led attack on southern Israel on October 7. 

"This little girl's body was burned so badly that it took forensic archeologists more than six weeks to identify her," the Israeli Foreign Ministry declared on its official Twitter/X account. "All that remains of 12 year old Liel Hetzroni is ash and bone fragments. May her memory be a blessing."

Israel killed many Israelis---Hostages know the truth

New IMF Handbook Confirms CBDC Will Track Users and Can Control Users' Spending


Are we really acting like we don't know what caused this??

Sudden cardiac death affecting 12 young people every week - what is this 'silent killer'?

Viewer--"DISGUSTING when the mainstream media refuse to mention the prime suspect in this recent spate, and when we're having to censor ourselves about the "safe and effective" procedures that were coerced (and in some cases forced) on the public who were never given the chance of informed consent.
I have 2 family members who now have arrhythmias as well, with no history of cardiac issues! Why now, eh!



Stop Secretly Putting Deadly CV19 mRNA in Everything - Karen Kingston

Big Pharma patents say it is, in fact, an electromagnetic device that now is secretly slated to be in all vaccines. mRNA "synthetic biology" is also already showing up in our food, water and medicines

Big Pharma patents say it is, in fact, an electromagnetic device that now is secretly slated to be in all vaccines.  mRNA "synthetic biology" is also already showing up in our food, water and many medicines. 

Big Tech will not be happy until it is in literally everything.  Meanwhile, the public is waking up to the mRNA disaster with the CV19 bioweapon vax. 


PJW- Irish Lives Don't Matter


'Ireland, We Are at War' - Conor McGregor Calls on Irish to Destroy Hotels Before Migrants Can Be Moved In.

A York University professor who wrote an award-winning book on the use of direct action in protest movements is among 11 people facing criminal charges in the defacing of a bookstore with red paint and accusations its Jewish founder supports genocide. Toronto Police have described the bookstore defacing as motivated by hate.

Study: Nearly two-thirds of COVID-19 vaccine recipients suffer from health complications a year later


BREAKING: Philippines' House of Representative initiates a formal investigation into excess deaths!
We are shocked to find out that there were 262,000 excess deaths in 2021 alone


Jordan Peterson Comes Out Against Multiculturalism: "Miracle of Stupidity"

Jews Carry on Lying about the Demographic Disaster They've Imposed on the West

Alas, the war in Gaza has proved that non-Whites and Jews are in fact natural enemies. Who could have seen that coming? Not the oh-so-clever Jews, it seems. Jews and their allies have watched in horror as Hamas-fans have flooded onto the streets of cities across the West. For example, a blogger at the anti-Islamist site Gates of Vienna (GOV) is wringing his hands about what is now happening in Germany. There's a "plague of Jew-hatred and mass demonstrations in support of Hamas." 


On November 19th Turkey announced, that it is banning any US and NATO ships from entering the Black Sea.

A vast US naval buildup is taking place in the eastern Mediterranean - but the Turkish straits are closed to them.

The Turkish naval commander has said: 'We declare that we do not want NATO and America in the Black Sea.'


We cannot be nationalistic unless it is under Zionist auspices 

In 2013 Ken O'Keefe Compared Hamas to Nelson Mandela's ANC

Both Communist


Near 1,000 Carjackings in DC This Year, Up 108% on 2022.

Total carjackings in Washington D.C. have now passed the 900 mark, with two incidents over Thanksgiving taking the count for 2023 to 901. Ninety-two of these carjackings took place over just the last 30 days, with carjackings for the year up by 108 percent on 2022.


Estonia notifies WHO that it rejects the Pandemic Treaty and amendments to International Health Regulations

Slovakia will not be entering into any international pandemic agreements with WHO, Prime Minister says

Ex-Israel PM Ehud Olmert says Netanyahu is a Terrorist


Sam Altman's sister accused him of being a pedo.

Sam Altman also had other problems. He was working behalf of Israel. So he was avoiding the board and trying to quickly work with engineers to change the OpenAI model. The new model will help Israel censor the internet and control the world.

However board got tired of these controversies and fired him. Now Sam brought a few people in then he fired the board. he brought Larry summers, Genie Incorporated. Note that Summers is very important to Ghislaine Maxwellhill, she used him to bring bill gates, Deutsche bank and us virgin islands former governors, eugenicist fauci on her side.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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