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Nov 23 - Hamas-Israel War Polarizes the World

November 23, 2023

(US Thanksgiving- Ban politics. Focus on what unites us.)

Zionist-Islam War Spreading Worldwide 

Islamophobia vs Antisemitism - Zionist Jews control the Right. Communist Jews control the Left and islam. The whole world has been polarized. 


Netherlands: Muslims fear future after anti-Islam Geert Wilders scores victory in Dutch vote

Known for his anti-Muslim tirades, the populist leader won most seats in Wednesday's snap poll and could form a coalition government

Islamic and Moroccan organizations in the Netherlands expressed shock and dismay at the results following the initial results. "The distress and fear are very great," said Habib el-Kaddouri from a Dutch-Moroccan association speaking to local Dutch media.  "Wilders is known for his ideas about Muslims and Moroccans. We are afraid that he will portray us as second-class citizens," added Kaddouri. Members of the Muslim community now fear their future in the country. 

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(How are they any different from Nazis?)

Israel-Palestine war fuelling Islamophobic attacks at University of Cambridge

Students warn of a 'climate of censorship' at prestigious university, with pro-Palestine solidarity repeatedly muzzled

The University of Cambridge Islamic Society released a statement on Tuesday encouraging Muslim students to "remain cautious [and] travel in groups where possible" after reports of "multiple incidents of religiously motivated attacks and Islamophobic hate crimes".

Students told Middle East Eye that there has been a string of attacks against Muslim students since the start of the latest conflict, with some of the victims wearing clothes that clearly identified them as Muslim.

Hundreds arrested, over 80 charged in UK for 'hate crimes and Palestine-linked violence' following pro-Hamas rallies

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned actions of "Hamas sympathizers" and demanded that "...all criminality must be met with the full and swift force of the law."


Israel's Global Operation to Bully Students and Silence Anti-Genocide Jews, w/ Nora Barrows-Friedman

Nora Barrows-Friedman, staff writer and associate editor at The Electronic Intifada says we cannot conflate the actions of a fanatical ethno-state with all Jews. Many Jews are disgusted by Israel's actions.

Daily Mail is Zionist attack dog.  Obama is Communist shill.

EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama is using his toxic radical, 'un-American, Marxist and anti-Semitic' views to control the Biden presidency, author Scott McKay claims in new book
Author Scott McKay claims Obama would have never been elected 'if mainstream America recognized the full extent of his radical associations and influences'
Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It's all Obama, published by Calamo Press looks back at his negativism towards Israel and its leadership
McKay believes Obama is serving an unofficial third term by pulling strings behind Biden's presidency with institutions who embrace his 'Marxist vision'

In his new book, Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It's all Obama, published by Calamo Press, McKay writes: 'If mainstream America recognized the full extent of Barack Obama's radical associations and influences...with all that un-American baggage trailing him, he never would have been elected president.' 

Cue Mossad false flag

Law enforcement officials tell Congress that Hamas may be planning terrorist attack on the homeland


J.D. Tuccille: American Jews load up on guns in bid for self-defence
Minorities don't want to leave their safety in the hands of a careless, or incapable, government

Since Hamas's attack on Israel on Oct. 7, American firearms instructors and Jewish security groups have been "flooded" with new clients, reported NBC News last month. NewsNation noted a similar pattern among both Jewish and Muslim Americans, which was attributed not just to the Israel-Hamas war, but "attacks on Jewish and Muslim communities in the U.S." as well.


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Attorney Accuses the CIA and DoD of Being Deeply Involved With COVID-19

"When someone got this [COVID] shot. They didn't get it from Pfizer or Moderna. They got it from the DoD. The DoD distributed this," testified attorney Tom Renz.

• Evidence suggests that COVID-19 was developed in the mid-2010s, with a Moderna patent from 2016 indicating a connection.
• A whistleblower provided military medical records showing a soldier receiving COVID-19 immunization by Moderna in 2014.
• Attorney Renz has developed a legal case against EcoHealth Alliance, alleging their involvement in creating SARS-CoV-2 with the CCP and Wuhan Lab.
• He then asked: "Does anybody believe that we transferred that sort of [bioweapon] technology to a CCP lab, without an okay from the DoD or CIA? I've got news for you. They knew exactly what was going on."


REVEALED: OpenAI staff warned its board about powerful artificial intelligence discovery that could 'threaten humanity' - before CEO Sam Altman was fired

Open AI researchers sent the board a letter warning of a huge AI breakthrough
The previously unreported letter ultimately led to Altman's removal, sources said


Pediatric Dentists Now Pushing Vaccines on Children - Dentists Medically Kidnap Children if They Don't Keep Appointments

A Petition to Joe Biden: Release The JFK Assassination Files

RFK  Jr.  Everyone knows but admitting it would be progress. 


EU Vaccination Scandal: The Government and All Political Parties That Supported This Should Be Held Accountable for Their Lies and Fraud - Dutch MEP
"It's a total admission of fraudulent additions of injectables to the European market...Please spread this far and wide... " - Dr. Mike Yeadon

In the second video of James O'Keefe's new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale. Scott Foval, who has since been fired, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years. 


New Zealand Conservatives Seal the Deal to Form Government

Elon Musk Is Fighting A Crucial Battle For Free Speech

Professor John Strauss Is Placed on Leave From USC After Video Supporting Murder of Palestinians


Leading Aviation Crash Investigator: COVID-Vaccinated Pilots Are Endangering Passengers
Reminder: The Elites Do NOT Want Vaccinated Pilots

A significant number of pilots are experiencing adverse reactions to the Covid mRNA shots. During the pandemic, airlines forced many commercial pilots to take the shots.

Those who refused to receive the injections often lost their jobs. Since the pandemic, there has been a massive spike in pilots suffering serious health issues, such as cardiac arrests. Large numbers of pilots have also tragically died as a result.

"When correlated, the data indicate there is an enormous problem that is having, and will have, a significant impact on aviation safety worldwide," said Murdock.

"There is enough evidence to be sending out red flags."

Recent studies indicate that pilots have been reluctant to report health concerns if they feel their job is threatened.

"They are not reporting brain fog, heart flutters, and dizzy spells because they don't want to lose their jobs," said Murdock.

"Disasters will occur and both aircrew and the traveling public will die unnecessarily."

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